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Summary: 345 B.R. 744 (2006) In re 4 FRONT PETROLEUM, INC., Debtor. Patrick J. Malloy, III, as Trustee in Bankruptcy of the Debtor, 4 Front Petroleum, Inc., Plaintiff, Robert D. Hawk, Robert D. Hawk, Jr., Eric Byford, Ron Ford, Paul A. Stephens, James O. Lewis, Leslie Martin, Ron Welch, and Alvarez & Marsal, Inc., Defendants. 9), filed by Plaintiff Patrick J. Malloy, III, as Trustee in Bankruptcy of the Debtor, 4 Front Petroleum, Inc. ("Trustee") on April 10, 2006, as supplemented by the Plaintiffs more.

Summary: 149 B.R. 684 (1993) In re LMS HOLDING COMPANY, an Oklahoma corporation, EIN: XX-XXXXXXX, Petroleum Marketing Company, an Oklahoma Corporation, EIN: XX-XXXXXXX, Retail Marketing Company, an Oklahoma Corporation, EIN: XX-XXXXXXX. This matter is before the Court upon the objection of debtor-in-possession Retail *685 Marketing Company ("RMC") to claim number 267 filed by the Internal Revenue Service ("IRS") on behalf of the United States of America.A reorganized corporation after bankruptcy is like more.

Summary: 279 B.R. 297 (2002) In re UNIVERSAL FACTORING COMPANY, INC., James Ray Eckhart, and The James Dawson Eckhart and Sydne Marie Eckhart Irrevocable Trust, Dated May 1, 1996, Debtors. *299 Background Universal Factoring Company, Inc., ("Universal") filed for voluntary relief under chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code (the "Code") on August 21, 1998. On September 18, 1998, James Ray Eckhart ("Eckhart") filed a voluntary petition under chapter 7 of the Code. On October 14, 1998, Patrick J. Malloy, III, more.

Summary: 88 B.R. 356 (1988) In re GREATER ATLANTIC AND PACIFIC INVESTMENT GROUP, INC., Debtor. The Court also takes judicial notice of the record in In re Greater Atlantic and Pacific Investment Group, Inc., Case No. 87-00200-W. TLC's interest was acquired by, or TLC altered its name to, Greater Atlantic and Pacific Investment Group, Inc. ("Greater Atlantic"). In any event, the "Stipulation" herein expressly provides that Victor shall have no greater interest in Greater Atlantic's "rents receivable" more.

Summary: 140 B.R. 291 (1992) In re Mitchell Lloyd KELLY, Debtor. Martin L. McFEE, Plaintiff, v. Mitchell Lloyd KELLY, Defendant. Statement of Facts Prepetition, the Debtor, Mitchell Lloyd Kelly, shot the Plaintiff, Martin L. McFee, on October 30, 1988.

Summary: 108 B.R. 769 (1989) In re Donald Dean WALKER, a/k/a Donald F. Walker, Debtor. On May 4, 1989, there came on for hearing the Trustee's objection to Debtor's claim of exemption of his interest in three retirement annuity plans; after hearing, the matter was taken under advisement. FINDINGS OF FACT On December 29, 1988, Donald Dean Walker a/k/a Donald F. Walker ("Mr. Walker;" "Debtor") filed his petition for relief under 11 U.S.C. Chapter 7 in the Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of more.

Summary: 163 B.R. 374 (1993) In re Edward Lee STUTSMAN, d/b/a American Images, d/b/a Blue Line Enterprises, Inc., Debtor. Judge Peterson found that Tusco was formed for the purposes of buying and selling used furniture; that Stutsman was a stockholder in Tusco; that Stutsman was president, chief operating officer and primary salesman of Tusco; that Stutsman, in the aforementioned capacities as officer and employee of Tusco, sought business for and on behalf of Tusco; that Stutsman, through various trade more.

Summary: 216 B.R. 61 (1998) In re Max Alexander HEIDENREICH, Debtor. THIS MATTER comes before the Court pursuant to the Motion and Brief to Vacate Void Judgment (the "Motion to Vacate") filed by Max Alexander Heidenreich, Defendant herein ("Heidenreich"). On October 7, 1997, Heidenreich filed the Accounting Motion, which contained the following prayer for relief: WHEREFORE, the Defendant, Max Alexander Heidenreich, prays that the Court enter an Order requiring the Plaintiffs to provide the Defendant more.

Summary: 380 B.R. 37 (2007) In re Jon H. KENDALL and Petra A. Kendall. 26) filed by the Debtors Jon H. and Petra A. Kendall (the "Kendalls") on July 17, 2007; B-Real, LLC's Response in Opposition to Debtors' Objection to Claim Number Nine (9) ("Response") (Doc. Among the debts listed on their Schedule F, the Kendalls scheduled as "disputed" an unsecured debt owed by Mr. Kendall to Chase Bank USA, N.A. ("Chase"), account number 0038/6210552,[1] in the amount of $13,193.00 for "Credit Card Purchases" more.

Summary: 211 B.R. 951 (1997) In re Clifford Dale DIVINEY and Apryl Alyse Diviney, Debtors. Clifford Dale DIVINEY and Apryl Alyse Diviney, Plaintiffs, v. NationsBANK OF TEXAS, Defendant. Plaintiffs Clifford Dale Diviney and Apryl Alyse Diviney ("Debtors") were present in Court and represented by their attorney, Mark A. Craige. Statement of Facts This matter centers around the repossession of a 1988 Ford Tempo ("the Car") purchased by one of the Debtors, Apryl Alyse Diviney ("Ms. Diviney"), and financed more.

Summary: 39 B.R. 804 (1984) In re James C. HARDY, individually, and d/b/a JCH Investments, JCH Designs For Living & JCH Management Services, Debtor. *805 James C. Pinkerton of the firm Pinkerton & Pinkerton, Tulsa, Okl., for debtor in possession. In this regard, both the debtor and Farmers Bank further stipulated that any amount found properly recoverable under § 506(c) would constitute a lien upon the property in favor of the debtor-estate. In exercising our discretion[1] in allowing recovery in this more.

Summary: 123 B.R. 409 (1991) In re Harold Wayne BURLINGAME, and Barbara Jean Burlingame, Husband and Wife, Debtors. This Court having been fully advised in the premises finds as follows: Findings of Fact Harold Wayne Burlingame and his wife, Barbara Jean Burlingame, ("Debtors") filed for relief under Chapter 11 on July 15, 1988. The Debtors contend that the requirements of subparagraph (A) have not been met because the Debtors have not made all or substantially all of the payments due on the long-term more.

Summary: 139 B.R. 1009 (1992) In re SPOOR-WESTON, INC., Debtor. In re Leslie G. WESTON and Cornelia Spoor-Weston, Debtors. FINDINGS OF FACT Leslie G. Weston and Cornelia Spoor-Weston ("Mr. Weston;" "Mrs. Spoor-Weston;" "debtors") managed employment agencies through debtors' close corporation, Spoor-Weston, Inc. Debtors and Spoor-Weston, Inc. operated under franchise from Snelling & Snelling, Inc. ("Snelling"). On March 16, 1990, the same day the bankruptcy schedules were signed, ". . . [Mrs. more.

Summary: 415 B.R. 849 (2009) In re Donald CROWL and Iva Jean Crowl, Debtors. Donald Crowl and Iva Jean Crowl ("Debtors") filed an original petition for relief under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code with this Court on July 3, 2008. In 1990, the father of Iva Jean Crowl passed away and Mrs. Crowl received a distribution from the estate. b. On November 11, 1992, Debtors placed substantially all of their property in a revocable inter vivos trust named the Crowl Family Trust. The Crowl Family Trust purchased more.

Summary: 309 B.R. 354 (2004) In re MANCHESTER GAS STORAGE, INC., an Oklahoma corporation, MGL, Inc., an Oklahoma corporation, Debtors. United States Bankruptcy Court, N.D. Oklahoma. Upon consideration of the stipulations, the evidence and arguments presented at trial, the briefs and the applicable law, the Court finds and concludes as follows: I. Jurisdiction The Court has jurisdiction of this "core" proceeding by virtue of 28 U.S.C. §§ 1334, 157(a), and 157(b)(2)(A), (B) and (O); Miscellaneous Order more.

Summary: 355 B.R. 296 (2006) In re KOPP, Stuart N., Debtor. On May 11, 2006, Plaintiff/Debtor Stuart N. Kopp ("Kopp") filed a Complaint Under *298 11 U.S.C. § 523[sic][1] to Determine the Legality and Correct Amount of a Federal Tax Assessment (Adv.Doc.1) (the "Complaint") against Defendant, the United States of America, ex rel. The Court concludes that Kopp's request for a determination of the amount or legality of taxes assessed against him by the IRS is not moot because even though the resolution of more.

Summary: 329 B.R. 62 (2005) In re UNIVERSAL FACTORING COMPANY, INC.; James Ray Eckhart; The James Dawson Eckhart and Sydne Marie Eckhart Irrevocable Trust Dated May 1, 1996, Debtors. [6] Findings of Fact Universal Factoring Company, Inc. ("Debtor" or "Universal") filed a petition for relief under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code on August 21, 1998. [9] James D. Eckhart ("Eckhart") was the principal operating officer of Universal. The Oklahoma Department of Securities, after a thorough more.

Summary: 351 B.R. 165 (2006) In re BOLGER, Joe L. and Bolger, Pamela K., Debtors. This matter is before the Court on the Joint Stipulations of Plaintiff Betty Jo Ann Owens ("Owens") and Defendant Joe L. Bolger ("Bolger") (Adv.Doc. Owens filed a Complaint against Bolger seeking a declaration that a debt owed by Bolger to Owens is non-dischargeable pursuant to Section 523(a)(4) of the Bankruptcy Code. Bolger has conceded that he is liable to Owens to the extent that Owens is required to pay suppliers and/ more.

Summary: 322 B.R. 164 (2004) In re GIT-N-GO, INC., Debtor In Possession. 962) (the "Motion"); Debtor-in-Possession's Objection to Motion of Brink's, Incorporated for Allowance and Payment of Administrative Priority Claim, filed on October 6, 2004 (Doc. An evidentiary hearing was held on November 10, 2004, at which Brink's Incorporated ("Brink's") appeared through its counsel, Leslie Ricketts; the Debtor-in-Possession, Git-N-Go, Inc. ("GNG"), appeared through its counsel, Sidney Swinson; and The F & M more.