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Summary: 444 B.R. 164 (2011) In re GULF FLEET HOLDINGS, INC., et al., Debtors. Gulf Fleet Holdings, Inc., Plaintiff v. M/V Gulf Tiger, In Rem, and Thoma-Sea Boat Builders, L.L.C., as Purported Owner, Defendants. The subject matter of the present adversary proceeding is Gulf Fleet Holdings, Inc.'s ("Gulf Fleet") request that the court recognize a maritime privilege against the M/V Gulf Tiger under Louisiana Civil Code article 3237(8). Gulf Fleet subsequently transferred its rights and obligations under more.

Summary: 9 B.R. 475 (1981) In re Michael Owen BABCOCK, and Viki Lynn Burch Babcock, debtors. Hearing was held September 18, 1980 on an objection to the debtors' list of exempt property filed by Calcasieu Financial Services Corp., a creditor in the case of Michael Owen Babcock and Viki Lynn Burch Babcock, the debtors herein. The debtors Michael Owen Babcock and Viki Lynn Burch Babcock are unable to avoid this lien.

Summary: 352 B.R. 52 (2005) In re Daniel Eldridge CHASON, Debtor. Control Services, Inc., Plaintiff, v. Daniel Eldridge Chason, Defendant. Further, this Creditor contends that the debtor failed to truthfully complete his bankruptcy schedules concerning his assets, liabilities, and other relevant data in the bankruptcy schedules previously filed with this Court. Additionally, this Creditor avers that because of the foregoing deficiencies in the debtor's prior filings and testimony, the debtor has failed more.

Summary: 228 B.R. 611 (1999) In re Herman DIGGS, Sr., and Rosalind Colar Diggs, Debtors Bankruptcy No. 98-51475. Gregory deKeyzer, New Iberia, LA, for Herman & Rosalind Diggs. FACTS On July 30, 1998, Herman Diggs, Sr., and Rosalind Colar Diggs ("Debtors") filed a voluntary petition for relief under chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code, and on that day an order for relief was duly entered. Prior to bankruptcy, the Debtors had burdened this property with a first mortgage held by First National Bank of more.

Summary: 57 B.R. 468 (1985) In re HERBIE K'S, INC., Debtor. Upon application of the debtor-corporation, this Court, on August 13, 1985, issued a Temporary Restraining Order precluding any action by the IRS until this Court could determine the validity of the issues involved and the effect of the IRS's actions on the debtor-corporation. In Re Jon Co., Inc., 30 B.R. 831 (Bkrtcy N.D. Colo.1983); In Re O.H. Lewis Co., Inc., 40 B.R. 531 (Bkrptcy N.H.1984) In Re Datair Systems Corp., 37 B.R. 690 (Bkrptcy N.D. more.

Summary: 230 B.R. 287 (1998) In re A. ANGELLE, INC., d/b/a Lakeside Honda, Debtor. American Honda Finance Corporation, Plaintiff, v. A. Angelle, Inc., d/b/a Lakeside Honda, Calcasieu Marine National Bank of Lake Charles, Walter Umphrey, Jeff Branick, and The Calcasieu Parish School Board, Defendants. A. Angelle, Inc., d/b/a Lakeside Honda ("Debtor") filed a voluntary petition for relief under chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code[1] on March 7, 1996 ("Petition Date"), and on that day an order for relief was more.

Summary: 196 B.R. 338 (1996) In re Daniel P. PARKER, Debtor. Daniel P. PARKER, Plaintiff, v. UNITED STATES of America, Defendant. FINDINGS OF FACT AND CONCLUSIONS OF LAW A. Procedural History Daniel P. Parker ("Parker" or "Debtor") filed a voluntary petition under Chapter 13 on June 23, 1993. On November 18, 1993, Parker's Chapter 13 case was converted to a case under Chapter 7 on motion of the Debtor. Debtor's tax returns were filed as follows: YEAR DATE FILED GROSS INCOME TAX RETURN more.

Summary: 5 B.R. 424 (1980) In re Bobby J. MILLER. Lynn FOURNET, Jr., Plaintiff, v. Bobby J. MILLER, Defendant. Kenneth Pitre, Eunice, La., for debtor, Bobby J. Miller. Bobby Miller submitted an invoice to Mr. Fournet dated September 7, 1978, listing various materials furnished totaling $12,388.77. The invoice dated October 5, 1978, included the amount of $12,520.73 owed to G.J. Deville Lumber Company, Inc., but Bobby Miller made no payment to the lumber company from the check paid by Mr. Fournet on more.

Summary: 180 B.R. 834 (1995) In re Ellis R. WALKER, Jr., Lorena Bolen Walker, Debtors. Ellis R. WALKER, Jr., Lorena Bolen Walker, Plaintiffs, v. M & M DODGE, INC. and Bureau of Credit Control-Alexandria, Inc., Defendants. FINDINGS OF FACT AND CONCLUSIONS OF LAW The complaint of the Plaintiffs, Ellis R. Walker, Jr., and Lorena Bolen Walker, allege that the defendants, M & M Dodge, Inc., and the Bureau of Credit Control — Alexandria, Inc., ("B.C.C.") violated the post-discharge injunction of 11 U.S.C. § more.

Summary: 436 B.R. 364 (2010) In re AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL REFINERY, INC., American International Petroleum Corp., Debtors. The present matter is an adversary proceeding filed by the Liquidating Trustee (the "Trustee") of the AIPC Liquidating Trust against Adams & Reese, LLP, the former counsel for the debtors-in-possession, American International Refinery, Inc. ("AIRI") and American International Petroleum Corp. ("AIPC" and, together with AIRI, the "Debtors"). The Trustee seeks disgorgement of attorney more.

Summary: 38 B.R. 80 (1984) In re Timothy KRAMER, Debtor. The jurisprudence has consistently held that the creditor must prove the following in order to have its debt declared nondischargeable under this section: "(1) The debtor obtained the property by means of representations which he knew were false or which were made with reckless disregard of their truthfulness; (2) The debtor had an intent to deceive, which may be inferred from the knowing or reckless misrepresentation made to induce another to more.

Summary: 358 B.R. 681 (2006) In re PRIDE INTERNATIONAL, LLC. *682 Stephen D. Wheelis, Alexandria, LA, for Pride International, LLC. FINDINGS OF FACT AND CONCLUSIONS OF LAW Procedural History Pride International, L.L.C., filed a voluntary petition under Chapter 11 on October 31, 2004. However, an Agreed Order entered on May 20, 2005, settling and granting the issue of injunctive relief, signed by both Mr. Conine and Mr. Bussey, indicates that defendants withdrew their objections to the court's more.

Summary: 9 B.R. 251 (1981) In the Matter of Bennie G. HUGHES, and Pamela Dube Hughes, Debtors. After doing repairs of the boat Mr. Dupre sold the boat and the trailer to Bennie Hughes, the Debtor herein. The sale from Mr. Dupre to Mr. Hughes is only evidenced by an unwitnessed "Act of Sale" which indicated the total price was $4000.00. The buyer, Mr. Hughes, according to this "Act of Sale" was to pay $1014.16 in cash and pay off the mortgage at Sugarland Bank for $2985.54. The bill of sale revealed that more.

Summary: 21 B.R. 885 (1982) In re Sarah B. CHALIN, Debtor. On March 26, 1982, Sarah B. Chalin, the debtor herein, filed a petition in bankruptcy under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code. From November, 1981, till January or February, 1982, Mrs. Chalin stayed at the home of her daughter and son-in-law in Lafayette, during the week; however, she regularly returned to her home in Metairie on the weekends.

Summary: 211 B.R. 540 (1997) In re Silton R. FUSELIER, Jr., Robin A. Fuselier, Debtors. Jonathan D. McCAIN, Kathy Dugas McCain, Plaintiffs, v. Silton R. FUSELIER, Jr., Defendant. August 5, 1997. *541 James P. Gaharan, Jr., Lake Charles, LA, for Debtors. FACTUAL BACKGROUND The Debtor, Silton Fuselier, Jr., moved to Lafayette, Louisiana, in August of 1992. The Debtor's father, Silton Fuselier, Sr., had been a carpentry sub-contractor for many years, and had worked with Dugas Construction Company, a more.

Summary: 130 B.R. 214 (1991) In re CHRIS J. ROY, A LAW CORPORATION, Debtor. In re Chris J. ROY, Debtor. Camille F. GRAVEL, Jr., Richard V. Burnes, Plaintiffs, v. CHRIS J. ROY, a LAW CORPORATION, and Chris J. Roy, Defendants. FINDINGS OF FACT AND CONCLUSIONS OF LAW A. BACKGROUND These proceedings were instituted by the plaintiffs, Camille F. Gravel, Jr., and Richard V. Burnes against the debtors, Christopher J. Roy (individually) and Chris J. Roy, a Law Corporation. For written reasons assigned October 7, more.