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Summary: 26 B.R. 981 (1983) In re Timothy J. BALLARD, Debtor. Robert JACOBS and Arleen Jacobs, Plaintiffs, v. Timothy J. BALLARD, Defendant. Wayne M. UPRIGHT and Linda M. Upright, Plaintiffs, v. Timothy J. BALLARD, Defendant. The plaintiffs in both of the above-captioned adversary proceedings, which were tried together, seek exceptions to the debtor's discharge based on various allegations of fraud involving the debtor's home construction business. I. BACKGROUND On February 13, 1980, Timothy J. Ballard ( more.

Summary: 66 B.R. 41 (1986) In the Matter of Bertrand J. LAGASSE, Catherine Lagasse, Debtors. The debtors, on December 2, 1985, converted their case to one under chapter 7, and this court, on March 18, 1986, entered a discharge of the debtors from their debts. 1986) (once obligation on promissory note accompanying mortgage was discharged in debtors' earlier bankruptcy, mortgagee no longer a creditor to be dealt with in chapter 13); In re Binford, 53 B.R. 307, 308-09 (Bankr.W.D.Ky.1985) (chapter 13 debtor more.

Summary: 44 B.R. 528 (1984) In re John CORNELL, Debtor. John CORNELL, Plaintiff, v. DIRECTOR, OFFICE OF ADULT PROBATION; Director, Division of Criminal Justice, Judicial Department; Jerry Esposito, Prosecutor, Defendants.

Summary: 45 B.R. 423 (1984) In re Carolyn ROBINSON, Debtor. The plaintiff-debtor, Carolyn Robinson, brought this action to determine, inter alia, the dischargeability of an order of restitution entered by the Superior Court of the State of Connecticut as a condition of probation in connection with the plaintiff's conviction for larceny in the second degree.

Summary: 229 B.R. 567 (1999) In re COLONIAL REALTY COMPANY, Jonathan Googel, Benjamin Sisti, Consolidated Debtors, Hal M. Hirsch, As Trustee Of The Consolidated Estate Of Colonial Realty Company, Jonathan Googel and Benjamin Sisti, Plaintiff, v. Union Trust Company, Defendant. I. ISSUE Hal M. Hirsch, as Trustee ("the Trustee") of the Consolidated Estates of Colonial Realty Company ("Colonial"), Jonathan Googel ("Googel") and Benjamin Sisti ("Sisti"), on July 12, 1993, filed a complaint against Union more.

Summary: 263 B.R. 402 (2001) In re Barry Wayne HULTMAN, Debtor. State of Connecticut, Department of Social Services, Plaintiff, v. Barry Wayne Hultman, Defendant. Barry Wayne Hultman, North Branford, CT, Pro Se Debtor — Defendant. This single ruling deals with two motions for summary judgment filed by the State of Connecticut, Department of Social Services ("DSS") in mirror-image complaints brought against each debtor—Barry Wayne Hultman ("Barry") and Dorothy Hultman ("Dorothy") (together "the Hultmans") more.

Summary: 117 B.R. 51 (1990) In re Sarrah W. COLBERT, Debtor. Sarrah W. COLBERT, Plaintiff, v. Phillip N. ANDERSON, Israel Raveh, and William B. Steiger, Defendants. As the court in O'Connell v. Terranova (In re Adelphi Institute, Inc.), 112 B.R. 534, 538 (S.D.N.Y.1990), held, "[t]he appropriateness of removal of the case to a district court for trial by jury, on asserted Seventh Amendment grounds, will become a question ripe for determination if and when the case becomes trial-ready."

Summary: 96 B.R. 419 (1989) In The Matter Of 26 TRUMBULL STREET, INC., dba Hubbard's Park, Debtor. The issues thereby raised are (1) whether the debtor has standing to request such an order, and (2) whether a payment on a priority tax claim to the IRS in a chapter 7 case constitutes an involuntary payment and may be applied as the IRS chooses to reduce the debtor's overall tax liability. 26 Trumbull Street, Inc., a restaurant doing business under the name of Hubbard's Park, (debtor) filed a voluntary more.

Summary: 237 B.R. 240 (1999) In re PINNACLE CORPORATION, Debtor. Pinnacle Corporation, Plaintiff, v. Long-term Capital Management, L.P., Defendant. Pinnacle Corporation moves for mandatory, or in the alternative, discretionary abstention of the above adversary proceeding. On December 31, 1996, Pinnacle as landlord and LTCM L.P. as tenant executed a lease which, at Pinnacle's request, was approved by this court's March 4, 1997 order. On January 20, 1998, Pinnacle filed adversary proceeding 98-5009, (the " more.

Summary: 115 B.R. 18 (1990) In re COUNTDOWN OF CONNECTICUT, INC., Debtor. On November 17, 1987, a cash collateral order entered which included an acknowledgement by the debtor that the defendant had a valid, duly perfected, first priority security interest in all of the debtor's assets; granted the defendant a continuing first priority security interest in all of the debtor's assets; and provided that any successor to the debtor, including any trustee appointed, would be bound by the order.Code § 548 more.

Summary: 115 B.R. 409 (1990) In re Louis ROGOWSKI and Violeta Rogowski, Debtors. An October 31, 1989 Order and Notice set November 30, 1989 as the first date of the meeting of creditors and January 29, 1990 as the last day to file a complaint objecting to the dischargeability of a debt under § 523(c).In support of that motion MFSB relies upon Herbert v. Schwartz (In re Schwartz & Meyers), 64 B.R. 948, 953 (Bankr.S.D.N.Y.1986), and argues that the notice required by Rule 4007(c) is a necessary predicate more.

Summary: 49 B.R. 719 (1985) In the Matter of CHOICE VEND, INC., Debtor. The complaint alleges that the debtor, Choice Vend, Inc., filed a voluntary chapter 11 petition on December 21, 1981, and that the plaintiff, Patrick W. Boatman, is the court-appointed trustee of the estate. The better view is that [§] 1107(a), which gives the debtor powers of a trustee and subjects the debtor in possession to the limitations placed on a trustee, does not equate service of the debtor in possession with the more.

Summary: 86 B.R. 751 (1986) In the Matter of the LAURETTI CORPORATION, Debtor. This matter is before the court in this chapter 11 case on a motion of The Lauretti Corporation (debtor) for determination of the amount of a debt owed by it to Citizens National Bank of Southington (Bank). On January 4, 1985, the Bank in writing notified the debtor and co-makers of its demand, pursuant to the second provision quoted above, that the entire loan be paid in full by January 18, 1985, and that the interest rate, more.

Summary: 211 B.R. 788 (1997) In re John W. WELCH, Debtor. MORRIS STREET ASSOCIATES, I, Thomas Cristofaro, George Tartsinas, Stanley Johnson and Patricia Twachtman, Plaintiffs, v. John W. WELCH, Defendant. The plaintiffs, Morris Street Associates I ("MSA"), Thomas Cristofaro ("Cristofaro"), George Tartsinas ("Tartsinas"), Stanley Johnson ("Johnson") and Patricia Twachtman ("Twachtman"), on November 7, 1995, filed a joint complaint in this Chapter 7 case against John W. Welch, the debtor, objecting to the more.

Summary: 70 B.R. 38 (1987) In the Matter of DAVIDSON & McKIRDY CO., INC., Debtor. I. Davidson & McKirdy Co., Inc., the debtor and operator of a printing business, filed a voluntary chapter 11 petition on December 17, 1985.

Summary: 4 B.R. 666 (1980) In the Matter of Ricardo J. MURALLO, Debtor. On February 19, 1980, this court issued a Memorandum and Order denying confirmation of a plan for adjustment of debts under Chapter 13 of the Bankruptcy Code of 1978, proposed by the debtor, Ricardo J. Murallo (Murallo). Bankruptcy courts have recognized that where a debtor chooses to file a Chapter 13 plan rather than a voluntary petition for Chapter 7 liquidation, an issue bearing upon the good faith of the debtor will be whether, more.

Summary: 403 B.R. 224 (2009) In re Dolores J. HALL, Debtor. On or about April 15, 2005, the Connecticut Superior Court (hereafter, "Superior Court") entered a default monetary judgment (hereafter, the "Judgment") in favor of Unifund CCR Partners (hereafter, the "Claimant") against Dolores J. Hall (hereafter, the "Debtor") in a civil action bearing Docket No. *227 Under the terms of Section 502(b)(1), this Court must disallow any claim that is "unenforceable against the debtor and property of the debtor, more.

Summary: 249 B.R. 588 (2000) In re WINSTED MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, Debtor. I. Winsted Memorial Hospital ("the Hospital"), located in Winsted, Connecticut, filed a Chapter 7 petition on November 25, 1996. On August 19, 1999 and January 7, 2000, Richard Blumenthal, Attorney General of the State of Connecticut ("the Attorney General") filed motions to compel the trustee to abandon certain charitable trusts and to lift the automatic stay based upon the prepetition closing of the Hospital. BACKGROUND The more.

Summary: 102 B.R. 12 (1989) In re JONES & LAMSON MACHINE CO., INC., Debtor. UNITED STEEL WORKERS OF AMERICA, AFL-CIO, and Herbert E. Schlander, John R. Bly and Robert Cook, individually and as representatives of retired persons formerly employed by Jones & Lamson Machine Co. at its Cheshire, Connecticut Plant, Plaintiffs, v. JONES & LAMSON MACHINE CO., INC., and Textron, Inc., Defendants. The debtor, supported by its secured creditor and codefendant Textron, Inc., moves to dismiss this case pursuant to more.