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Summary: 146 B.R. 830 (1992) In re William Gregory JAHNKE. On April 20, 1992, the debtor filed his second and the present chapter 13 case. Warren, 89 B.R. at 93-94, citing In re Gregory, 705 F.2d 1118, 1121 n. 4 (9th Cir.1983).

Summary: 39 B.R. 551 (1984) In re GOLDEN PLAN OF CALIFORNIA, INC., a California corporation, Debtor. In re STATE LOAN SERVICING, INC., a California corporation, Debtor. In re MID-CENTRAL CALIFORNIA, INC., a California corporation, Debtor. INTRODUCTION On February 18, 1982, involuntary petitions were filed against the debtor, Golden Plan of California, Inc. and its three related entities. Golden Plan then assigned its beneficial interest in the deed of trust to Roscoe Technology which in turn assigned more.

Summary: 425 B.R. 556 (2010) In re Paul Dewayne RODERICK and Cynthia Lee Roderick, Debtor(s). *559 Pite, Duncan, LLP, Erin L. Laney, Josephine Salmon, San Diego, CA, for movant Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Inc., as Servicing Agent for Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Paul Dewayne Roderick and Cynthia Lee Roderick, Marysville, CA, debtors, appearing in propria persona. KLEIN, Bankruptcy Judge: Chapter 7 debtors acting in good faith to negotiate a reaffirmation agreement that modifies their mortgage invoke Federal more.

Summary: 448 B.R. 242 (2011) In re Marc Steven BOMARITO and Felicia Nicole Bomarito, Debtors. *244 Thomas H. Armstrong, Esq., appeared on behalf of the debtors, Marc and Felicia Bomarito. The debtors, Marc and Felicia Bomarito (the "Debtors") contend that the UST failed to diligently complete his investigation of the case within the allotted 60 days, that there is no cause for extending the 60-day deadline, and that the Dismissal Motion is untimely. The Debtor, Marc Bomarito, owns and operates an more.

Summary: 138 B.R. 602 (1992) In re Robert & Betty DODGE, Debtors. SHP points out that the Debtor's Declaration of Homestead, which was signed by both Debtors, was notarized in Monterey County, that the return address on the Declaration was an apartment in Salinas, California, and that both Debtors were served with SHP's state court complaint at that apartment in Salinas on November 30, 1988. These facts, SHP argues, show that the Debtors did not meet the residency requirements for a declared homestead more.

Summary: 415 B.R. 756 (2009) In re Kenneth HARRIS, Susan Harris, Debtors. The Trustee objects to confirmation (the "Objection") on the grounds that the Plan does not provide for all of the Debtors' projected disposable income to be applied to make payments to unsecured creditors in compliance with 11 U.S.C. § 1325(b)(1)(B).[1] Specifically, the Trustee objects because the Debtors deducted $650 per month on line 40 of their Chapter 13 Statement of Current Monthly Income and Calculation of Commitment more.

Summary: 371 B.R. 446 (2007) In re RUNNING HORSE, L.L.C., Debtor. *447 *448 Riley C. Walter, Esq., of Walter Law Group, appeared on behalf of debtor, Running Horse, L.L.C. (the "Debtor"). In March 2007,[2] ownership of the Debtor was acquired by Hole-in-One Management and Development, LLC ("Hole-in-One"), an entity controlled by Richard Evans ("Evans"), a creditor of the Debtor. Pascuzzi states in support of the Application: Knowledge of all of these aspects of law and real estate are necessary to more.

Summary: 179 B.R. 909 (1995) In re William SIVERLING and Linda Siverling, Debtors. Chapter 13 Debtors William and Linda Siverling object to a claim made by the Internal Revenue Service (hereinafter the "Service") on grounds that the Service failed to assess Debtors' tax liability within the applicable limitations period. BACKGROUND On November 5, 1992, Debtors William and Linda Siverling entered into a "Closing Agreement" with the Service concerning tax liabilities for years 1983-1989, which stemmed more.

Summary: 317 B.R. 144 (2004) IN re GOLDEN STATE CAPITAL CORP., Debtor. Golden state capital corp. (the "Debtor") is not represented by an attorney and did not respond to the Motion.[3] The County withdrew that sale when the tax Collector received a "notice of automatic Stay" for the bankruptcy of western nevada Equipment, inc. aka golden state Capital corp. filed in the northern district Of california. in mid-february 2000, Mendrin delivered a "notice of automatic Stay" indicating that casa de robles more.

Summary: 135 B.R. 380 (1991) In re Bill J. EADS and Patsy Eads, Debtors. Robert HAWKINS, Chapter 7 Trustee, Plaintiff, v. Bill J. EADS, individually and as successor or representative of Patsy Eads, deceased; Don Bricker Construction, Inc., a California Corporation; Oakhurst Meadows Estates, a California limited partnership; and Don Bricker, individually, Defendants. David Ray Jenkins, David Silva (argued), Lang, Richert & Patch, Fresno, Cal., for Bill J. Eads and successor of Patsy Eads. MEMORANDUM more.

Summary: 134 B.R. 408 (1991) In re Robert L. PERKINS, and Dorothy D. Perkins, Debtors. The IRS appeared by and through G. Patrick Jennings, trial attorney, tax division, Washington, D.C. FACTS At the commencement of Robert and Dorothy Perkins' Chapter 13 case, Mr. Perkins was 52 years old and had a vested right to a defined benefit pension provided in connection with some 20 years working as a union plumber. The Perkins do not dispute the validity or attachment of the IRS's lien on Mr. Perkins' pension more.

Summary: 95 B.R. 174 (1988) In re COMMERCIAL REPROGRAPHICS, INC., Debtor. WESTAMERICA BANK, N.A., Plaintiff, v. DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS, STATE OF CALIFORNIA; Konica Business Machines U.S.A., Inc., a Nevada Corporation; Gregg A. Eichler, as Trustee in Bankruptcy for the Estate of Commercial Reprographics, Inc., Defendants. These summary judgment motions involve two distinct disputes among three parties arising from their respective pre-bankruptcy dealings with the now-defunct debtor, Commercial more.

Summary: 110 B.R. 461 (1989) In re CAL FARM SUPPLY COMPANY, a California corporation. On July 21, 1987, Cal-Farm Supply Company, a retailer of agricultural products with various outlets throughout this district, filed a chapter 7 petition and on that same date the court appointed Charles R. Whitworth as trustee. [1] The order was denied without prejudice on March 30, 1989 after the court found that the summary of revenue and expenses attached to the motion did not provide any detail of the services more.

Summary: 115 B.R. 252 (1990) In re James F. MALONE, formerly dba Coddington Podiatry Group, Debtor. James F. MALONE, Plaintiff, v. JUDGMENT WACHOVIA SERVICES, INC.; Great Western Savings; U.S. Department of Education, Defendants.

Summary: 213 B.R. 765 (1997) In re Antonio C. ANDRADE and Heidi Andrade, Debtors. W. Scott de Bie, Sheri L. Carello, Law offices of W. Scott de Bie, Sacramento, CA, for Debtors Antonio Andrade and Heidi Andrade. The Chapter 13 Trustee ("Trustee") has filed a "Notice of Intent to Deny Confirmation and Dismiss Case" seeking to deny confirmation of Antonio Andrade and Heidi Andrade's ("Debtors") proposed Chapter 13 plan and dismiss the case.Id.; see also In re Cavanaugh, 175 B.R. 369, 374 (Bankr.D.Idaho more.

Summary: 180 B.R. 263 (1995) In re Walter E. FAZZIO and Elvira V. Fazzio, Debtors. Walter E. FAZZIO and Elvira V. Fazzio, Plaintiffs, v. Jan RARICK, Defendant. *264 *265 *266 John M. O'Donnell, Hefner, Stark & Marois, Sacramento, CA, for plaintiffs Walter E. Fazzio and Elvira V. Fazzio. FACTUAL BACKGROUND Walter E. Fazzio ("Fazzio") was a duck hunter[1]. His executors and the conservators of his wife, Elvira Fazzio, are now the plaintiffs in this adversary proceeding to determine the rights of the more.

Summary: 65 B.R. 719 (1986) In re LeMARQUIS ASSOCIATES, a limited partnership, Debtor. PASATIEMPO PROPERTIES, a general partnership, Pacific Loan Management, a California corporation, Plaintiffs, v. LeMARQUIS ASSOCIATES, a limited partnership, Does One thru Ten, Defendants. FACTS Le Marquis Associates (Le Marquis), a limited partnership, was formed in 1981 in *721 order to purchase an apartment complex located at 935 Johnfer Street [sic] in Sacramento, California. Contra In re Dominguez, 51 B.R. 171, more.

Summary: 210 B.R. 168 (1997) In re SIERRA-CAL, a Nevada Corporation, dba Sierra-Cal Lodge, Debtor. OPINION CHRISTOPHER M. KLEIN, Bankruptcy Judge: The issue, which appears to be a question of first impression, is whether in plan confirmation proceedings the mandatory disallowance of certain claims pursuant to 11 U.S.C. § 502(d) should be imposed when calculating the hypothetical chapter 7 liquidation required by the "best interests" test. FACTS Sierra-Cal is a debtor in possession that operated a hotel ( more.