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Summary: 446 B.R. 475 (2011) In re James C. MONTGOMERY and Sapora M. Turner-Montgomery, Debtors. David A. Reed, Kansas City, KS, for James C. Montgomery, Sapora M. Turner, Montgomery. The matter before the Court is Debtors' "Objection to Claim # 3-1 of Internal Revenue Service" (hereafter "IRS") which asserts that Debtors' 2001 income tax liability is improperly classified as an unsecured priority claim under 11 U.S.C. § 507(a)(8) and that challenges the interest rate applicable to the secured claim. more.

Summary: 355 B.R. 276 (2006) In re Gerald L. AGNEW and Jill C. Agnew, Debtors. The Debtors, Gerald L. Agnew and Jill C. Agnew, appear by Dennis E. Shay. On October 5, 2005, the Debtors acquired the homestead by an exchange of property with Thelma P. Agnew, the mother of Debtor Gerald L. Agnew. The exchange consisted of the Debtors' receipt of the homestead (a quarter section of agricultural land which includes a farmstead occupied by Debtors for 12 years) in exchange for Gerald's undivided 1/5 interest more.

Summary: 363 B.R. 193 (2007) In re William Jack KECK, Debtor. Felicia S. Turner, United States Trustee,[1] Plaintiff, v. William Jack Keck, Defendant. On February 24, 2005, Marlene Keck issued a $5,500 check from this Kaw Valley account payable to Debtor. On March 15, 2005, and approximately six months before Debtor, filed his bankruptcy petition, Debtor owed $16,076.64 on this line of credit. She contends that Debtor disposed of non-exempt property (cash advances) to increase the value of his exempt more.

Summary: 29 B.R. 542 (1983) In re Johnny Joe FISHER, Judith Martina Fisher, Debtors. In Re Fisher The debtors filed a chapter 13 bankruptcy petition on November 10, 1981. The debtors filed a motion to modify their plan after confirmation on September 27, 1982 and an issue arose with the IRS concerning setoff of tax refunds and the extent of the IRS secured claim. On December *543 7, 1982 the trustee objected to the IRS claim and on January 18, 1983 the Court allowed the claim as an $8,000 secured claim more.

Summary: 117 B.R. 655 (1990) In re Ronald Eugene HIEGEL and Jeanne Lynn Hiegel, Debtors. THOMSON McKINNON SECURITIES, INC., Plaintiff, v. Ronald Eugene HIEGEL and Jeanne Lynn Hiegel, Defendants. This matter comes on before the Court pursuant to the September 13 and 14, 1989, hearing on plaintiff, Thomson McKinnon's Complaint objecting to the defendants Ronald Eugene Hiegel and Jeanne Lynn Hiegel's discharge under § 727 of Title 11 of the United States Code. The debtors, Ronald Eugene Hiegel and Jeanne more.

Summary: 200 B.R. 52 (1996) In re HUDSON OIL COMPANY, INC., Hudson Refining Company, Inc., Hudson Van Oil Company of Kansas City, Inc., Hudson Realty Company, Inc., Hudson Stations, Inc., Hudson Van Oil Company of Florida, Inc., Hudson Oil Company of California, Inc., Hudson Van Oil Company, Debtors. This matter is before the Court on the United States Trustee's motion to compel the Hudson Liquidating Trust to pay the new post-confirmation quarterly fees purportedly imposed in these cases by 28 U.S.C.A. more.

Summary: 424 B.R. 470 (2010) In re Leigh Ann KOKSAL, a/k/a Uncommon Market, LLC a/k/a 46, Debtor. The Chapter 7 Trustee seeks to recover for the estate a cash bond filed on May 14, 2007, in the amount of $125,000 in the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Sedgwick County, Kansas, in the matter of Jamie Lynn Postel v. Leigh Ann Koksal, Case No. 07-CV-0071. In June, 2002, Debtor and Postel entered into a nonexclusive licensing agreement for Debtor to market Postel's artwork. [9] more.

Summary: 82 B.R. 135 (1988) In re B-K OF KANSAS, INC., Burger King Franchise Corporation, Debtor. Burger King Corporation argues that proper method for determining the amount of the claim is by using the terminated franchise agreement between B-K of Kansas, Inc. and Burger King Corporation. During the period from April 29, 1987 through August 31, 1987, Burger King Corporation conducted a national advertising campaign for two new products, "Burger Bundles" and "Bagel Sandwiches;" and Burger King more.

Summary: 437 B.R. 689 (2010) In re A-1 PLANK & SCAFFOLD MFG., INC., Debtor-in-Possession. Debtors Allenbaugh Family Limited Partnership ("AFP") and A-1 Plank & Scaffold Mfg., Inc. ("A-1") filed their Motion and Notice of Sale No. 6 on May 4, 2010.[3] Sunflower Bank ("Bank") credit bid $1.75 million on 500 Commerce, but objected to the payment of any real estate commission *691 to the debtor's realtor, J.P. Weigand & Co. ("Weigand"), on any portion of the credit bid.[4] At a hearing conducted on May 26, more.

Summary: 62 B.R. 623 (1986) In re Joan RORABAUGH, d/b/a Red X Pharmacy, Debtor. This matter is before the court on an objection by Joan Rorabaugh (hereinafter "the debtor") to a pre-petition attorney fee claim filed in this Chapter 11 case by Keith A. Greiner (hereinafter "Greiner") and an objection by the U.S. Trustee to Greiner's request for administrative fees and expenses pursuant to § 503(b). Mr. Rorabaugh had very successfully operated the Red X Pharmacy, and "old line" drugstore in Emporia for more.

Summary: 26 B.R. 781 (1982) In re Ronald Ray WOLFE, and Teresa Renee Wolfe, a/k/a Teresa Renee Benitez, Debtors. Linda Diane WOLFE, Plaintiff, v. Ronald R. WOLFE, Defendant. *782 Ronald Ray Wolfe, Teresa Renee Wolfe, Edgerton, Kan., George J. Schlagel and Donna Kaser, Olathe, Kan., for debtors/defendant. That in early 1982, Linda and Ronald Wolfe decided to file a Petition for Divorce. That Ronald and his present wife, Teresa, filed this Chapter 7 petition in bankruptcy on September 1, 1982.

Summary: 356 B.R. 540 (2006) In re Mark LETTERMAN, Debtor. This contested matter is before the Court on the objections to debtor's claimed *541 homestead exemption filed by the chapter 13 trustee and creditor Paul Letterman.[1] The Court conducted an evidentiary hearing on June 14, 2006 and at the conclusion thereof directed debtor to amend Schedule C and to provide a description and declaration of that portion of the 1.4 acre tract that he claims exempt as his homestead under the Kansas homestead more.

Summary: 153 B.R. 322 (1993) In re WISTON XXIV, LIMITED PARTNERSHIP, Debtor. After approval of the debtor's sixth amended disclosure statement, the case came before the Court on March 2, 1993, for consideration of the confirmation of the debtor's fourth amended plan of reorganization. At the time the agreement was made, Balcor was unaware of the actual value of the equipment, had seen the "lease" agreement between the debtor and KPL, knew that it had a perfected security interest which covered the more.

Summary: 35 B.R. 526 (1983) In re Kenneth Todd COWLEY, Debtor. AMERICAN METALS CORPORATION, E.L. Bittner, Trustee, Plaintiffs, v. Kenneth Todd COWLEY, Defendant. This matter came on for trial on June 30, 1983, and concluded on July 1, 1983. Debtor/defendant, Kenneth Cowley, appeared in person and by his attorney, *527 Hosea Ellis Sowell. The debtor continued as president of AMC, a debtor in possession. H.W. Cowley, father of the debtor, testified that after the trustee had been appointed he returned to more.

Summary: 35 B.R. 958 (1983) In re Ralph Jerome KRUSE, Armelia Marie Kruse, Debtors. Transactions Between PCA and the Debtors On October 4, 1982 the debtors and PCA executed a renewal note (creditor's exh. 1) in the amount of $680,266.08 of which $621,860.95 represented a renewal of existing indebtedness. The debtor, Ralph Kruse, has submitted an affidavit stating that approximately $2,500 of the 1982 loan from PCA was used to prepare and plant the crops to be harvested in 1983. The debtors filed their more.

Summary: 310 B.R. 213 (2004) In re Jerome MANDALA, Patricia Deen Mandala, Debtors. Patricia Deen Mandala, Plaintiff, v. Educational Credit Management Corporation, Defendant. Debtor Patricia Deen Mandala filed this adversary proceeding to obtain an "undue hardship" discharge of her student loan debts owed to Educational Credit Management Corporation (ECMC) under 11 U.S.C. § 523(a)(8). After an evidentiary hearing in which the Court heard the testimony of debtors Patricia Deen Mandala (Patricia) and more.

Summary: 6 B.R. 674 (1980) In the Matter of CANNADY SUPPLY COMPANY, INC., Debtor. This matter came on for hearing on the 1st and 2nd day of October, 1980, pursuant to the debtor's Motion for Modification of Agreement of July 28, 1980, and Orders thereto, for Continuation of the Automatic Stay and for a Temporary Restraining Order. F. Stannard Lentz and Thomas Hamill, of Hamill, Lentz, Neill & Dwyer, appeared on behalf of the debtor, Cannady Supply Co., Inc.; Steven C. Turner, of Marer, Venteicher, more.

Summary: 467 B.R. 513 (2012) In re BROOKE CORPORATION, et al., Debtors. Christopher J. Redmond, Chapter 7 Trustee of Brooke Corporation, Brooke Capital Corporation, and Brooke Investments, Inc., Plaintiff, v. Kutak Rock, LLP, et al., Defendants. [1] The First Amended Complaint (Complaint),[2] filed by Plaintiff Christopher J. Redmond,[3] the Chapter 7 Trustee for Debtors Brooke Corporation, Brooke Capital Corporation, and Brooke Investments, Inc., alleges common law causes of action against Kutak Rock, more.

Summary: 15 B.R. 945 (1981) In re Norman Wilford WEATHERS, Mordine (Nmn) Weathers, Debtors. POLK COUNTY FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION OF DES MOINES, Plaintiff, v. Norman Wilford WEATHERS and Mordine Weathers, Defendants. That Norman Weathers initiated reaffirmation negotiations with Missouri Valley; and on May 7, 1980, Missouri Valley and Norman Weathers entered into a "Forbearance Agreement". In the agreement, *947 Missouri Valley[1] agreed to forbear from foreclosure in consideration of Norman more.

Summary: 370 B.R. 833 (2007) In re Justin Wayne SPOONEMORE, Cassandra Kathaleen Spoonemore, Debtors. The Court conducted a hearing on the first motion to compel on March 8, 2007 and on the second motion to compel on May 10, 2007. [2] CIT took judgment in the state court case but then obtained an order vacating the judgment and dismissing the case after it took a deed in lieu from the debtors. [3] The Turnover Motion was set over to a scheduling conference at which time the Court established a deadline more.