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Summary: 67 B.R. 412 (1986) In re WATERVILLE TIMESHARE GROUP, Debtor. Following the conclusion of the hearing on November 4, 1986 on the adequacy of the disclosure statement filed by the Chapter 11 trustee with regard to the first pending plan of reorganization in this case — being a "Joint Plan" submitted by the trustee, the Creditors' Committee, and Columbia University — certain general partners of the above-named debtor partnership, i.e., *413 MHAC New Hampshire, Inc., and Ludtke Associates, Inc., more.

Summary: 137 B.R. 560 (1992) In re John B. HAZLETON, Jr., Debtor. *561 John P. Rab, Manchester, N.H., for debtor John B. Hazleton, Jr. The issue for decision is whether the debtor retains any interest, state or Federal, legal or equitable, in the foreclosed property thereby requiring the movant to obtain relief from the automatic stay in order to record the foreclosure deed. The debtor did not exercise his right under § 479:18 prior to the foreclosure sale and the majority of cases deciding this issue more.

Summary: 325 B.R. 498 (2005) In re Peter and Beverly SMITH, Debtors. Two creditors, Plymouth Village Water & Sewage District (the "District") and the State of New Hampshire (the "State"), support the Motion claiming the debts owed to them are liquidated and therefore disqualify the Debtors from seeking relief under chapter 13. Although the Debtors listed an executory contract for the lease of an automobile in schedule G, they did not list a corresponding unsecured debt obligation in schedule F. Finally, more.

Summary: 98 B.R. 627 (1989) In re Anil K. MUKERJEE, Debtor. Robert G. GORDON and Robert D. Coli, Plaintiffs, v. Anil K. MUKERJEE, Defendant. Joseph C. Krolikowski, Nashua, N.H., for Robert Coli, M.D. Victor L. Hatem, North Anodver, Mass., for Anil K. Mukerjee. This chapter 7 case came before the court for trial upon the above-captioned adversary proceeding on July 18, 1988 regarding an Amended Complaint Objecting to Discharge filed by Robert L. Gordon and Robert D. Coli, creditors, and the Answer more.

Summary: 378 B.R. 27 (2007) 2007 BNH 040 In re Laura PERROTTA, Debtor. FACTS Laura Perrotta (the "Debtor") filed a voluntary petition under chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code on July 31, 2007. The UST's Rule 2004 request filed on September 17, 2007, sought the production of documents within eleven days, by September 29, 2007, and an examination of the Debtor within eighteen days, on October 5, 2007, in order to satisfy an October 15, 2007 deadline under § 704(b)(2).

Summary: 57 B.R. 580 (1986) In re ELMENDORF BOARD CORPORATION, Debtor. 2d 891, (1984); Wildman v. Lerner Stores Corporation, 771 F.2d 605 (1st Cir.1985); Boston & Maine Corp. v. Sheehan, 778 F.2d 890 (1st Cir.1985); Boston & Maine Corp. v. Moore, 776 F.2d 2, (1st Cir.1985). Thereafter *582 the debtor on March 22, 1984 consented to the bankruptcy filing and filed its own voluntary Chapter 11 petition. The debtor corporation was engaged in the production of oriented strandboard, a new product developed more.

Summary: 354 B.R. 583 (2006) In re Thomas NEAL and Peggy A. Neal, Debtors. Thomas Neal and Peggy A. Neal, Plaintiffs v. New Hampshire Higher Education Assistance Foundation, Defendant. Mr. Neal On July 6, 2006, the Court approved a stipulation between Mr. Neal and the United States Department of Education *587 (the "DOE") wherein the DOE granted Mr. Neal a conditional discharge of his student loan debt, "having found Mr. Neal disabled as of June 24, 2005." The DOE's discharge resulted in the dismissal more.

Summary: 159 B.R. 86 (1993) In re Joni Adele Bush BARROWS, Debtor. Joni Adele Bush BARROWS, Plaintiff, v. ILLINOIS STUDENT ASSISTANCE COMMISSION, Student Loan Marketing Association, United States Department of Health and Human Services, James F. Patton, in his official capacity as Director, Health Care Administrative Sanctions, Department of Health and Human Services, Defendants.Terrie Harman, Harman Law Offices, Portsmouth, NH, for Joni Adele Bush Barrows.

Summary: 363 B.R. 29 (2007) 2007 BNH 013 In re RCK MODULAR HOMES SYSTEMS, INC., Debtor. February 9, 2007. The complaints are brought by Timothy P. Smith, who is the Chapter 7 trustee in the case of Richard C. Kostandin ("Kostandin" or "Debtor"), and also the Chapter 7 trustee in the case of RCK Modular Homes Systems, Inc. ("RCK" or "Debtor").

Summary: 169 B.R. 267 (1994) In re David FLAHERTY, Debtor. The Court has before it a "Motion to Determine Tax Liability to the I.R.S." filed by the trustee in the above captioned proceeding, pursuant to 11 U.S.C. § 505(b), requesting the Court to discharge the trustee, the debtor and any successor to the debtor from any further administrative tax liabilities arising from the sale of real property by the trustee and by virtue of the trustee's earning of interest on his deposited funds in this case. more.

Summary: 46 B.R. 156 (1985) In re Denis DUBUQUE, Debtor. Prior to filing his Chapter 7 bankruptcy Petition on February 10, 1984, the debtor Denis Dubuque was an employee of the plaintiff and absconded with over $4,000.00 from his place of employment, leaving the State of New Hampshire for a time.

Summary: 55 B.R. 970 (1985) In re Donald P. GELLERT, Debtor. VALE MILLS CORPORATION, Movant, v. Donald P. GELLERT, Debtor/Respondent, Nancy H. Michels, Trustee/Respondent. This case was heard before the court on the motion by Vale Mills Corporation for an order lifting the automatic stay provided by § 362 of the Bankruptcy Code, to permit the movant to proceed with a pending foreclosure action in the state court of its second and third mortgages on this Chapter 13 debtor's residential property. In more.

Summary: 175 B.R. 144 (1994) In re Mary E. DeMAGGIO, Debtor. *145 Raymond J. DiLucci, Concord, NH, for debtor Mary E. DeMaggio. Mary DeMaggio filed for chapter 13 bankruptcy relief on April 10, 1992. Under applicable state statutes the Town held valid lien claims against the debtor's assets as of the filing date and the parties agree that the Town is oversecured with regard to these lien claims. The debtor's chapter 13 plan proposes to pay the full amount of the Town of Northwood's claim, with more.

Summary: 370 B.R. 26 (2007) In re Ann M. COHEN, Debtor. Rivers Edge Condominium Homeowners Association, Plaintiff, v. Ann M. Cohen, Defendant. April 26, 2007. Rivers Edge Condominium Homeowners Association (the "Plaintiff") is a judgment creditor of the Debtor, Ann M. Cohen, (the "Defendant"). Section 523(a)(2)(A) provides: (a) A discharge under section 727 . . . of this title does not discharge an individual debtor from any debt — (2) for money, property, services, or an extension, renewal, or more.

Summary: 88 B.R. 546 (1988) In re PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE, Debtor. Counsel, New York City, for Public Service of New Hampshire. The movants are: (1) the State of New Hampshire through its Attorney General; (2) the State of Connecticut through its Attorney General, and Connecticut's Department of Public Utility Control (DPUC); (3) the Office of the Consumer Advocate of the State of New Hampshire (Consumer Advocate); (4) the Business and Industry Association of New Hampshire (BIA); and (5) more.

Summary: 94 B.R. 254 (1988) In re PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE, Debtor. On December 17, 1988, the State of New Hampshire hosted a settlement conference in Manchester, New Hampshire attended by over 40 persons representing the State of New Hampshire, the Debtor, the Unsecured Creditors' Committee, Third Mortgage Bond Holders and the Equity Committee.

Summary: 318 B.R. 5 (2004) In re Stanley W. JACKSON, Debtor. Victor Dahar, Chapter 7 Trustee, Plaintiff, v. Stanley W. Jackson, individually, and Susan W. Jackson, individually and as Trustee of SWJ Trust I and SWJ Trust II, and Stanley W. Jackson, Jr., Defendants. Thomas J. Pappas, Esq., Wiggin & Nourie, P.A., Manchester, NH, for Defendants Susan W. Jackson, Individually and as Trustee of SWJ Trust I and SWJ Trust II and Stanley W. Jackson, Jr. John R. Michels, Esq., Michels & Michels, Londonderry, NH, more.

Summary: 383 B.R. 221 (2008) 2008 BNH 001 In re Tina Mae PAGEAU, Debtor. The Court held a further hearing on January 8, 2008, on the remaining issue under § 707(b)(2), i.e., whether the Debtor has rebutted the presumption of abuse by establishing special circumstances warranting the inclusion of the Debtor's *224 monthly student loan obligation of $170.00 (the "Student Loan") listed on line 56 of Form B22A (the "Means Test Form") as an additional expense for which there is no reasonable alternative. A. more.

Summary: 260 B.R. 66 (2001) In re Gervais H. VAILLANCOURT d/b/a Liberty Plumbing & Heating Co. and Polly D. Vaillancourt, Debtors. Gervais H. Vaillancourt d/b/a Liberty Plumbing & Heating Co., Movant, v. I. INTRODUCTION The Court has before it a motion filed by Gervais H. Vaillancourt d/b/a Liberty Plumbing & Heating Co. (the "Debtor") seeking to avoid pursuant to 11 U.S.C. § 522(f) an attachment lien held by The Granite Group f/k/a Capitol Plumbing & Heating Supply Co., Inc. ("Granite Group") as more.