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Citation: 211 B.R. 42 | Docket No.: Bankruptcy No. B-96-08222-PHX-RGM
Status: Published | Citing: 2
Summary: 211 B.R. 42 (1997) In re Patrick J. DUNCAN, Debtor. Accordingly, IT IS ORDERED granting Debtor's Motion and vacating the Trustee's Sale of June 11, 1997 and the deed thereon is void; IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that an expedited continued hearing on Debtor's Motion to Sell Property shall be set for Friday, July 18, 1997 at 11:00 a.m. at the United States Bankruptcy Court, Courtroom # 1, 2929 North Central Avenue, 11th Floor, Phoenix, Arizona, 85012; IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that the Debtor is directed more.

Citation: 270 B.R. 761 | Docket No.: 00-04038-TUC-EWH
Status: Published | Citing: 26
Summary: 270 B.R. 761 (2001) In re Jose MARQUEZ, Grace M. Marquez, Debtors. Pending before the court is the Objection of ABC Finance Company, Inc. ("ABC") to the Confirmation of Debtors' Chapter 13 Plan ("Plan") on the grounds that the Debtors' valuation of ABC's collateral, proposed interest payment on ABC's secured claim, and adequate protection payments are inadequate. On February 8, 2001, the Debtors filed a Chapter 13 Plan which treats $11,000 of ABC's claim as secured, to be paid 9% interest over more.

Citation: 275 B.R. 868 | Docket No.: 01-3167-ECF-SSC
Status: Published | Citing: 7
Summary: 275 B.R. 868 (2002) In re WHITEPRIZE, LLC, Debtor. An evidentiary hearing is scheduled on the Debtor's Motion to Determine Whether or Not Land Sale Contracts Are Executory/Motion to Extend Time to Assume/Motion to Assume Executory Contracts for January 9, 2002 ("Motion to Assume.")On March 18, 2001, two days before the Debtor filed its Chapter 11 petition on March 20, 2001, JOFU, L.L.C. assigned its rights under the Vacant Land Purchase Contract to the Debtor.However, according to the Debtor's more.

Citation: 294 B.R. 111 | Docket No.: 90-5052-PHX-GBN to 90-5075-PHX-GBN
Status: Published | Citing: 16
Summary: 294 B.R. 111 (2003) In re The CIRCLE K CORPORATION, et al., Debtors. May 15, 2003. *112 *113 Christopher H. Bayley, Snell & Wilmer LLP, Phoenix, AZ, for Circle K Corporation. The Court has taken under advisement the contested fee application of Houlihan, Lokey, Howard & Zurkin, Inc. ("Houlihan" or "applicant") and the objections of reorganized debtor Circle K Corporation ("Circle K" or "objector"). Prior to 1994, section 330(a) provided that: After notice to any parties in interest and to the more.

Citation: 177 B.R. 671 | Docket No.: Bankruptcy No. B-94-02561-PHX-CGC
Status: Published | Citing: 5
Summary: 177 B.R. 671 (1995) In re Carl F. and Denise D. KUEHN, Debtors. Debtors Carl F. and Denise D. Kuehn (the "Kuehns" or "Debtors") filed their Chapter 13 petition and their Chapter 13 Plan (the "Plan") on March 21, 1994. In the supplement, the Trustee objected to confirmation of the Plan and stated that the Debtors must add language to the Plan providing that any tax refunds of the Debtors for tax years 1995 and 1996 be paid over to the Trustee for distribution as supplemental income under the more.

Citation: 210 B.R. 583 | Docket No.: Bankruptcy No. B-95-07005-PHX-GBN
Status: Published | Citing: 9
Summary: 210 B.R. 583 (1997) In re K & M PRINTING, INC., Debtor. Instead, that court found that a careful reading of the Code permitted only one conclusion: that properties which were subject to the confirmed plan that is properties in which the Debtor had a cognizable legal or equitable ownership interest on the date of confirmation will be properties of the estate in a Chapter 7 case, but properties which are clearly acquired by the Debtor post-confirmation will not be subject to administration by the more.

Citation: 7 B.R. 53 | Docket No.: Bankruptcy No. 80-00615
Status: Published | Citing: 4
Summary: 7 B.R. 53 (1980) In re Luis Carlos CORONADO and Gertrudis Garcia Coronado, Debtors. Luis Carlos CORONADO and Gertrudis Garcia Coronado, Plaintiffs, v. BEACH FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE, INC., Defendant. The debtors had bought all of the items except the washer under a security agreement dated December 20, 1978, from Beach Furniture and Appliance, Inc.

Citation: 351 B.R. 724 | Docket No.: 06-bk-01797-PHX-RJH
Status: Published | Citing: 27
Summary: 351 B.R. 724 (2006) In re CORPORATE AND LEISURE EVENT PRODUCTIONS, INC., Debtor. The issue here is who, if anyone, may file a Chapter 11 petition for a Debtor after a state court has appointed a Receiver for the debtor, enjoined the Debtor from filing a bankruptcy petition, and removed the Debtor's corporate officers and directors. Background Facts Various creditors[1] filed state court actions asserting that they had been defrauded by the Debtor and twelve other related corporate entities.Mr. more.

Citation: 7 B.R. 907 | Docket No.: Bankruptcy No. B-80-0962 PHX Y
Status: Published | Citing: 4
Summary: 7 B.R. 907 (1981) In re Michael Harris CARROLL and Josie Carroll, Debtors. Thereafter the debtors applied to this Court to redeem the truck in installments, such installments to be made at the rate of $168.04 per month (the same monthly amount the debtor was required to pay under the contract). Discussion The secured creditor in this case urges that the reasoning in In re Miller, 4 B.R. 305, 2 C.B.C.2d 259 (Bkrtcy.E.D.Mich.1980), and In re Zimmerman, 4 B.R. 739, 2 C.B.C.2d 650 ( more.

Citation: 122 B.R. 387 | Docket No.: Bankruptcy No. B-89-8110-PHX-SSC, Adv. No. E
Status: Published | Citing: 5
Summary: 122 B.R. 387 (1990) In re OKLAHOMA P.A.C. FIRST LIMITED PARTNERSHIP, an Arizona limited partnership, Debtor. CITY OF LAFAYETTE, COLORADO, and Crossland Mortgage Corporation, Movants, v. OKLAHOMA P.A.C. FIRST LIMITED PARTNERSHIP, an Arizona limited partnership, Respondent. PRELIMINARY STATEMENT This matter comes before the court upon the request of the above-captioned Debtor, Oklahoma P.A.C. ("Debtor") for a determination to what extent counsel for numerous secured creditors must file a verified more.

Citation: 305 B.R. 328 | Docket No.: BR-00-03833, BR-00-03840-ECF-CGC, BR-00-03841-ECF-CGC, BR-00-03842-ECF-CGC, BR-00-03843-ECF-CGC, BR-00-03844-ECF-CGC, BR-00-03845-ECF-CGC, BR-00-03846-ECF-CGC, BR-00-03847-ECF-CGC, BR-00-03848-ECF-CGC, BR-00-03849-ECF-CGC, BR-00-03850-ECF-CGC
Status: Published
Summary: 305 B.R. 328 (2004) In re MICROAGE CORPORATION, a Delaware corporation, et al., Debtors. The issue is fairly narrow in scope and purely a question of statutory interpretation: Is Debtor entitled to an Enterprise Zone Tax Credit for second and third year employees where no such credit was sought for these employees in their first year of employment? For that year, Debtor claims that it is entitled to a $ 1,211,981 credit pursuant to Arizona Revised Statute ("A.R.S.") section 43-1161 (1996), of more.

Citation: 13 B.R. 483 | Docket No.: Bankruptcy No. B-80-2090 PHX VM, Adv. No. 80-0681-VM
Status: Published | Citing: 2
Summary: 13 B.R. 483 (1981) In re MISTURA, INC., dba Thrift City Pharmacy, Debtor. Lee MARCUS and Ann Marcus, husband and wife, Counterclaimants and Crossclaimants, v. McKESSON DRUG COMPANY, a division of Foremost-McKesson, Inc., a Maryland corporation, Counter-Defendant, and Mistura, Inc., dba Thrift City Pharmacy, Debtor; Herman Middleton, Trustee, Cross-Defendants.

Citation: 282 B.R. 674 | Docket No.: Bankruptcy No. B-97-12542-PHX-GBN. Adversary No. 01-01314
Status: Published | Citing: 24
Summary: 282 B.R. 674 (2002) In re DAVIS CHEVROLET, INC., Debtor. Plaintiff is the appointed chapter 7 trustee for the bankruptcy estate of Davis Chevrolet, Inc., a nonoperating automobile dealership located within the boundaries of the Navajo Nation ("Nation"), a federally recognized Indian tribe. In the present case, the trustee's first cause of action focuses on disallowance of the Nation's two proofs of claim, alleging the Nation entered into a lease with Don *677 and Eula Davis for rental of the more.

Citation: 181 B.R. 71 | Docket No.: Bankruptcy No. 93-09903-PHX-SSC
Status: Published | Citing: 29
Summary: 181 B.R. 71 (1995) In re Michael P. O'BRIEN and Barbara A. O'Brien, Debtors. *72 *73 Russell A. Brown, Brown & Sunkin, P.C., Chandler, AZ, for debtors. Procedural History MICHAEL P. O'BRIEN and BARBARA A. O'BRIEN, the Debtors herein, filed their Chapter 13 petition and Chapter 13 plan on September 24, 1993. At that hearing, Ralph McDonald, the Chapter 13 Trustee, and the Debtors agreed that essentially a legal issue had arisen as to the treatment of postconfirmation tax refunds, which issue more.

Citation: 108 B.R. 728 | Docket No.: Bankruptcy No. B-85-0885-PHX-RGM, Adv. No. 87-664
Status: Published | Citing: 14
Summary: 108 B.R. 728 (1989) In re Robert Leroy MAREADY and Ann H. Maready, Debtors. The main issues before the court are 1) whether the settlement agreement entered into between Robert Maready (Mr. Maready), and Lisbeth Huish (Ms. Huish) also binds Ann H. Maready (Mrs. Ann Maready) and whether the community property of Mr. Maready and Mrs. Ann Maready (Mareadys) is liable for the stipulated judgment entered against Mr. Maready; and 2) whether, on the record before the Court, *730 the community property more.

Citation: 181 B.R. 433 | Docket No.: Bankruptcy Nos. 92-02355-PHX-SSC, 92-02356-PHX-SSC. Adv. No. 93-768
Status: Published | Citing: 41
Summary: 181 B.R. 433 (1995) In re Stephen SOLL, Debtor. In re Gloria SOLL, Debtor. LITTLE PAT, INC.; Robert J. Davis as Trustee for the estates of Stephen Soll and Gloria Soll, and Esther Ambrose, Plaintiffs, v. Edward N. CONTER, Richard J. Bailey, III, Charles Kinsley and June Kinsley, Richard Coghan, McBride & Associates and Christopher McBride, Defendants. February 22, 1995. [2] On or about October 16, 1991, Little Pat sold the Bar to GLORIA and STEVEN SOLL (hereinafter "the Solls"). Conter also more.

Citation: 193 B.R. 537 | Docket No.: Bankruptcy No. 94-2172-PHX-CGC
Status: Published | Citing: 11
Summary: 193 B.R. 537 (1996) In re Robert M. SERNA, Sr. and Anita C. Serna, Debtors. Before the Court is the Debtors' modified plan, filed October 13, 1995 (the "Modified Plan"). The original plan was filed on March 22, 1994, confirmed on October 19, 1994, and provided: *538 Debtors shall pay $407.00 per month to the Trustee, on or before the fifteenth (15) day of each month, commencing April 15, 1994. . . . West v. Costen, 826 F.2d 1376, 1378 (4th Cir.1987) and In re Eves, 67 B.R. 964, 967 (N.D.Ohio more.

Citation: 409 B.R. 503 | Docket No.: 2-09-bk-01534-CGC
Status: Published | Citing: 6
Summary: 409 B.R. 503 (2009) Jason Willis EPPERSON, Debtor. The issues for the Court are: (1) whether the Debtor may claim a household size of two on his Means Test and (2) how much of the Roommate's income the Debtor must claim in current monthly income. The Debtor alleges that his Roommate recently reduced the $900 contribution to $250 and on May 26, 2009 the Debtor amended his Schedule I reflecting this decrease. [3] According to 11 U.S.C. § 101(10A), "current monthly income": (A) means the average more.

Citation: 169 B.R. 956 | Docket No.: Bankruptcy Nos. 93-02216-PCT-SSC, 93-02217-PCT-RTB
Status: Published | Citing: 32
Summary: 169 B.R. 956 (1994) In re Roger K. GLAZE, Debtor. Paul J. WINTER, Josephine M. Winter and Mohave Realty, Inc., Movants, v. Roger K. GLAZE; Wilma A. Ferris and Rhonda Repp, Trustee, Respondents. Procedural History This matter is before the Court pursuant to the "Motions to Assume Contract to Sell Real Estate Property and Pay Real Estate Commission" and the "Motions for Relief from Automatic Stay" filed by PAUL J. WINTER and JOSEPHINE M. WINTER (hereinafter the "Winters") and MOHAVE REALTY, INC. ( more.

Citation: 240 B.R. 24 | Docket No.: Bankruptcy No. B-99-01969-PHX-RGM. Adversary No. 99-00128
Status: Published | Citing: 20
Summary: 240 B.R. 24 (1999) In re PMI-DVW REAL ESTATE HOLDINGS, L.L.P., an Arizona limited liability partnership, Debtor. Maricopa County, a political Subdivision, et al., Plaintiff, v. PMI-DVW Real Estate Holdings, L.L.P., an Arizona limited liability partnership, Defendant. On February 4, 1999 the County filed a Complaint in Condemnation (Eminent Domain) in the Maricopa County Superior Court, Maricopa County v. PMI-DVW Real Estate Holdings, L.L.P., case no. On February 24, 1999 the Debtor filed a more.