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Citation: 209 B.R. 499 | Docket No.: 19-80171
Status: Published | Citing: 6
Summary: 209 B.R. 499 (1997) In the Matter of Merlyn L. JOHNSON, Debtor. Pueblo's inadvertent listing and levy upon the two vehicles owned by debtor, Merlyn L. Johnson, was due to the fact that the debtor listed these vehicles in his bankruptcy schedules as being owned by the Corporation.

Citation: 18 B.R. 633 | Docket No.: 14-82240
Status: Published | Citing: 7
Summary: 18 B.R. 633 (1982) In the Matter of Bruce Dennis SCOVILL, Kathleen Diane Scovill, Debtors. This case came before the court upon the objection to confirmation of the Chapter 13 plan of Bruce and Kathleen Scovill, debtors, by Nebraska Lutheran Credit Union (Credit Union), a secured creditor.

Citation: 63 B.R. 168 | Docket No.: 19-80206
Status: Published | Citing: 10
Summary: 63 B.R. 168 (1986) In the Matter of Harold SCHULZ, Debtor. FARMERS AND MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK, WEST POINT, NEBRASKA, Plaintiff, v. Harold D. SCHULZ and Marilyn Schulz, Defendants. However, the Bank realized that the real estate listed on the financial statement was actually owned in some type of joint or common ownership between the debtor and the debtor's wife. Specifically, the Bank made a determination on a annual basis that if liquidation of the debtor became necessary, the personal more.

Citation: 62 B.R. 115 | Docket No.: 19-80197
Status: Published
Summary: 62 B.R. 115 (1986) In the Matter of Carlton H. NOYES, Debtor. On or before May 1, 1986, the debtor shall pay the Land Bank the amount of the monthly accrued interest, calculated on $258,084.89 for the months of February, March and April of 1986. On June 1, 1986, and on the first day of each month thereafter, the debtor shall make a payment to the Land Bank of the *118 monthly accrued interest for the preceding month.

Citation: 154 B.R. 270 | Docket No.: 19-80175
Status: Published | Citing: 10
Summary: 154 B.R. 270 (1993) In the Matter of Larry and Debra SCHAKE, Debtors. The Debtor, Debra Schake, seeks a determination that the Buffalo County Attorney's *272 Office violated the automatic stay by proceeding on requests to prosecute dishonored checks. When Mr. Wubbenhorst's attempts to collect the amount of the check from Debra Schake were unsuccessful, he sent the dishonored check to the Buffalo County Attorney's Office accompanied by a "Request for Criminal Prosecution on Bogus Check." After more.

Citation: 321 B.R. 259 | Docket No.: 19-80158
Status: Published | Citing: 6
Summary: 321 B.R. 259 (2005) In the Matter of: Charles PETERSON, Debtor(s). This matter arises from the debtor's efforts to deal with a debt of approximately $102,000 for payroll taxes, a priority claim in this case. At the debtor's request, I ordered the IRS to process and consider the debtor's offer in compromise as it would for a taxpayer outside of bankruptcy.

Citation: 83 B.R. 696 | Docket No.: 19-40166
Status: Published | Citing: 18
Summary: 83 B.R. 696 (1988) In the Matter of Benjamin F. MILLESON and Marlene Joyce Milleson, Debtors. THIS MATTER comes before the Court on Debtors' Motion for Confirmation of Chapter 12 Plan (Fil. Debtors, husband and wife, Benjamin and Marlene Milleson filed a Petition under Chapter 12 of the Bankruptcy Code on March 17, 1987. Debtors calculated the interest rate payable under the Plan to the PCA using the formula established in the case of In re Wichmann, 77 B.R. 718 (Bkrtcy.D.Neb.1987), as applied more.

Citation: 317 B.R. 532 | Docket No.: 19-80131-TLS
Status: Published | Citing: 9
Summary: 317 B.R. 532 (2004) In the Matter of Charles R. PETERSON, Debtor. Hearing was held in Lincoln, Nebraska on September 1, 2004, before a United States Bankruptcy Judge for the District of Nebraska, regarding Filing No. 133, Debtor's Second Amended Chapter 13 Plan; Filing No. 134, Objection, filed by the Internal Revenue Service; and Filing No. 136, Objection, filed by Chapter 13 Trustee Kathleen Laughlin. The court further found that 11 U.S.C. § 105(a) provides the statutory authority to a more.

Citation: 3 B.R. 597 | Docket No.: 19-80221
Status: Published | Citing: 20
Summary: 3 B.R. 597 (1980) In the Matter of Earl HARLAND, II, Debtor. In addition, I take judicial notice of Mr. Harland's schedules filed in this proceeding which show his assets to be as follows: cash on hand $20.00 clothes $100.00 pocket watch $25.00 1964 Chevrolet pickup $50.00 _______ TOTAL $195.00 The criteria for affirmation of a Chapter 13 plan more.

Citation: 63 B.R. 140 | Docket No.: 19-40157
Status: Published | Citing: 4
Summary: 63 B.R. 140 (1985) In the Matter of Gregory William STEIN, Denise Marie Stein, Debtors. Debtors filed their joint petition under Chapter 13 on January 25, 1985. The Chapter 13 plan provided, at Paragraph 4, the following information: (4) the following-named secured creditors have a lien on collateral in the possession of the debtors. Opposite each secured creditor's name is the dollar amount of the value the debtors place on the secured creditor's interest in the estate's property. Following more.

Citation: 355 B.R. 783 | Docket No.: 17-41531
Status: Published | Citing: 26
Summary: 355 B.R. 783 (2006) In the Matter of Bradley UHRICH, Debtor. In the Matter of Lisa Tappan, Debtor. As discussed below, Brad Uhrich is entitled to claim a homestead exemption in the jointly owned residence as the "head of family" and the motion to set aside the judgment liens of the Judgment Creditors as to Mr. Uhrich is granted. Section 522(f)(1) of the Bankruptcy Code permits a debtor to avoid a judicial lien on the debtor's interest in property "to the extent that such lien impairs an more.

Citation: 107 B.R. 200 | Docket No.: 14-80143
Status: Published | Citing: 12
Summary: 107 B.R. 200 (1989) In the Matter of Michael KACZMARCZYK and Myrna Kaczmarczyk, Debtors. See In re Harris, 94 B.R. 832 (D.N.J.1989); In re Hougland, 93 B.R. 718 (D.Or.1988); In re Kehm, 90 B.R. 117 (Bkrtcy.E.D.Pa.1988); In re Simmons, 78 B.R. 300 (Bkrtcy.D.Kan.1987); In re Caster, 77 B.R. 8 (Bkrtcy.E.D.Pa.1987); In re Spadel, 28 B.R. 537 (Bkrtcy.E.D.Pa.1983); In re Neal, 10 B.R. 535 (Bkrtcy.S.D.Ohio 1981). See In re Harris, 94 B.R. at 835-36; In re Hougland, 93 B.R. at 722; In re Kehm, 90 B.R. more.

Citation: 169 B.R. 62 | Docket No.: 14-82039
Status: Published | Citing: 4
Summary: 169 B.R. 62 (1994) In the Matter of Roland and Lorna KNOX, Debtors. Before the court is the Trustee's Objection to Debtors' Exemptions and the debtors' Amended Request to be able to receive Exempt Property. I further conclude that this is not an appropriate case in which to impose sanctions against the debtors or debtors' counsel, even though the claimed exemptions are without merit under applicable state law.

Citation: 135 B.R. 375 | Docket No.: 14-80151
Status: Published | Citing: 7
Summary: 135 B.R. 375 (1991) In the Matter of Monte COONROD and Susan Coonrod, Debtors. This case came before the court to consider confirmation of the debtors' proposed Chapter 13 plan. Chapter 13 is advantageous to debtors because they retain all their assets, including non-exempt assets, and make payments to creditors over a period of time during which debtors enjoy the protection afforded by bankruptcy law.

Citation: 161 B.R. 48 | Docket No.: 19-80151
Status: Published | Citing: 8
Summary: 161 B.R. 48 (1993) In the Matter of Norman and Katheryn RUPPRECT, Debtors. The Bank is a creditor of the debtors and holds a claim in the amount of $306,628.05, which is secured by a lien on debtors' real estate located in Gage County, Nebraska. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, that for the period of time between the filing of the Motion for Adequate Protection and the effective date of a confirmed plan, the debtors shall pay Farm Credit Bank monthly payments in an amount equal to monthly interest more.

Citation: 101 B.R. 128 | Docket No.: 19-80210
Status: Published | Citing: 8
Summary: 101 B.R. 128 (1988) In the Matter of Theodore V. OLSON, Debtor. OVERLAND NATIONAL BANK OF GRAND ISLAND, Plaintiff, v. Theodore V. OLSON, et al, Defendant. Evidentiary hearing was held on March 9, 1988, concerning the liability of debtor, Theodore V. Olson, to the United States through the Internal Revenue Service for an assessment pursuant to 26 U.S.C. § 6672 in the amount of $184,220.96. Theodore V. Olson, the debtor, hereinafter referred to as Mr. Olson, was the president and sole shareholder more.

Citation: 87 B.R. 594 | Docket No.: 12-40602
Status: Published | Citing: 19
Summary: 87 B.R. 594 (1988) In the Matter of Burr UNDERWOOD and Jessie Underwood, Debtors. THIS MATTER is before the Court for consideration of confirmation of the debtors' proposed plan of reorganization under Chapter 12 of the Bankruptcy Code. The debtors, Burr and Jessie Underwood, are husband and wife. Under the debtors' plan, the debtors may sell and dispose of the Bank's collateral and use the proceeds. The plan provides for installment payments to the Bank on its secured claim with interest more.

Citation: 18 B.R. 631 | Docket No.: 19-80168
Status: Published | Citing: 3
Summary: 18 B.R. 631 (1982) In the Matter of Randall L. HRBEK, Debtor. The parties have stipulated that on January 25, 1979, Randall Hrbek, the defendant/debtor, purchased a 1979 Ford Bronco and executed a purchase money security agreement later assigned to Associates Financial Services (Associates). Debtor's relative conveyed the vehicle back to debtor and the debtor received Nebraska Title No. 39F-1444e, which likewise did not reflect Associates' lien.

Citation: 63 B.R. 26 | Docket No.: 12-80712
Status: Published | Citing: 2
Summary: 63 B.R. 26 (1986) In the Matter of Leon F. DeBOER and Betty M. DeBoer, Debtors. The evidence presented at the hearing on the motion for relief from the automatic stay is that the debtors-in-possession did not have any equity in the real property on the date that the bankruptcy petition was filed and The Federal Land Bank's debt on the property was undersecured. The debtors-in-possession would assign one-third of the 1986 crop to be grown by the debtors-in-possession on the real property to The more.