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Summary: In re: SOL, LLC, Debtor. Stuart Hayim, Plaintiff, v. RALPH E. GOETZ, CLAUDIA G. GOETZ, jointly and severally, SOL, LLC d/ba SOL SOTHEBY'S INTERNATIONAL REALTY and TIM ELMES, Defendants. The Trustee has sought to remove the State Court Action, to which the Debtor was never formally made a party through service of process, based on the possibility that the estate may recover a real estate commission — the right to which the Debtor transferred prior to its bankruptcy filing. Though a damage claim more.

Summary: 9 B.R. 528 (1980) In re Glenn Andrew CRISCO, Debtor. The plan is opposed by the debtor's ex-wife and her attorney, judgment creditors under a contempt judgment entered in a child support proceedings against the debtor by a State court on March 24, 1980, six months before bankruptcy.

Summary: 62 B.R. 542 (1986) In re COLOMBIAN COFFEE CO., INC., Debtor. Lawrence R. METSCH, as Trustee for the Estate of Colombian Coffee Co., Inc., Plaintiff, v. ARAB BANKING CORPORATION and Paul C. Nordberg, As Creditor Trustee for the Estate of Chase & Sanborn Corporation, f/k/a General Coffee Corp., Defendants. Fla.1985); Nordberg v. Murphy and Colombian Coffee Co. (In re Chase & Sanborn Corp.), 55 B.R. 451 (Bankr.S.D.Fla.

Summary: 55 B.R. 231 (1985) In re EVANS PRODUCTS CO., et al., Debtor(s). On October 15 Evans Products Co., a chapter 11 debtor, moved under 11 U.S.C. § 1113(e) for leave to implement interim changes in its collective bargaining agreement with its hourly employees at the Racine Foundry. For this and other reasons, the debtor's financial distress forced it to file for bankruptcy in March, 1985 and the debtor can no longer absorb or fund the losses generated by the Racine Foundry.

Summary: 20 B.R. 817 (1982) In re BELIZE AIRWAYS LIMITED, Debtor. William D. SEIDLE, as Trustee of the estate of Belize Airways Limited, Debtor, Plaintiff, v. Catalina GONZALEZ, Defendant. On February 23, 1982, Plaintiff, William D. Seidle, as Trustee of the estate of Belize Airways Limited, Debtor (hereinafter "BAL") commenced this adversary proceeding under Part VII of the Rules of the Bankruptcy Procedure to avoid judicial liens acquired by the Defendant and purporting to attach the real and personal more.

Summary: 109 B.R. 506 (1989) In re James Joseph HUFF and Barbara Joe Huff, Debtors. In re James John HUFF, Debtor. Gerard A. McHALE as Court appointed administrator of Ashley Financial Corporation, Plaintiff, v. James John HUFF a/k/a James J. Huff and James Joseph Huff, Defendants. This cause came before the Court on Defendants' Motions to Dismiss on August 23, 1989. I. PROCEDURAL BACKGROUND Plaintiff, Gerard A. McHale, as court-appointed administrator of Ashley Financial Corporation ("McHale"), filed more.

Summary: 113 B.R. 761 (1990) In re Jose CARBIA, Debtor. Jose CARBIA, Plaintiff, v. Ilse CLARK, a/k/a Ilse Carbia, Dade County School Board and Luis A. Fors, Defendants. The Marital Settlement Agreement executed by JOSE CARBIA (hereafter CARBIA) and his ex-wife ILSE CLARK (hereafter CLARK), dated April 3, 1987, and incorporated into the Final Judgment dissolving the marriage, dated April 6, 1987, provides under the paragraph titled "Marital Debt" that CARBIA agreed to reimburse his former wife one-half more.

Summary: 75 B.R. 55 (1987) In re 1433 CORP., Debtor. The unimproved, real property was to have been sold at a state court foreclosure sale on March 26, 1987 and would have been sold had Mr. Robins not have filed the Chapter 11 petition on behalf of the 1433 Corp. 7.

Summary: 332 B.R. 479 (2005) In re Charles H. WAYRYNEN, Debtor. The Trustee asserts that, pursuant to 11 U.S.C. §§ 522(b)(2) and (p)(1), the homestead exemption available to Charles H. Wayrynen ("Debtor"), a Florida resident, is limited to $125,000 in equity, since he purchased his home within 1215 days of the commencement of this case. The Debtor further asserts that even if this Court was to determine that the $125,000 limitation on a debtor's residence is applicable, he nonetheless would be entitled more.

Summary: 131 B.R. 241 (1991) In re SEAESCAPE CRUISES, LTD., Debtor. The Court having considered the Debtor's objection and the responses filed by both the Committee and the United States Trustee, having heard the arguments of counsel and examined the evidence presented, and the Court being otherwise fully advised in the premises, denies the relief requested by the Debtor for the following reasons: Background The Debtor is in the cruiseline business, specializing in one day cruises.

Summary: 197 B.R. 942 (1996) In re UNITED MARINE, INC., Debtor. THIS CAUSE came before the Court on January 24, 1996 for a confirmation hearing on the Debtor's First Amended Chapter 11 Plan or Reorganization. On November 22, 1994, the Debtor filed a voluntary petition for relief under chapter 11 of title 11 of the United States Code (the "Bankruptcy Code") in this Court. The Debtor and its predecessors in interest have been engaged in the sale of marine products in Miami since 1914. Class 2 — Priority more.

Summary: 398 B.R. 490 (2008) In re Mario HERRERA and Deborah Herrera, Debtors. The § 341 Meeting was scheduled for February 14, 2008, and creditors received notice that April 14, 2008, was the deadline for filing complaints objecting to discharge or dischargeability of debt [CP# 2]. B. Attorneys Title's Allegations Do Not Justify Dismissal Under § 521(i) In its Motion to Dismiss and Supplement, Attorneys Title argues that the Debtors did not fully comply with § 521(a)(i), since, at their initial § 341 more.

Summary: 18 B.R. 480 (1982) In re POLAR CHIPS INTERNATIONAL, INC., d/b/a Walter Kellin Enterprises, a/k/a The Kellin Corporation, Debtor. SANITARY ICE VENDING CO., INC., a Florida corporation, Plaintiff, v. Herb HARRIS, as Chapter 11 Trustee of Polar Chips International, Inc., d/b/a Walter Kellin Enterprises a/k/a the Kellin Corporation, Defendants, and The Law Partnership of Zuckerman, Spaeder, Taylor & Evans, by its Partners Roger E. Zuckerman, Roger C. Spaeder, William W. Taylor, III, Peter Goldstein, more.

Summary: 166 B.R. 476 (1994) In re Louis F. LENTINE, Debtor. Aetna contends that under the doctrine of collateral estoppel the debt owed by the Debtor, Louis Lentine (the "Debtor"), is nondischargeable under 11 U.S.C. § 523(a)(6).

Summary: 45 B.R. 295 (1985) In re Bettie J. JANIS, Debtor. A.L. ORCHARDS LIMITED, SERIES 1, a Florida Limited Partnership, Edward S. Scott, Margaret P. Croucher, Michael and Adelaide Cordes, W.R. Latimer, Michael and Eileen Ruth, Bruce Wilson, Joan McHale, Jeffrey J. Elenewski, Miriam K. Pearl, Constantine J. Suflas, Ernest J. Clute, Jr., Thomas A. Burton and Anthony F. Klopp, Plaintiffs, v. Bettie J. JANIS, Debtor and William Seidle, Trustee for the Estate of Bettie J. Janis, Defendants.

Summary: 36 B.R. 724 (1984) In re Robert J. LILIENFELD, Debtor. As evidence that the debtor intended to defraud the bank through the use of this credit card, the bank demonstrated that the statements for the debtor's account (Plaintiff's Composite Exhibit No. 1) show a pattern of most purchases being under $50 (with the inference that the debtor was avoiding having merchants call in to check on the credit card) and that many of these "small" charges occurred at the same locations on the same date. The more.

Summary: 431 B.R. 263 (2010) In re TRAFFORD DISTRIBUTING CENTER, INC. a/k/a Trafford Distribution Center, Inc., Debtor. Soneet R. Kapila, Chapter 7 Trustee, Plaintiff, v. Liberty Properties at Trafford, LLC, Liberty Associates, LC, and Advanced Vehicle Systems, LLC, Defendants. Its primary business was warehousing and it rented a warehouse owned by Defendant Liberty Properties at Trafford, LLC. The Debtor tried to settle with the NLRB, but these negotiations failed when the NLRB rejected the Debtor's more.

Summary: 79 B.R. 948 (1987) In re The INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION, INC., Debtor. On September 28, 1987, The Institute for Business and Professional Education, Inc. (the debtor), filed a Voluntary Petition for Relief under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code.