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Summary: 23 B.R. 939 (1982) In the Matter of BEECHWOOD MEDICENTER OF FLINT, INC., a Michigan Corporation, Debtor. Alexander Steinmetz, Trustee, hereinafter trustee, instituted suit in this court against John Sorokin, CPA, and chief executive officer and president of Beechwood Medicenter of Flint, Inc., to recover certain sums of money paid to Mr. Sorokin, hereinafter defendant. The Bease account was created to prevent creditors from attaching Beechwood funds by garnishment, to protect the Beechwood more.

Summary: 466 B.R. 392 (2012) In re TRISTAR FIRE PROTECTION, INC., Debtor. Among other things, the objection states that Local 704 holds an administrative expense claim arising out of certain alleged unfair labor practices by the Debtor that occurred after the Debtor filed its Chapter 11 case. Because the Debtor does not believe that Local 704 holds an administrative expense claim, the Debtor requests that the Court deny Local 704's motion and overrule its objection to the Debtor's plan. Further, the more.

Summary: 402 B.R. 217 (2009) In re PLASTECH ENGINEERED PRODUCTS, INC., et al.[1], Debtors. Introduction On January 23, 2009, International Products Warehouse, LLC ("IPW") filed a third amended request for payment of an administrative expense under §§ 503(b) and 365(d)(3) of the Bankruptcy Code (docket entry # 4375). IPW's motion was supported by an affidavit of Sam Loeb ("Loeb") filed on January 23, 2009 together with an amended affidavit of Loeb filed on March 2, 2009. See In re Phar-Mor, Inc., 290 more.

Summary: 405 B.R. 830 (2008) In re NM HOLDINGS COMPANY, LLC, et al., Debtors. Stuart A. Gold, Trustee, Plaintiff, v. Deloitte & Touche, LLP, Defendant. October 16, 2008. *834 Charles D. Bullock, Stevenson & Bullock, P.L.C., Southfield, MI, Erin Lindsay Toomey, Detroit, MI, Judy A. O'Neill, Detroit, MI, Julie Beth Teicher, Southfield, MI, for Debtors. [1] The trustee claims that Deloitte committed malpractice in its pre-petition work as the Debtors' independent auditor; that Deloitte aided and abetted more.

Summary: 51 B.R. 184 (1985) In re Roger Marvin WHITBY, Debtor. On October 3, 1984, Union Indemnity filed a complaint against Roger Marvin Whitby in the Wayne County Circuit Court, alleging that Whitby was negligent in causing the fire.

Summary: 366 B.R. 758 (2007) In re Mark Raymond ZAPORSKI, Debtor. I. Introduction On August 24, 2006, Mark Zaporski filed this chapter 7 case. According to his schedules, Zaporski had the following assets at the time of filing: Condominium $155,000 401(k) 128,229 "Cash and carry pension" 102,500 Vehicles and miscellaneous personal property 18,807 more.

Summary: 454 B.R. 444 (2011) In the matter of William R. LEONARD and Carmen U. Leonard, Debtors. The Debtors in this case, William Leonard and Carmen Leonard, filed their joint Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition on November 17, 2008. Amount 05-08-08 6959 $ 400.00 08-18-08 7012 $11,084.00 10-30-08 7064 $10,000.00 11-02-08 7061 $ 43.00 __________ Total $ more.

Summary: 23 B.R. 236 (1982) In the Matter of Erwin M. HAWLEY and Shirley A. Hawley, Debtors. Erwin M. HAWLEY and Shirley A. Hawley, Plaintiffs, v. UNITED STATES of America Social Security Administration Bureau of Disability Insurance, Defendant. Erwin M. Hawley and Shirley A. Hawley filed a Voluntary Petition under Chapter 7 of Title 11 of the United States Code on April 9, 1980.

Summary: 13 B.R. 485 (1981) In the Matter of Mitchell MIDDLETON and Carmen Middleton, Debtors. The facts have been stipulated, and are as follows: On June 1, 1978, Mitchell Middleton and Carmen Middleton (the "debtors") purchased a living room and dining room set from Gardner White Furniture ("Gardner White") for $1,260.00.

Summary: 22 B.R. 270 (1982) In the Matter of Arnold SLUTZKY, Debtor. In the Matter of Edward M. RADER, Debtor. Sol LUFT and Matthew Borovoy, Plaintiffs, v. Arnold SLUTZKY, Stewart Frank, and Edward M. Rader, Defendants. Section 523(a)(2)(A) reads, in part, as follows: "(a) A discharge under section 727, 1141, or 1328(b) of this title does not discharge an individual debtor from any debt — * * * * * * (2) for obtaining money, property, services, or an extension, renewal, or refinance of credit, by — (A) more.

Summary: 128 B.R. 526 (1991) In re Mark MORALEZ, Debtor. The debtor's former spouse, Debra A. Moralez, has filed a motion to lift the stay so that she can file a nondischargeability action against the debtor under 11 U.S.C. § 523(a)(5) in state court. D.Ohio 1985); In re Gatke Corp., 117 B.R. 406 (Bankr.N.D.Ind.1989); In re Salisbury, 123 B.R. 913 (S.D.Ala.1990); In re Parkinson, *528 102 B.R. 141 (Bankr.C.D.Ill.1988); In re Todd Shipyards Corp., 92 B.R. 600 (Bankr.D.N.J.1988); In re Bible, 110 B.R. more.

Summary: 67 B.R. 825 (1986) In re Henry T. MANUEL, Debtor. I. Marion F. Goforth, a creditor, has filed a motion for reconsideration of an order denying his motion to extend the time within which to object to the discharge of the debtor, Henry T. Manuel. See, e.g., Allegheny International Credit Corp. v. Bowman, 800 F.2d 520 (5th Cir.1986); European-American Bank v. Hill, 48 B.R. 323 (D.C.N.D.Ga.1985); In re McDowell, 57 B.R. 310 (Bankr.M.D.Pa.1986); In re Rea, 57 B.R. 834 (Bankr.D.D.C.1985); In re more.

Summary: 44 B.R. 98 (1984) In re BOUFSKO, INC. d/b/a Petko's Family Restaurant & Abernathy's, Debtor. The issues in this case are as follows: (1) Do the plaintiffs have a validly perfected security interest in the tangible assets of the restaurant sustainable against the trustee in bankruptcy? On the theory that state law prohibits the taking of a security interest in a liquor license, and therefore holding that one may not lawfully obtain such a security interest in Michigan are the following cases: In more.

Summary: 170 B.R. 596 (1994) In re Harold George KURTZ, Debtor. Jeanette MONTGOMERY, Plaintiff, v. Harold George KURTZ, Defendant. Background and Facts On June 23, 1988, Jeanette Montgomery ("Plaintiff") obtained a default judgment against Harold George Kurtz ("Debtor" or "Defendant") in the amount of $34,377.00 in the 46th District Court for the State of Michigan. Law and Discussion The primary issue in this case concerns whether a state court default judgment qualifies as "actually litigated" for more.

Summary: 246 B.R. 540 (2000) In re Vergil Jeremy SMITH, Debtor. After a hearing on the Trustee's objections to Debtor's exemptions, the Trustee submitted to the Court for entry a proposed order ("order") sustaining in part his objections, and permitting him to administer property owned by Debtor and Debtor's spouse as tenants by the entireties to satisfy their joint debt of approximately $3,400 to Bank of America. I. Facts Debtor filed a Chapter 7 petition and schedules on April 8, 1999 and subsequently more.

Summary: 26 B.R. 869 (1983) In the Matter of William E. McCORMICK, a/k/a William Edward McCormick, a/k/a Ed McCormick, Debtor. MICHIGAN NATIONAL BANK OF DETROIT, a national banking association, Plaintiff, v. William E. McCORMICK, Sally McCormick, Librio L. Settipani and Miriam Settipani, Defendants. In 1974, William E. McCormick, the debtor, was vice president and 50% shareholder of Mariner Yacht Sales. On June 17, 1982, MNBD filed an adversary complaint objecting to discharge and for relief from stay more.

Summary: 230 B.R. 815 (1995) In re THOMPSON BOAT CO., Debtor. INTRODUCTION On October 13, 1989, Thompson Boat Co. and ITT Commercial Finance Corp. entered into an agreement entitled "Floor Plan Repurchase Agreement." In this addendum, Thompson agreed to hold ITT harmless from any loss that ITT incurred in connection with the extension of financing to a dealership pursuant to the Floor Plan Repurchase Agreement. As security for the performance of this and Thompson's other obligations under the terms of more.

Summary: 141 B.R. 126 (1992) In the Matter of Edward TOTI, Debtor. Edward TOTI, Plaintiff, v. UNITED STATES of America, Defendant. I. FACTUAL BACKGROUND The debtor Edward W. Toti ("Toti") is a self-employed independent insurance agent. In 1981, the United States ("Government") indicted Toti on three (3) counts for failure to file federal income tax returns for the years 1974, 1975 and 1976. On March 28, 1990, Toti filed an adversary proceeding[1] to determine the dischargeability of tax obligations for more.

Summary: 218 B.R. 382 (1998) In re Daniel Thomas MADAR, Debtors. WESTFIELD INSURANCE COMPANIES, a Michigan corporation, Subrogee of W.A.P., Inc., William A. Parks and Parks Realtors and Cincinnati Insurance Companies, Subrogee of Samantha Decker d/b/a Village Hair Parlor, Plaintiffs, v. Dr. Daniel MADAR, Defendant. Introduction In the fall of 1995, Daniel Madar set fire to his chiropractic office. On April 10, 1997, the insurers filed an action under 11 U.S.C. § 523(a)(6) against Madar, alleging more more.

Summary: 304 B.R. 751 (2004) In re David L. HARRIS and, Dawn A. Harris, Debtors. This case came before the Court on the objections filed by two secured creditors, Monroe County Community Credit Union ["Monroe"] and Ford Motor Credit Company ["Ford"] to confirmation of Debtors' proposed Chapter 13 plan. Consistent with this district's Chapter 13 model plan, Debtors' Plan specifies the order in which the Chapter 13 Trustee would make distributions to the various classes of creditors, after confirmation. more.