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Summary: 386 B.R. 261 (2008) In re James William LULL, Debtor. Bowers and Merena Auctions, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, Plaintiff, v. James Lull, an individual; Kapaa 382, a Hawaii limited liability company; Gregg Gardiner as trustee of the Gregg C. Gardiner Revocable Living Trust; and Daniel Yamaguchi, an individual, Defendants. Defendant James W. Lull ("Lull") is the debtor in the underlying chapter 7 liquidating bankruptcy case. Lull executed a security agreement on July 19, 2006, which more.

Summary: 106 B.R. 204 (1989) In re Edward S. HONDA and LaVern H. Honda, Debtors. On May 18, 1989, Edward S. Honda and LaVern H. Honda (jointly known as "Debtors") filed an Objection to Allowance of Claims by Bank of Hawaii ("Objection") based upon the untimely filing of Bank of Hawaii's ("BOH") proof of claim. Builders' Products, a materials and construction company owned by Edward S. Honda, filed a Voluntary Petition Under Chapter Eleven on September 9, 1986. There is no record which indicates that more.

Summary: 57 B.R. 31 (1985) In re HOUSE OF EMERALDS, INC., Debtor. On March 15, 1985, the House of Emeralds ("Debtor") filed a voluntary petition for relief under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code. On May 10, 1985, the Debtor filed a Notice of Assumption of its store lease with the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center, Inc. ("Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center"). Subsequently, on May 13, 1985, the Debtor filed a Motion for Approval of Assumption of Lease, in which it requested court approval of the assumption of more.

Summary: 125 B.R. 814 (1991) In re Jan Brooke HALPENNY, Debtor. A hearing was held on February 15, 1991 on the Motion for Turnover of Exempt *815 Assets filed by Jan Brooke Halpenny ("Debtor").

Summary: 88 B.R. 280 (1988) In re David Henderson BROWN, M.D., aka, dba David Henderson Brown, Debtor. A hearing was held on May 24, 1988, at which time the Trustee, Robert Matsumoto, Esq. appeared on behalf of himself, Anthony Rankin, Esq. appeared on behalf of Creditor Clifford Bronson ("Bronson"), and Thomas Leuteneker, Esq. and Presley Pang, Esq. appeared on behalf of Debtor. The Debtor's residence located at Waihee, Wailuku, Maui was conveyed to the Debtor and his wife as tenants by the entirety by more.

Summary: 50 B.R. 494 (1985) In re SANPO LAND INDUSTRIAL (HAWAII), INC., Debtor. On February 8, 1985, Mitsukoshi Hawaii, Inc. ("Mitsukoshi Hawaii") filed a Motion for an order compelling the Debtor and Debtor-in-Possession, Sanpo Land Industrial (Hawaii), Inc., a Hawaii corporation, aka Kalakaua International Center, Inc. ("KIC" also hereafter referred to as "Debtor") to assume or reject leases for the Ground floor, Second, Third and Fourth Floors and a Management Agreement for the Kalakaua International more.

Summary: 132 B.R. 430 (1991) In re George A. FAN and Joanna Z. Fan, Debtors. Wyman W.C. LAI, Trustee of the Estate of George A. Fan and Joanna Z. Fan, Plaintiffs, v. Gerald ZANE, Defendant. On June 12, 1991, Plaintiff Wyman W.C. Lai, Trustee of the Estate of George A. Fan and Joanna Z. Fan, filed a Counter-Motion for Summary Judgment. When Debtors filed their voluntary petition for bankruptcy under chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code on September 11, 1985, Debtor George Fan ("Debtor G. Fan") owned a 25% more.

Summary: 121 B.R. 45 (1990) In re Jo Paul ROGNSTAD and Diane Rognstad, Debtors. One motion was filed in the subject cause, Case No. 88-00461, and the second motion was filed in Case No. 88-00781, Jo Paul Rognstad and Associates, Inc. At the hearing, James A. Wagner, Esq. appeared on behalf of Jo Paul Rognstad and Associates, Inc.; Steven Guttman, Esq. appeared on behalf of the Jo Paul Rognstad and Diane Rognstad ("Debtors"); Robert M. Ehrhorn, Jr., Esq. appeared on behalf of Okamura, Takushi, Funaki & more.

Summary: 72 B.R. 361 (1987) In re JOHNSTON HAWKS LIMITED, a Hawaii corporation, Debtor. *362 Michael A. Yoshida, Honolulu, Hawaii, for Johnston Hawks. On February 5, 1985, Chicago Credit Services ("Chicago Credit"), Champion Mortgage Company ("Champion") and MPI Consultants ("MPI") (collectively called "petitioning creditors") filed an Involuntary Petition Under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code against Jack J. McGarrity, an individual ("McGarrity"), and Johnston Hawks Limited, a Hawaii corporation (" more.

Summary: 9 B.R. 99 (1981) In re HOLIDAY MART, INC., Debtor. The claim arises in the case of In re Holiday Mart, Inc., Bk.No. Gibraltar, as successor in interest to First Savings Association of Corpus Christi, is one of four secured creditors with mortgage claims on Holiday Mart, Inc. (a) It claims additional interest is due upon acceleration of Debtor's promissory note ("Note") under the terms of the Note. (d) It claims under the Note interest on advances which Gibraltar made for attorney's fees and for more.

Summary: 92 B.R. 451 (1988) In re A-1 HYDRO MECHANICS CORPORATION, Debtor. TOWNE REALTY, INC., and Towne Realty of Hawaii, Inc., Plaintiffs, v. A-1 HYDRO MECHANICS CORPORATION, Defendant. The evidentiary hearing on the ownership of certain materials turned over by A-1 Hydro Mechanics Corporation ("Defendant"), the above-named Debtor, to Towne Realty, Inc. and Towne Realty of Hawaii, Inc. (collectively "Plaintiff"), pursuant to the Order Granting Motion for Temporary Restraining Order entered herein on more.

Summary: 134 B.R. 11 (1991) In re PACIFIC SEA FARMS, INC., Debtor. On October 8, 1991, the Trustees Under the Will and of the Estate of James Campbell, Deceased ("Campbell Estate"), filed a Motion to Compel Payment of Additional Post-Petition Obligations of Debtor Under Unexpired Lease regarding certain premises being leased by Campbell Estate to Pacific Sea Farms, Inc. Jerrold K. Guben, Esq. appeared on behalf of Edward Swofford, Trustee for Pacific Sea Farms, Inc. ("Debtor"). On April 24, 1991, more.

Summary: 106 B.R. 209 (1989) In re Edward S. HONDA and LaVern H. Honda, Debtors. FINDING OF FACTS On March 2, 1987, Edward S. Honda and LaVern H. Honda (herein jointly referred to as "Debtors") filed their Voluntary Petition Under Chapter Eleven. In conjunction with the Court's instruction, Debtors served Industrial Indemnity with their Notice instruction, Debtors served Industrial Indemnity with their Notice of Taking Deposition Upon Written Interrogatories ("Notice of Deposition") as evidenced by the more.

Summary: 35 B.R. 339 (1983) In re Walter FILIPEK, Debtor. Moreover, it should be noted that, since the filing of his Expenses Paid On Behalf of Debtor and Revenues (for the period March 23, 1983 to September 21, 1983) on September 23, 1983, Debtor has not filed any reports on his income and disbursement.

Summary: 14 B.R. 449 (1981) In re 765 ASSOCIATES, Debtor. A hearing was held on May 1, 1981, at which time the Applicant represented himself and John A. Chanin represented 765 Associates dba Pirates Cove Restaurant, hereafter "Debtor", which objected to the fee application. In its objections and comments, Debtor objected to the application for compensation for several reasons: (1) that contrary to 11 U.S.C. Sections 327(a), and 328(a), the employment of Applicant by the Debtor was never authorized by more.

Summary: 17 B.R. 147 (1982) In re VIENNA INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION dba Jacque's Tabac, Debtor, In re GEMINI INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION, Debtor, Walter LISCHKA, Plaintiff, v. VIENNA INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION dba Jacque's International Corporation, and Gemini International Corporation, Defendants. Defendants Vienna International Corporation dba Jacque's Tabac, hereinafter "Vienna", and Gemini International Corporation, dba Gilbert's International Cigar Company, hereinafter "Gemini", are corporations more.