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Summary: 432 B.R. 340 (2010) In re Porscha CAMPBELL, Debtor. This matter comes before the court on unsecured creditor Clinton Timmons' Motion to Reopen Case for the purpose of seeking limited relief from the permanent discharge injunction pursuant to 11 U.S.C. § 524 in order to seek a judgment of liability against the debtor so that he may proceed against the debtor's liability insurer.

Summary: 319 B.R. 898 (2004) In re Lemoris BROWN, Debtor. Findings of Fact Debtor, Lemoris Brown, filed a Chapter 13 petition on January 22, 2004. On the same date, Debtor filed a Chapter 13 plan that provided for payment in full of attorney fees of $950 prior to payment of secured creditors, including Albany Lincoln-Mercury, Inc. ("ALM"). At a hearing on June 21, 2004, the Court refused to confirm the plan but gave Debtor time to modify the plan, with specific instructions that confirmation would be more.

Summary: 102 B.R. 893 (1989) In the Matter of Jack D. HERNDON, Debtor. STATEMENT OF THE CASE Jack D. Herndon, Debtor, filed a petition under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code on February 1, 1989. [1] On March 3, 1989, William M. Flatau, Trustee, filed an objection to Debtor's claimed exemption, alleging that Debtor's tax shelter annuity does not qualify for exemption. These subsections provide as follows: (a) In lieu of the exemption provided in Code Section 44-13-1, any debtor who is a natural person more.

Summary: 78 B.R. 630 (1986) In the Matter of Dennis R. DOVE, Debtor. FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE, Plaintiff, v. Dennis R. DOVE, Defendant. On October 31, 1984, Dennis R. Dove, Defendant, filed his voluntary petition under Chapter 7 of the United States Bankruptcy Code. When a creditor objects to the discharge of a debtor under section 727 or asserts the nondischargeability of a particular debt under section 523, the creditor has the burden to demonstrate that the debtor is not entitled to a more.

Summary: 299 B.R. 648 (2003) In re Thomas Michael WRIGHT, Debtor. Citizens Bank of Washington County, Plaintiff, v. Thomas Michael Wright, Defendant. Findings of Fact Debtor, Thomas Michael Wright, was a shareholder, an officer, and a director of Milestone Mobile Homes, Inc. Upon discovering the out-of-trust sales, Citizens demanded payment on the ten homes from Milestone, Debtor, and Tharpe. Beginning in 1993, Debtor and Tharpe took financial statements for Milestone, covering the previous year, to Mr. more.

Summary: 262 B.R. 885 (2000) In re TIRES AND TERMS OF COLUMBUS, INC., Debtor. On September 11, 2000, the court held a hearing on Defendant's motion for reconsideration of a default judgment entered August 18, 2000. In his complaint, Plaintiff/Trustee asserted a claim of legal malpractice against Defendant for failing to appear and defend Debtor in the state court action. On June 29, 2000, Plaintiff/Trustee certified to mailing the summons and a copy of the complaint to the Defendant at 233 12th Street, more.

Summary: 279 B.R. 916 (2002) In the Matter of Wayne L. PULLIAM, Debtor. William M. Flatau, Chapter 7 Trustee, Plaintiff, v. Wachovia Securities, Inc., and Wayne L. Pulliam, Defendant. Ernest V. Harris, Athens, GA, for Wayne L. Pulliam. Wayne L. Pulliam filed a response on May 29, 2001. The Court entered an order on May 31, 2002, allowing Mr. Pulliam to intervene as a defendant. The Court will refer to Mr. Pulliam as Defendant and to Wachovia Securities, Inc., as Wachovia. 7 Case No. 00-31502 RFH, 2002 more.

Summary: 338 B.R. 923 (2006) In re Aaron A. JACKSON, Debtor. Findings of Fact Debtor, Aaron Jackson, filed a Chapter 13 case on December 16, 2005. It argues that because Debtor acknowledged in the sales contract that the car was purchased for "personal, family or household" use, its claim satisfies the requirement that the collateral was "acquired for the personal use of the debtor."

Summary: 71 B.R. 672 (1987) In re Culbert NEWELL, Debtor. W.D.Ky.1986); In re Dunn, 56 B.R. 275 (Bankr.M.D.La 1985); In re Buzzell, 56 B.R. 197 (Bankr.D.Md.1986); In re Johnson, 53 B.R. 919 (Bankr.N.D.Ill.1985, adhered to, 57 B.R. 635 (1986)); In re Holyfield, 50 B.R. 695 (Bankr.D.Md.1985).

Summary: 351 B.R. 803 (2006) In the Matter of Phillip L. WEST and Tina M. West, Debtors. Phillip L. West and Tina M. West, Movants, v. Mutual Savings Credit Union, Respondent. Phillip L. West and Tina M. West, Movants, filed on May 24, 2096, a Motion To Convert.

Summary: 430 B.R. 318 (2010) In re James Ferrell LOVVORN, Jr., and Sandra Diane Lovvorn, Debtors. Kenneth C. Bazemore and KCB Enterprises, Inc., Plaintiffs, v. James Ferrell Lovvorn, Jr., and Sandra Diane Lovvorn, Defendants. On December 15, 2002, Mr. Lovvorn and his wife, co-debtor Sandra Lovvorn, signed a promissory note in favor of Plaintiff for the $150,000. In order to deal with the tax debt, Mr. and Ms. Lovvorn took control of D & D. On August 20, 2004, Mr. Lovvorn gave Mr. Bazemore a security more.

Summary: 282 B.R. 510 (2002) In re Matthew WRIGHT, Debtor. Findings of Fact Debtor Matthew Wright is a co-shareholder and co-operator of Wright Seeds, Inc., a corporation that processes and resells grain seeds. At issue is money Wright Seeds owes to Bennett for crops he produced and delivered to Wright Seeds in 1998, 1999, and 2000. In December, Wright Seeds would pay Bennett for the harvest he delivered, offset by the approximately $2,000 Bennett owed Wright Seeds. Bennett testified that he continued more.

Summary: 346 B.R. 246 (2006) In the Matter of Robert M. BROWN, Debtor. Triad Financial Corp., Movant, v. Robert M. Brown, Debtor; and Camille Hope, Trustee, Respondents. *247 John K. James, Warner Robins, GA, for Robert M. Brown. Robert M. Brown, Respondent, filed a response on May 22, 2006. The last paragraph of section 1325(a)[2] provides in relevant part that for purposes of paragraph (5), section 506 of the Bankruptcy Code shall not apply to a claim that is secured by a purchase money security more.

Summary: 467 B.R. 532 (2010) In the Matter of Troy Eric CRUMP, Debtor. Prior to filing for bankruptcy relief, Debtor Troy Eric Crump entered into a series of "pawn transactions" with Title-Max of Georgia, Inc.("TitleMax"). Debtor's final contract with TitleMax, which was dated October 13, 2009, required Debtor to pay the sum of $4,574.92 by November 12, 2009, or Debtor would be in default.

Summary: 416 B.R. 905 (2009) In re Vannessa BAUGH, Debtor. The Court held a hearing on the motion on September 8, 2009, at which time the Trustee presented evidence, including the testimony of Debtor Vannessa Baugh. Debtor discussed her financial problems with a friend who recommended Ms. Stewart to Debtor. On May 5, 2009, Mr. Braswell filed a motion to withdraw as Debtor's attorney on the ground that Debtor wanted to terminate his representation. According to Debtor, Ms. Stewart filed the schedules on more.

Summary: 183 B.R. 316 (1995) In the Matter of GREENSBORO LUMBER COMPANY, Debtor. Greensboro Lumber Company, Debtor, filed on December 6, 1993, its "Debtor's Objection to the Claim of the IRS, Debtor's Motion to Determine Amount of Claim Held by the IRS, Debtor's Motion to Subordinate Certain Claims of the IRS, and Debtor's Motion for Refund from the IRS for Overpayment Made to the IRS in Connection with Its Secured Claim." Debtor filed a petition under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code on November 5, more.

Summary: 115 B.R. 399 (1990) In the Matter of Terry Gene MORGAN and Pamela Carter Morgan, Debtors. Loran LEGGETT and Ralph D. Herin, Movants, v. Terry Gene MORGAN and Pamela Carter Morgan, Debtors, and Camille Hope, Trustee. Movants seek to evict Terry Gene Morgan and Pamela Carter Morgan, Debtors, from their residence. He testified that he telephoned Mr. Morgan at 9:00 a.m. on May 1, 1990, from the Bibb County Courthouse. Mr. Herin and Mr. Leggett then went to Debtors' home between 11:50 a.m. and 1:30 more.

Summary: 251 B.R. 916 (2000) In re Mary Meeks BROWN, Debtor. IMC Mortgage Co., Inc., Movant, v. Mary Meeks Brown and Kristin Smith, Trustee, Respondents. Findings of Fact Mary Meeks Brown ("Debtor") transmitted a facsimile of her Chapter 13 petition to the Court on August 2, 1999. Creditor initiated its foreclosure proceedings prior to Debtor's previous filing, and it had no notice of this case until informed of it in Debtor's answer to the dispossessory pleadings.

Summary: 277 B.R. 843 (2002) In the Matter of Marilynn Nicole BUTLER, Debtor. Jason Robert Butler, Plaintiff, v. Marilynn Nicole Butler, Defendant. Jason Robert Butler, Plaintiff, filed on February 1, 2001, a complaint to determine the dischargeability of certain debts. Marilynn Nichole Butler, Defendant, filed a response on March 1, 2001. Exceptions to discharge (a) A discharge under section 727, 1141, 1228(a), 1228(b), or 1328(b) of this title does not discharge an individual debtor from any debt — . more.