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Summary: 88 B.R. 268 (1988) In re Maurice R. DALAIMO and Julia F. Dalaimo, Debtors. BACKGROUND Maurice and Julia Dalaimo filed their petition for relief under Chapter 11 on October 31, 1986. Maurice Dalaimo is a retiree from the U.S. government and receives a pension from the government. Seinsoth's argument is that Dalaimo's pension is a "public retirement benefit" as defined in § 704.110(b) — a pension payable by a public retirement system. Accordingly, this court holds that Dalaimo is entitled to an more.

Summary: 110 B.R. 484 (1990) In re ABA RECOVERY SERVICE, INC., dba Bay Park Towing, Golden State Towing, Debtor. FACTS The debtor, ABA Recovery Service, Inc., was operated by its president, Richard Egley, from the time of filing of the petition, July 24, 1986, until May 22, 1987, at which time Harold Taxel was appointed trustee. During Mr. Egley's administration of the debtor-in-possession, the estate incurred federal trust fund tax liabilities.In order to extricate the debtor from its financial woes, more.

Summary: 107 B.R. 285 (1989) In re James Wallace BURSON, SS# XXX-XX-XXXX, Debtor. James Wallace BURSON, Plaintiff, v. MARINE CORPS FINANCE CENTER, an agency of the United States of America, Respondent. James Wallace Burson, the debtor, filed a complaint against the Marine Corps Finance Center for violation of 11 U.S.C. Section 524(a)(2).FACTS James Wallace Burson served as an aircraft mechanic with the United States Marine Corps for four years. In support of its position, MCFC claims that it did not more.

Summary: 52 B.R. 843 (1985) In re NUCORP ENERGY, INC., an Ohio corporation, and its Affiliates, Debtors. Nucorp Energy, Inc. ("Energy"), Supply's parent company, guaranteed Supply's obligation to pay United under the contract. The other claim was for breach of guaranty of Supply's obligation on the sale of goods which was to be filed against Energy (Case No. 82-03106-K11). Attached to the Energy claim on the guaranty are copies of the original purchase orders on Supply letterhead and signed by two more.

Summary: 80 B.R. 197 (1987) In re Donnie Lee MAHONEY, Debtor. Donnie Lee Mahoney, a Chapter 11 debtor, seeks confirmation of his plan of reorganization. Additionally, the debtor created some confusion by circulating a notice of the confirmation hearing, indicating that ballots had to be received on or before May 15, 1987, although acceptances or rejections of the plan could be filed as late as June 11, 1987. This Court finds that because re-balloting and sending amended confirmation hearing notices were more.

Summary: 4 B.R. 735 (1980) In re Julian Roosevelt GOEB and Jane Alma Goeb, Debtors. The hearing on confirmation of the Modified Plan Under Chapter 13 filed on March 13, 1980, by Julian Roosevelt Goeb and Jane Alma Goeb, debtors herein, came on regularly for hearing on April 21, 1980. The Court, having considered the arguments of counsel, the evidence, both oral and documentary, and good cause appearing therefor, renders its decision as follows: FACTS On December 6, 1979, Julian Roosevelt Goeb and Jane more.

Summary: 231 B.R. 768 (1998) In re Dianne Mannion WEPSIC, Debtor. Dianne Mannion Wepsic, Plaintiff, v. Jackie Josephson, Defendant. On April 10, 1998, debtor Dianne Mannion Wepsic ("Wepsic") filed this adversary complaint against Jackie Josephson ("Josephson") to determine the allowance of Josephson's claim and the validity and extent of Josephson's secured status. Wepsic alleged that Josephson violated the Truth in Lending Act ("TILA") and California law[1] and, therefore, sought to avoid Josephson's more.

Summary: 398 B.R. 902 (2008) In re Jerry L. ICENHOWER dba Seaview Properties, and Donna L. Icenhower, Debtors. Kismet Acquisition, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, Successor-in-Interest to Gerald H. Davis, Chapter 7 Trustee, Plaintiff, v. Jerry L. Icenhower, an individual; et al., Defendants. Jerry L. Icenhower, Coronado, CA, pro se. Donna L. Icenhower, Coronado, CA, pro se. Robert L. Rentto, Law Offices of Robert L. Rentto, Geraldine A. Valdez, Jeffrey Isaacs, Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves and more.

Summary: 115 B.R. 254 (1990) In re OWEN-JOHNSON, a California general partnership, Debtor. FACTS Debtor Owen-Johnson ("OJ") filed a voluntary petition for relief under Chapter 11 of Title 11 of the United States Code on December 6, 1989. OJ's Chapter 11 proceeding subsequently followed on December 6, 1989, and on January 10, 1990, OJ filed its motion to reject executory contract with this court, which was joined by Vance Johnson, Inc., Vance and Lucy Johnson, RKO Construction, Inc., and R. Kenneth Owen, more.

Summary: 4 B.R. 739 (1980) In re James F. ZIMMERMAN, Sally R. Zimmerman, Debtors. On April 4, 1980, the debtors filed a motion seeking to redeem a 1978 Ford Van for $4,600 by paying installments of $150 per month until the entire amount, plus 10% interest per annum, was paid in full.

Summary: 80 B.R. 517 (1987) In re NUCORP ENERGY, INC., an Ohio corporation, and its Affiliates, Debtor. Milton FREDMAN, Co-Liquidating Trustee for the Nucorp Liquidating Trust, Plaintiff, v. MILCHEM, INC., a Delaware corporation, Defendant. Larry A. Ford, Nucorp Energy, San Diego, Cal., for Nucorp Energy, Inc. In re Matter of Georgia Steel, Inc., 56 B.R. 509, 522 (Bankr.M.D.Ga.1985); In re Cimarron Oil Co., Inc., 71 B.R. 1005, 1009 (N.D.Tex.1987).

Summary: 3 B.R. 160 (1980) In re Gordon Wayne ANDERSON and Sharon Sue Anderson, Debtors. The § 341(a) meeting of creditors was held and concluded on January 7, 1980, and the case was transferred to this Court on that date for a hearing to determine whether the Debtors' Chapter 13 plan filed on November 27, 1979, should be confirmed. The family's net monthly income includes take home pay for Mr. Anderson of $800.00 plus a quarter's allowance of $216.00 for a total net monthly income of $1,016.00. Their more.

Summary: 360 B.R. 679 (2007) In re Gwenda Ann GORDON, Debtor. On December 16, 1997 debtor filed a Chapter 13 petition (97-18541) under the name Gwenda Haywood. Trustee Skelton objected to confirmation, asserting that debtor had only made half the required payments in the 2003 case; that there was no change in circumstances from the 2003 case; that while debtor had the same job she did not pay 2005 income taxes to the IRS and. The Court `does not know whether debtor had brought her payments to the more.

Summary: 212 B.R. 147 (1997) In re THRIFTY OIL COMPANY, a California corporation; Golden West Refining Company, a California corporation; CLUJ Distribution Company, a California corporation; and Golden West Distribution Company, a California Corporation, Debtors. United States Bankruptcy Court, S.D. California. [*] Bank of America National Trust and Savings Association ("BofA") filed claim No. 650B, which arises from revested debtor's ("Thrifty") guaranty of Golden West Refining Company's ("GWR") more.

Summary: 372 B.R. 496 (2007) In re James W. KEENAN, Debtor. James W. Keenan and Judy M. Keenan, Plaintiffs, v. Ross M. Pyle; Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch, a business entity form unknown, Jeffrey Isaacs, an individual, and Does 1-50, inclusive, Defendants. II BACKGROUND The Debtor, James Keenan, and his nondebtor wife, Judy Keenan, ("Plaintiffs" or "Keenans") filed this complaint against the liquidating Trustee Ross Pyle and his lawyer Jeff Isaacs, as well as the law firm of Procopio, Cory, more.

Summary: 301 B.R. 576 (2003) In re Kim N. TRAN, Debtor. Sea Win, Inc., Plaintiff, v. Kim N. Tran, Defendant. I. INTRODUCTION Before the court is the complaint of Sea Win, Inc., a/k/a Sea Win Co., Inc., against the debtor, Kim Tran, to determine the dischargeability of a debt pursuant to 11 U.S.C. §§ 523(a)(2)(A), (a)(4), and (a)(6). Apparently attempting to assist her mother, Anh Tran, who was in the seafood distribution business, Tran formed Kim Seafood International, Inc. in 1999. Perhaps confusing to more.

Summary: 58 B.R. 930 (1986) In re Charles C. HEINCY and Sharon L. Heincy, Debtors. Charles C. HEINCY and Sharon L. Heincy, Plaintiffs, v. SUPERIOR COURT OF the STATE OF CALIFORNIA, Defendant. Plaintiffs and debtors Charles and Sharon Heincy have filed a complaint to enjoin the Superior Court, County of San Diego, State of California, from enforcing an order for restitution entered in criminal case No. STATEMENT OF FACTS In June 1983, Boylan hired Charles Heincy ("Heincy") to oversee completion of a more.

Summary: 126 B.R. 589 (1991) In re FIRST ALLIANCE CORPORATION, Debtor. April 25, 1991. This matter comes before the court on debtor First Alliance Corporation's ("FAC") objection to Rancho Bernardo Limited Partnership's ("RBLP") claim of damages for termination of a lease. That section states: (b) Except as [otherwise] provided . . . if such objection to a claim is made, the court, after notice and a hearing, shall determine the amount of such claim in lawful currency of the United States as of the date more.

Summary: 3 B.R. 527 (1980) In re STANDARD FURNITURE COMPANY, Debtor. On January 25, 1980, Mr. Lee M. Norwood ("Norwood"), lessor to Standard Furniture Company ("Debtor"), filed his application for payment of administrative expenses pursuant to Section 503 of the United States Bankruptcy Code ("Code"). *529 In early December of 1979, the trustee orally informed Norwood's attorney that the Debtor intended to vacate the premises on or before January 1, 1980. This claim was subsequently amended to allege more.