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Summary: 140 B.R. 256 (1991) In re Alfred E. JANZ and Irene Janz, Debtors. Phillip D. ARMSTRONG, Trustee of the Estates of Alfred E. Janz and Irene Janz, Plaintiff, v. Donald R. JANZ and Beverly Janz, Defendants. [3] Accordingly, and for the reasons stated IT IS ORDERED that the conveyance evidenced by the warranty deed between Alfred Janz and Irene C. Janz, grantors, and Donald R. Janz and Beverly Janz, grantees, and recorded as document number *260 631080 in the Office of the Register of Deeds for more.

Summary: 224 B.R. 917 (1998) In re Shawn NOVOTNY, Debtor. The instant matter arises from an Adversary Proceeding commenced by the plaintiffs, Craig and Pat Dennis, by Complaint filed on June 15, 1998, by which they seek to have a debt in excess of $100,000.00, stemming from a civil judgment entered in their favor in the District Court for Stark County, State of North Dakota, for the wrongful death of their daughter, declared nondischargeable in the bankruptcy case of the debtor-defendant, Shawn Novotny, more.

Summary: 18 B.R. 274 (1982) In re Rodney A. SCHNEIDER and Debra A. Schneider, Debtors. Rodney A. SCHNEIDER and Debra A. Schneider, Plaintiffs, v. BENEFICIAL FINANCE COMPANY OF NORTH DAKOTA, Defendant. In SCHNEIDER the Debtors gave Beneficial a security interest in household goods prior to November 6, 1978, the enactment date of the Bankruptcy Reform Act.

Summary: 49 B.R. 498 (1985) In re MID-VALLEY AGGREGATES, INC., Debtor. The Debtor, Mid-Valley Aggregates, Inc., filed for relief under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code on February 19, 1985. While no formal resistance to the Motion was filed, Bradley E. Bagge, President of Mid-Valley, filed with the Court on May 6, 1985, an Affidavit on behalf of the Debtor in dispute of Norwest Bank Fargo's Motion for dismissal.

Summary: 36 B.R. 246 (1984) In re David C. WIGHTMAN, Debtor. REITEN EQUIPMENT, INC., a corporation; and Donald Reiten, Plaintiffs, v. David C. WIGHTMAN, Defendant. This adversary proceeding was commenced by the Plaintiffs, Reiten Equipment, Inc. ("REITEN, INC.") and Donald Reiten ("REITEN") on September 22, 1981, which in three counts seeks to have various debts declared non-dischargeable under section *248 523(a)(2), 523(a)(4) and 523(a)(6) of the Code for the reason that said debts arose by virtue of more.

Summary: 77 B.R. 722 (1987) In re Albert F. HANSEN and Dianna Hansen, d/b/a Hansen Land and Cattle Co., a farm partnership, Debtors. The matters before the court are confirmation of the Debtors Amended Plan Under Chapter 12 (Amended Plan) filed by Albert and Dianna Hansen (Debtors), on July 13, 1987, and to consider a Motion For Relief From Stay filed by the State Bank of Towner (Bank) on April 17, 1985. The North Dakota State Land Department (Land Dept.) as of July 9, 1987, is owed $65,771.25 secured more.

Summary: 45 B.R. 482 (1984) In re Freddie MUTSCHLER and Marlys Mutschler, d/b/a Mutschler Farms, Debtors. MANAGEMENT JETS INTERNATIONAL, INC. and C.I.T. Corporation, Plaintiffs, v. Freddie MUTSCHLER and Marlys Mutschler, Defendants. By their Complaint, it is alleged that there were material misrepresentations and omissions in a financial statement given to them by the Debtor, Freddie Mutschler (MUTSCHLER), and in reliance thereon CIT was induced to loan Mutschler $1,065,625.00 towards the purchase of a more.

Summary: 315 B.R. 511 (2004) In re Kelly GLATT, Debtor. By Complaint filed February 9, 2004, Plaintiff Legendary Loan Link, LLP initiated this adversary proceeding seeking determinations that Debtor/Defendant Kelly Glatt is not entitled to a discharge pursuant to 11 U.S.C. § 727(a)(2) and (5) and that an outstanding debt owed by the Debtor to Legendary Loan Link in the amount of $8,659.64 is nondischargeable pursuant to 11 U.S.C. § 523(a)(2), (4) and (6). The Debtor and Sukut signed an invoice on April more.

Summary: 78 B.R. 986 (1987) In re Ardell PTACEK and Lavonne Ptacek, Debtors. The matter before the court is an Amended Motion To Avoid Lien Impairing Debtors' Exemptions filed by the Debtors, Ardell and Lavonne Ptacek, on July 31, 1987. The Debtors filed their Chapter 12 petition on May 13, 1987. See In re Allred, 45 B.R. 676, 677-78 (Bankr.E.D.N.C.1985) (citing 27 cases applying section 522(f) to Chapter 13). FmHA argues that its lien in the Debtors' property does not impair the Debtors' exemptions more.

Summary: 292 B.R. 403 (2003) In re Rita Marie MURPHY, Debtor. On October 24, 2002, Debtor Rita Marie Murphy filed a voluntary chapter 7 bankruptcy petition. The Debtor introduced the following into evidence regarding her continuing education at UW-La Crosse: a letter written by the principal of Minot High School's Central Campus to UW-La Crosse supporting the Debtor's application for admission; a letter the Debtor wrote to Minot Public Schools requesting educational leave to attend UW-La Crosse; and a more.

Summary: 314 B.R. 790 (2004) In re Jeremy M. REMILY, Debtor. Kip M. Kaler as Bankruptcy Trustee, Plaintiff, v. Jeremy Remily, Dakota Valu, Inc. and Dakota Valu Express Inc., Defendants. This adversary proceeding arises by Complaint filed July 17, 2003, by Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee Kip M. Kaler seeking a determination that Debtor Jeremy M. Remily's conversion of notes payable against Defendants Dakota Value, Inc., and Dakota Valu Express Inc. to capital contributions constitutes a fraudulent transfer more.

Summary: 63 B.R. 250 (1986) In re Darwin FANDRICH d/b/a Farm Services, Co., Debtor. Darwin FANDRICH, Plaintiff, v. D & S HYDRAULICS CO., Mike D. Moser, Brian Janke; Midwest Industrial Equipment Company; Security State Bank; Sokota Hybrid Producers; and Farmers Union Oil Company of Wishek, Defendants. This matter is before the court on a complaint filed by the debtor, Darwin Fandrich, for an order allowing him to transfer certain real property to his former wife, free and clear of liens. The issue in the more.

Summary: 109 B.R. 938 (1990) In re Scott OSTERBERG, Debtor. Julie STREICH, Plaintiff, v. Scott OSTERBERG, Defendant. This adversary proceeding was commenced by Complaint filed June 7, 1989, by which the plaintiff, Julie Streich, seeks a determination that divorce decree provisions by which the defendant/Debtor, Scott Osterberg, would remain responsible for certain marital obligations are in the nature of alimony and support and thus nondischargeable under section 523(a)(5) of the United States more.

Summary: 238 B.R. 472 (1999) In re Paul E. HENRY, Debtor. Before the Court is a motion by the Defendant/Debtor, Paul E. Henry, seeking a partial default judgment on allegations of debt dischargeability as set forth in his counterclaim filed June 30, 1999.

Summary: 49 B.R. 733 (1985) In re John J. ALEXANDER and Norma L. Alexander, Debtors. UNITED STATES of America, Plaintiff, v. FARMERS STATE BANK OF LEED, NORTH DAKOTA; and Phillip D. Armstrong, Trustee of the Estates of John J. Alexander and Norma L. Alexander, Defendants. By Complaint filed March 5, 1985, the Plaintiff, United States of America, acting through the Farmers Home Administration (FHA), commenced suit against the Bank seeking the Bankruptcy Court's determination regarding competing more.

Summary: 66 B.R. 46 (1986) In re Walter W. WEBSTER and Billie J. Webster, Debtors. The matter before the court is a motion by the debtors, Walter and Billie Webster (Debtors), for confirmation of their First Amended Plan of Reorganization pursuant to section 1129(b)(1) of the Bankruptcy Code. The Debtors' initial plan of reorganization, filed January 16, 1986, was objected to by numerous creditors including Farmers Home Administration (FmHA) and was not confirmed.

Summary: 183 B.R. 862 (1995) In re Wayne and Lavonna WRUCK, Debtors. The matter before the court arises by motions filed by the debtors, Wayne & Lavonna Wruck, on April 24 and May 25, 1995, pursuant to 11 U.S.C. § 1229(a). See, e.g., In re Oster, 152 B.R. 960 (Bankr.D.N.D.1993); In re Wagner, 150 B.R. 753 (Bankr.D.N.D.1993); In re Rott, 73 B.R. 366 (Bankr.D.N.D.1987) (holding that the trustee's fees must be provided in connection with all payments to modified claimholders during the life of the plan more.

Summary: 328 B.R. 147 (2005) In re: SUN VALLEY PRODUCTS, INC., Debtor. Kip M. Kaler, the Bankruptcy Trustee in this case, initiated this adversary proceeding by Complaint filed October 28, 2004, seeking a determination that the sale of Debtor Sun Valley Products, Inc.'s assets to Defendant Red River Commodities, Inc. was a fraudulent transfer pursuant to 11 U.S.C. § 548 and N.D.C.C. § 13-02.1-04. Doug Cossette did not list Sun Valley's assets for sale with a broker or formally approach each of the other more.

Summary: 54 B.R. 710 (1985) In re Philip Adam MILLER and Carlotta Florence Miller, Debtors. The Debtor, Philip Adam Miller, and an individual named Robert R. Tompkins in 1981 formed a construction company under the name P & B Construction, Inc. The Stipulations provide that The Creditor will dismiss the law suit as to Phil Miller one year from the date of execution conditioned upon certain payments being made and that, in the event Miller fails to fully comply with the terms of the agreement, The more.

Summary: 113 B.R. 561 (1990) In re Brian M. CHAPMAN and Diane J. Chapman, Debtors. Phillip D. ARMSTRONG, Trustee of the Estate of Brian M. Chapman and Diane J. Chapman, Plaintiff, v. METROPOLITAN FEDERAL BANK, MINOT, NORTH DAKOTA, Defendant. The Bank accepted possession, advising the Debtor by letter that as holder of a security interest that after a seven day redemption period the trailer would be sold with the Debtors being held liable for any deficiency. Section 35-01-05.1 of the North Dakota Century more.