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Citation: 136 B.R. 930 | Docket No.: 19-10442
Status: Published | Citing: 24
Summary: 136 B.R. 930 (1992) In the Matter of the COLUMBIA GAS SYSTEM, INC., and Columbia Gas Transmission Corporation, Debtors. John J. Dilenschneider, Frank C. Dunbar, III, Columbus, Ohio, Stephen W. Spence, Wilmington, Del., for Columbia Gas Distribution Companies. Eduard F. von Wettberg, III, Joanne B. Wills, John D. Demmy, Wilmington, Del., for ANR Production Co., Wyoming Interstate Co., Ltd., Colorado Interstate Gas Co., CNG Producing Co., New Bremen Corp., New Ulm Gas, Ltd., Total Minatome Corp., more.

Citation: 313 B.R. 189 | Docket No.: 19-10445
Status: Published | Citing: 16
Summary: 313 B.R. 189 (2004) In re HAYES LEMMERZ INTERNATIONAL, INC., et al., Debtors. I. BACKGROUND On December 5, 2001 ("the Petition Date"), Hayes Lemmerz International, Inc., and several of its affiliates ("the Debtors") filed voluntary petitions for relief under chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code. Export was a warehouseman, storing quantities of the Debtors' products and, on the Debtors' instructions, delivering them "just-in-time" to the Debtors' customers. Contemporaneous with filing their chapter more.

Citation: 203 B.R. 558 | Docket No.: 17-12806
Status: Published | Citing: 10
Summary: 203 B.R. 558 (1996) In re Cheryl J. HARRIS, Debtor. WOLOSHIN, TENENBAUM AND NATALIE, P.A., Plaintiff, v. Cheryl J. HARRIS, Defendant. WTN, a law firm, brought this adversary proceeding against Debtor, seeking a determination that its claim against Debtor is nondischargeable pursuant to 11 U.S.C. § 523(a)(15).Thereafter, WTN represented Debtor throughout the divorce proceeding and as a result, Debtor incurred an obligation to WTN in the amount of $13,960 plus cost of collection (the "debt"). more.

Citation: 262 B.R. 290 | Docket No.: 17-12738
Status: Published | Citing: 12
Summary: 262 B.R. 290 (2001) In re PHYSICIAN HEALTH CORPORATION, et al., Debtor. Before the Court is the Motion of HHC Medical Group, Inc. ("HHC") to compel Physician Health Corporation and its affiliates ("the Debtors") to Assume or Reject the Practice Management Agreement between the Debtors and HHC. On March 13, 2001, HHC filed a Motion seeking to compel the Debtors to decide whether to assume or reject their Practice Management Agreement ("the PMA"). See, e.g., Mayer Pollock Steel Corp. v. London more.

Citation: 398 B.R. 382 | Docket No.: 17-12599
Status: Published | Citing: 31
Summary: 398 B.R. 382 (2008) In re DELTA FINANCIAL CORPORATION, et al., Debtors. Second, in exchange for the surrender of the notes by Delta LLC to Delta Financial, Delta Financial transferred excess "cash flow certificates" that it valued at $153 million to Delta LLC. Chiefly based upon this exclusion, the primary insurer denied coverage, arguing that the claims asserted in the state court action arose from Delta Financial issuing cash flow certificates worth less than $153 million in connection with more.

Citation: 421 B.R. 151 | Docket No.: 09-11349
Status: Published | Citing: 12
Summary: 421 B.R. 151 (2009) In re SPANSION, INC., et al.,[1] Debtors. In the Joint Pretrial Memorandum filed by the parties (D.I. 1781), the parties agreed to the following undisputed facts: On March 1, 2009 (the "Petition Date"), the Debtors each filed voluntary petitions for relief under chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code (collectively, the "Chapter 11 Cases"). On March 4, 2009, the Court entered an order directing the joint administration of the Chapter 11 Cases under the case of Spansion Inc., Case more.

Citation: 435 B.R. 894 | Docket No.: 11-13700-BLS
Status: Published | Citing: 30
Summary: 435 B.R. 894 (2010) In re AE LIQUIDATION, INC., et al., Debtors. Jorge Mata, et al., Plaintiffs, v. Eclipse Aerospace, Inc., et al., Defendants. August 4, 2010. Before the Court is the Motion to Dismiss the above captioned adversary proceeding without prejudice filed by the plaintiffs (collectively, the "Production Line Group") for lack of subject matter jurisdiction. Thereafter, the Production Line Group acted to preserve and protect its members' ownership interests in the undelivered aircraft more.

Citation: 266 B.R. 591 | Docket No.: 17-12626
Status: Published | Citing: 85
Summary: 266 B.R. 591 (2001) In the Matter of GENESIS HEALTH VENTURES, INC., et al., Debtors. In the Matter of Multicare AMC, Inc., et al., Debtors. Mark D. Collins, Richards Layton & Finger, Wilmington, DE, for Genesis Health Ventures, Inc., Poorman-Douglas Corp. and Richards, Layton & Finger, P.A. Victoria Watson Counihan, Greenberg Traurig, Wilmington, DE, for THCI Mortgage Holding Company, LLC. Daniel J. DeFranceschi, Richards, Layton & Finger, Wilmington, DE, for Genesis Health Ventures. Rachel more.

Citation: 411 B.R. 181 | Docket No.: 14-50651-BLS
Status: Published | Citing: 14
Summary: 411 B.R. 181 (2009) In re AMERICAN HOME MORTGAGE HOLDINGS, INC., a Delaware corporation, et al., Debtors. The Court, having reviewed the record, and after due deliberation, enters the following Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law with respect to the objections of the above-captioned debtors and debtors in possession (collectively the "Debtors") to Claim Nos. 8044, 8045, 8046, and 8047 filed by Calyon New York Branch ("Calyon").[3] One of the debtors, AHM SV, Inc.[4] was initially appointed more.

Citation: 268 B.R. 896 | Docket No.: 18-10674
Status: Published | Citing: 11
Summary: 268 B.R. 896 (2001) In re M GROUP, INC., TMGH, Inc., M Sales Corp., Inc., Debtors. The Creditors' Committee objects to an administrative priority claim for severance pay filed by Richard Fields, the former Executive Vice President, Sales (as amended, Executive Vice President International) of Debtor (Claim No. 00165).Debtors object to an administrative priority claim and an unsecured claim for salary, vacation and severance pay filed by former employee Maria del Pilar Carames (Claim Nos. 00178, more.

Citation: 75 B.R. 113 | Docket No.: 15-10405
Status: Published | Citing: 3
Summary: 75 B.R. 113 (1987) In the Matter of John P. HYSOCK, Debtor. John P. Hysock is a debtor in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case.

Citation: 267 B.R. 516 | Docket No.: 19-10416
Status: Published | Citing: 12
Summary: 267 B.R. 516 (2000) In re LEVITZ FURNITURE INCORPORATED, et al., Debtor. Levitz Furniture Incorporated, Plaintiff, v. T. Rowe Price Recovery Fund, L.P. and Carl Marks Management Company, L.P., Defendants. Before the Court is the Motion of Levitz Furniture Corporation ("the Debtor") for Preliminary Injunction seeking to enjoin the prosecution of an action in the Delaware Chancery Court brought by T. Rowe Price Recovery Fund, L.P. and Carl Marks Management Company, L.P. (collectively "the more.

Citation: 312 B.R. 249 | Docket No.: 17-12664
Status: Published | Citing: 23
Summary: 312 B.R. 249 (2004) In re LAROCHE INDUSTRIES, INC., Debtor. LaRoche Industries, Inc., Plaintiff, v. Orica Nitrogen LLC, Defendant. I. FACTUAL BACKGROUND On May 3, 2000, LaRoche Industries, Inc. ("the Debtor") filed a voluntary petition for relief under chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code. On August 28, 2000, Orica entered into an Asset Purchase Agreement ("the Agreement") to purchase certain of the Debtor's assets constituting one of the Debtor's three lines of businesses, the ammonium nitrate more.

Citation: 146 B.R. 536 | Docket No.: 19-10212
Status: Published | Citing: 14
Summary: 146 B.R. 536 (1992) In the Matter of CONTINENTAL AIRLINES, INC., et al., Debtors. T. Jay Thompson, Continental Airlines, Inc., Zack A. Clement, Joe Nistico, Fulbright & Jaworski, Houston, Tex., Laura Davis Jones, Young, Conaway, Stargatt & Taylor, Wilmington, Del., for debtors. Wilmington Trust Company (WTC), The Bank of New York (BNY) and First Fidelity Bank (FFB) (collectively Movants) have filed motions for adequate protection of their interest in aircraft collateral and related equipment more.

Citation: 439 B.R. 364 | Docket No.: 19-10499
Status: Published | Citing: 4
Summary: 439 B.R. 364 (2010) In re ACCURIDE CORPORATION, et al., Reorganized Debtors. Michael R. Nestor, Kara Hammond Coyle, Andrew L. Magaziner, Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor, LLP, Wilmington, DE, David S. Heller, Caroline A. Reckler, Kevin C. May, Latham & Watkins LLP, Chicago, IL, for the Reorganized Debtors. Before the Court is a motion (the "Motion") [Docket No. 1121] of New Generation Advisors, LLC ("New Generation" or the "Movant") to enforce the third amended joint plan of reorganization for more.

Citation: 320 B.R. 541 | Docket No.: 17-12727
Status: Published | Citing: 9
Summary: 320 B.R. 541 (2005) In re HECHINGER INVESTMENT COMPANY OF DELAWARE, INC., et al., Debtors. Hechinger Liquidation Trust, as successor in interest to Hechinger Investment Company of Delaware, Inc., et al., Debtors in Possession, Plaintiff, v. James Austin Company, Defendant. James E. Huggett, Flaster Greenburg, Wilmington, DE, for James Austin Company. I. BACKGROUND Hechinger Investment Company of Delaware (hereinafter referred to as "Plaintiff or "Debtor") filed its Chapter 11 Bankruptcy more.

Citation: 377 B.R. 119 | Docket No.: 14-10104
Status: Published | Citing: 8
Summary: 377 B.R. 119 (2007) In re PAC-WEST TELECOMM, INC., et al., Debtors. As of the Petition Date, one of the Debtors, Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. ("Pac-West"), had leased from the Landlord a number of suites and wiring conduits at One Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, California (the "Premises"), through two identical, unexpired leases (the "Leases"). The Recapture Amount Section 9.2 of the Leases provides the Landlord with two ways to recover from Pac-West for Pac-West's use of electricity on the more.

Citation: 375 B.R. 120 | Docket No.: 17-12642
Status: Published | Citing: 23
Summary: 375 B.R. 120 (2007) In re KAISER GROUP INTERNATIONAL, INC., et al., Debtors. Kaiser Group International, Inc., et al., Plaintiffs, v. Nova Hut a.s. and International Finance Corporation, Defendants. Before the Court are (1) the Motion of Mittal Steel Ostrava, a.s., formerly Nova Hut, a.s. ("Nova Hut") to lift the automatic stay and for summary judgment against plaintiffs Kaiser Group International, Inc. ("Kaiser International") and Kaiser Engineers, Inc. ("Kaiser Engineers"), (collectively, the more.

Citation: 268 B.R. 404 | Docket No.: 18-10675
Status: Published | Citing: 17
Summary: 268 B.R. 404 (2001) In Re TOWER AIR, INC., Debtor. Aaron A. Garber, Pepper Hamilton LLP, Wilmington, DE, for Tower Air, Inc. and GMAC Business Credit LLC. Richard W. Riley, Duane, Morris & Heckscher LLP, Wilimington, DE, for Tower Air, Inc. and Charles Stanziale. FINOVA was a major equipment lender for Debtor Tower Air, Inc. ("Tower"), a now-defunct international airline.

Citation: 295 B.R. 459 | Docket No.: 19-10467
Status: Published | Citing: 15
Summary: 295 B.R. 459 (2003) In re COMBUSTION ENGINEERING, INC., Debtor. June 23, 2003. *460 Curtis A. Hehn, Laura Davis Jones, Michael Paul Migliore, Pachulski, Stang, Ziehl, Young & Jones, Wilmington, DE, for Debtor. The matter before the court is the approval of Combustion Engineering, Inc.'s ("Debtor" or "CE") Disclosure Statement and confirmation of its prepackaged Plan. The information provided through all these avenues satisfied the Committee, and this Court is satisfied, that there was more.