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Summary: 29 B.R. 928 (1983) In re Joseph Douglas SHEPARD, a/k/a James F. Martin, Debtor. CENTRAL TRUST COMPANY, a New York banking corporation, Plaintiff, v. Joseph Douglas SHEPARD, a/k/a James F. Martin and Victor E. Raymos, not individually, but only as Trustee, Defendants. Plaintiff, Central Trust Company, a New York banking corporation ("Central"), sued defendants, Joseph Douglas Shepard, a/k/a James F. Martin ("Shepard") and Victor E. Raymos, not individually, but only as Trustee ("Trustee"). A more.

Summary: 328 B.R. 863 (2005) In re Corey D. MERCIER, d/b/a Magnum Investment Group d/b/a Magnum Instant Galley d/b/a Mercier Investment Group, Debtor. THIS IS a Chapter 13 case, which involves seemingly never ending litigations fueled by shear emotion and totally devoid of any common sense between the Debtor, Corey D. Mercier, and a "former lifetime partner" of the Debtor, Anneelena Foster (Ms. Foster). The present Motion is directed to this Court's Order entered on March 31, 2005, entitled Amended more.

Summary: 122 B.R. 135 (1990) In re MURRAY INDUSTRIES, INC., et al., Debtors. The Court has heard argument of counsel, has considered the Motion, together with the record, and is satisfied that the Motion is well taken and should be granted for the following reasons: In the adversary proceeding filed by Murray Industries, Inc. (Debtor), Murray seeks a declaration of its rights and obligations and an interpretation of the provisions of the insurance policy issued by Federal Insurance to the Debtor prior more.

Summary: 363 B.R. 621 (2007) In re Dale PARKER, Carole Parker, Debtors. The debtors argue they are entitled to sanctions against one of their creditors, Nuvell Financial Services, because Nuvell repossessed their van 47 days after the first meeting of creditors, knowing that the debtors intended to redeem the vehicle. [1] For the reasons explained below, the Court partially denies the debtors' Motion for Sanctions, finding that the automatic stay had terminated prior to the repossession by Nuvell more.

Summary: 258 B.R. 286 (2001) In re William H. GRAHAM, Jr. and Nancy L. Graham, Debtors. This Case is before the Court on the Motion to Modify Confirmed Plan filed by Mamie L. Davis, the standing Chapter 13 Trustee ("Trustee"), on August 15, 2000. On August 18, 2000, William H. Graham Jr. and Nancy L. Graham ("Debtors") responded with an Objection to Trustee's Motion to Modify Confirmed Plan. On May 11, 1998, Debtor William H. Graham suffered severe injuries in an automobile accident. William H. Graham more.

Summary: 395 B.R. 154 (2008) In re: Yvonne CARRASCO, Debtor. On February 27, 2008, the Trustee filed an Objection to Confirmation of Debtor's Plan upon the basis that the language contained within Paragraph 15 of the Amended Plan did not comply with BAPCPA and that the plan also failed to provide for the best interests of the creditors.

Summary: 278 B.R. 577 (2002) In re 21st CENTURY SATELLITE COMMUNICATIONS, INC., Debtor. Glenn A. Liberatore, individually and as Trustee of the Glenn A. Liberatore Family Living Trust, v. 21st Century Satellite Communications, Inc., Robert S. Byrch, Spencer G. Tyrrell, Ranchod K. Khant, Donald Ireland, Gabe Panepinto, Richard D. Morris and Morris Financial Services, Inc., a Florida Corporation, Defendants, 21st Century Satellite Communications, Inc., Counter-plaintiff, v. Glenn A. Liberatore, et al., more.

Summary: 142 B.R. 491 (1992) In re Matt S. TURPIN, d/b/a Taco Fiesta, d/b/a Mama's Italian Restaurant, d/b/a Daddy's Lounge, d/b/a Sugar Bear Donut Shoppe, Debtor. As noted on the caption of the Petition, the Debtor had been doing business as Taco Fiesta, Mama's Italian Restaurant, Daddy's Lounge and the Sugar Bear Donut Shoppe. Despite Debtor's contention that he assigned his interest in the Blueberry Patch to his wife in 1986, the Debtor's joint Federal Income Tax returns for the years 1986, 1987 and more.

Summary: 335 B.R. 193 (2005) In re ANCHOR GLASS CONTAINER CORPORATION, Debtor. Vincent J. Naimoli, individually and on behalf of a class of all other person similarly situated, Plaintiffs, v. Anchor Glass Container Corporation, Administrative Committee of the Anchor Glass Container Corporation Service Retirement Plan, Administrative Committee of the Anchor Glass Container Corporation Retirement Plan for Salaried Employees, John Ghaznavi, M. William Lightner, David T. Gutkowski [Sic], Mark Karrenbauer, more.

Summary: 11 B.R. 925 (1981) In re Eugene M. CONE, Debtor. SUN BANK, N.A., Plaintiff, v. Walter W. SNELL, Trustee; Eugene M. Cone; and Cooper Industries, Inc., d/b/a Cooper Airmotive, Defendants. On June 19, 1980, Cooper Industries, Inc., obtained a judgment by default against, inter alia, the debtor in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas in the amount of $86,606.72 together with interest at the rate of 9 per cent per annum. The debtor defaulted under the promissory note more.

Summary: 121 B.R. 896 (1990) In re David Ferrell SPEARS and Kay H. Spears, Debtors. *897 Paul M. Tabio, for David Ferrell Spears and Kay H. Spears. The Court has considered the Objections, together with the Debtors' responses and argument of counsel, and now finds and concludes as follows: IN RE SPEARS In the case of David and Kay Spears, Case No. 90-4506, the Debtors filed their Chapter 7 voluntary Petition for Relief on May 10, 1990. On their B-4 Schedule of Exemptions, the Debtors claimed Mrs. Spears' more.

Summary: 195 B.R. 954 (1996) In re Earl J. MOULTON, Wanda Sue Moulton, Debtors. Earl J. MOULTON, Wanda Sue Moulton, Plaintiffs, v. UNITED STATES of America, DEPARTMENT OF TREASURY, INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, D.W. Rucker and P. Dougherty, Defendants. On April 14, 1995, in its Order on Motion for Assessment of Attorney's Fees, this Court described the latest chapter in the ongoing battle between Earl J. and Wanda Sue Moulton (Debtors) and the United States (Government). The Order scheduled a final more.

Summary: 71 B.R. 72 (1987) In the Matter of Paula J. BELLEW, Debtor. Suncoast seeks an order from this Court sanctioning Roger Fishell (Fishell), counsel for Paula J. Bellew, the Debtor (Debtor), for the bad faith filing of this case, alleging that the case was filed for the sole purpose to hinder, delay, and frustrate Suncoast's legitimate efforts to proceed with foreclosure against the Debtor's property, and not for the purpose to achieve any legitimate goal designed by Congress in enacting this more.

Summary: 401 B.R. 500 (2009) In re Sarah E. BAKER, Debtor. THE MATTER before this Court is an Objection filed by the Chapter 7 Trustee to the claims of exemption filed by Sarah E. Baker (the Debtor), who is seeking relief under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code (Code). *502 In support of the Debtor's claim of exemption, the Debtor has provided this Court with four letters from the Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, However, the Debtor's Keogh plan appears to be a profit sharing plan in more.

Summary: 86 B.R. 254 (1988) In re CARLTON FRUIT COMPANY, Debtor. According to the Affidavit submitted by James P. Carlton, President of Carlton Fruit Company, in support of a request for preliminary and permanent injunction, his license has been routinely approved every year since 1976 and the range of the bonds during the same period was between $32,000 and $80,000 but never in the past eleven years was Carlton ever required to post the maximum bond allowable by law nor was it ever required to purchase more.

Summary: 416 B.R. 801 (2009) In re ELECTRIC MACHINERY ENTERPRISES, INC., Debtor. Electric Machinery Enterprises, Inc., Plaintiff, v. Hunt Construction Group, Inc., The Clark Construction Group, Inc., and Construct Two Construction Managers, Inc., individually and as joint venturers trading as Hunt/Clark/Construct Two, a Joint Venture, Defendants. August 28, 2009. The dispute between the Defendants in this case, acting as the construction manager in charge of the Orange County Convention Center, Phase V more.

Summary: 137 B.R. 530 (1992) In re ROYSTER COMPANY, et al., Debtor. THIS IS a Chapter 11 case, and the matter under consideration is a Motion filed by General American Transportation Corporation (GATX) seeking a deadline for Royster Company (Debtor), a fertilizer manufacturer and distributor currently attempting to achieve a reorganization of its financial affairs under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code, to assume or reject a Car Service Contract between GATX and the Debtor.

Summary: 73 B.R. 1 (1987) In the Matter of INTERSTATE MARKINGS, INC., Debtor. The basis of the claim is the alleged breach of a certain contract by Interstate Markings, Inc., the Debtor (Debtor) referred to as "Subcontract No. 871-14 for work on the Ehrenberg-Phoenix Expressway, Interstate-10". Inasmuch as Nevada was unable to furnish the required payment and performance bond, BBB contacted the Debtor in order to obtain the services of the Debtor in conjunction with the performance of the subcontract.

Summary: 276 B.R. 683 (2002) In re Arlin L. YOUNG and Betty L. Young, Debtors. The debtors in this case are Arlin and Betty Young (Debtors). The narrow issue before this Court is whether or not the Debtors are entitled to claim Florida exemptions in any real or personal property claimed as exempt on their Schedule "C" as a result of the allegation that the Debtors were (i) not domiciled in the State of Florida as of the date of the filing of the Petition or for a longer portion of the 180 days prior to more.