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Citation: 328 F. Supp. 2d 303 | Docket No.: 1:03-cv-1289
Status: Published | Citing: 29
Summary: 328 F. Supp. 2d 303 (2004) Jody FABRIKANT and Russell A. Schindler, Plaintiff, v. Christine FRENCH; William DeRidder; Hector L. Mejias, Jr.; John Spinato; Catherine Palmer-Wemp; Walter Sasse; Christina Khuly; David Stark; Diane Stark; Ulster County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals; Bradley Knee; Avery Smith; Laraine Caliri; and Thomas Nace, Defendants. I. INTRODUCTION Plaintiffs Jody Fabrikant ("Fabrikant" or "plaintiff"), an individual who owned a variety of animals, and more.

Citation: 876 F. Supp. 18 | Docket No.: 3:91-cv-612
Status: Published | Citing: 4
Summary: 876 F. Supp. LEXIS 7848, at *2 (S.D.N.Y. June 10, 1994); see also Lussier v. Dugger, 904 F.2d 661, 667 (11th Cir.1990); O'Grady v. Secretary of the U.S. Dep't. of Health and Human Servs., 661 F. Supp.

Citation: 560 F. Supp. 207 | Docket No.: 82-CV-468
Status: Published | Citing: 25
Summary: 560 F. Supp. 207 (1983) CAPITAL TELEPHONE COMPANY, INC., Plaintiff, v. CITY OF SCHENECTADY, NEW YORK; City Council of the City of Schenectady, New York; Frank Duci, Individually and in his capacity as Mayor of the City of Schenectady, New York; Karen Johnson, David W. Roberts, Howard Carpenter, James Tedisco, Thomas Isabella, Thomas Mullen, Individually and in their capacity as Council Members of the City Council of the City of Schenectady, New York; Dom Gallo, Joseph Notar, Individually and in more.

Citation: 217 F. Supp. 2d 311 | Docket No.: 3:00-cv-773
Status: Published | Citing: 26
Summary: 217 F. Supp. United States v. Mason Tenders District Council of Greater New York, 909 F. Supp. Donovan, 716 F.2d at 1231-32; Reich v. Valley National Bank of Arizona, 837 F. Supp. Rice v. Rochester Laborers' Annuity Fund, 888 F. Supp. Marshall v. Glass/Metal Association and Glaziers & Glassworkers Pension Plan, 507 F. Supp. Donovan v. Bierwirth, 538 F. Supp. at 886; Lanka v. O'Higgins, 810 F. Supp.

Citation: 39 B.R. 991 | Docket No.: Bankruptcy No. 81-00173. 84-CV-275
Status: Published | Citing: 3
Summary: 39 B.R. 991 (1984) In re GARSAL REALTY, INC., Debtor. GARSAL REALTY, INC., Sally Gross, as Trustee of the Trust for Karen Rosenthal, Sally Gross, as Sole Stockholder of Garsal Realty, Inc., Sally Gross as Sole Officer of Garsal Realty, Inc., and Sally Gross as Sole Director of Garsal Realty, Inc., Appellants, v. Appellant, Garsal Realty, Inc. ["Garsal" or "debtor"], appeals from a decision of United States Bankruptcy Judge Leon J. Marketos issued December 16, 1983.

Citation: 5 F. Supp. 2d 89 | Docket No.: 1:98-cv-480
Status: Published | Citing: 12
Summary: 5 F. Supp. See Hiller Cranberry Products, Inc. v. Koplovsky Foods, Inc., 2 F. Supp. Hiller Cranberry, at 158 (citing In re Altabon Foods, Inc., 998 F.2d 718, 720 (9th Cir.1993); In re Lombardo Fruit and Produce Co., 12 F.3d 806, 809 (8th Cir.1993); In re Davis Distributors, Inc., 861 F.2d 416, 417-18 (4th Cir.1988); Mid-Valley Produce Corp. v. 4-XXX Produce Corp., 819 F. Supp.

Citation: 616 F. Supp. 2d 299 | Docket No.: 9:06-cv-1071
Status: Published | Citing: 23
Summary: (2007) Luis M. ROMAN, Plaintiff, v. J. DONELLI, Superintendent, Bare Hill Correctional Facility, et al., Defendants. I. Introduction Plaintiff pro se Luis M. Roman ("Roman") brings this action pursuant to 42 U.S.C. § 1983. Defendants' pre-answer motion to dismiss was referred to Chief Magistrate Judge Gustave J. DiBianco for report and recommendation.Discussion A. Procedural Due Process and Eighth Amendment Claims Judge DiBianco has recommended that the defendants' motion to dismiss be granted more.

Citation: 65 B.R. 886 | Docket No.: 86-CV-829
Status: Published | Citing: 2
Summary: 65 B.R. 886 (1986) PEAT, MARWICK, MITCHELL & CO., Plaintiff, v. CREDITOR'S COMMITTEE OF NORTHEAST DAIRY COOPERATIVE FEDERATION, INC., Defendant. The accounting firm of Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co. ("Peat, Marwick") has appealed from an order of the Bankruptcy Court ordering production of the financial records of the debtor Northeast Dairy Cooperative Federation, Inc. ("NEDCO") maintained by Peat, Marwick. However, Peat, Marwick has a valid claim for protection of Peat Marwick's audit more.

Citation: 417 F. Supp. 74 | Docket No.: 75-CV-109
Status: Published | Citing: 8
Summary: 417 F. Supp. [*] By this action filed March 3, 1975, the United States of America sought to assert priority of and foreclose various federal tax liens upon a fund then held by defendant James J. Hage, an attorney. The Faxton Hospital claims a lien on the fund pursuant to New York Lien Law, § 189, which, it contends, is entitled to priority over the tax lien of the United States.

Citation: 806 F. Supp. 1045 | Docket No.: 88-CV-283
Status: Published | Citing: 48
Summary: 806 F. Supp. See Lopez v. S.B. Thomas, Inc., 831 F.2d 1184, 1187 (2d Cir.1987) (citing United States v. Diebold, Inc., 369 U.S. 654, 655, 82 S. Ct. 993, 994, 8 L. Ed. Greenblatt v. Prescription Plan Services Corp., 783 F. Supp. Rosen v. Thornburgh, 928 F.2d 528, 533 (2d Cir. For example, in Meiri v. Dacon, 759 F.2d 989 (2d Cir.)1992) (and cases cited therein); cf. Tyler, 958 F.2d at 1180 (citations omitted) ("[N]ew York courts have consistently looked to federal caselaw in expounding the Human more.

Citation: 939 F. Supp. 160 | Docket No.: 6:94-cv-211
Status: Published | Citing: 20
Summary: 939 F. Supp. Co., 949 F.2d 576, 580 (2d Cir.1991). 2d 265 (1986); Thompson v. Gjivoje, 896 F.2d 716, 720 (2d Cir.1990). 2d 538 (1986); Project Release v. Prevost, 722 F.2d 960, 968 (2d Cir.1983). Tiner v. General Motors Corp., 909 F. Supp. Beil v. Lakewood Eng'g and Mfg. Co., 15 F.3d 546, 552-553 (6th Cir.1994) (quoting Welsh v. United States, 844 F.2d 1239, 1246 (6th Cir.1988)); see also Alexander v. National Farmers Org., 687 F.2d 1173, 1205-06 (8th Cir.1982) (severe sanction of dismissal more.

Citation: 28 F.2d 898 |
Status: Published | Citing: 14
Summary: 28 F.2d 898 (1928) UNITED STATES v. NAPELA. Section 611 of title 18 USCA (the Espionage Act as enacted in 1917) provides for the issuance of the search warrant by a United States District Judge, a United States commissioner, or a state magistrate. 982; U. S. v. Tom Wah (D. C.) 160 F. 207; U. S. v. Jones (D. C.) 230 F. 262, 264. Veeder v. U. S. (C. C. A.) 252 F. 414; U. S. v. Elliott (C. C. A.) 5 F.(2d) 292. U. S. v. Madden (D. C.) 297 F. 679; Francis Drug Co. v. Potter (D. C.) 275 F. 615; In re more.

Citation: 555 F. Supp. 2d 328 | Docket No.: 1:07-cv-476
Status: Published | Citing: 22
Summary: (2008) BROADCAST MUSIC, INC.; George Thorogood d/b/a Del Sound Music; Universal-Songs of Polygram International, Inc.; John Bienstock d/b/a Johnny Bienstock Music; Bochephus Music, Inc.; Horipro Entertainment Group, Inc. d/b/a Sixteen Stars Music; Songs of Universal, Inc.; SONY/ATV Songs LLC d/b/a SONY/ATV Acuff Rose Music; John W. Patte, Sr. d/b/a Yvonne Publishing Co.; SONY/ATV Songs LLC d/b/a SONY/ATV Tree Publishing; Warner-Tamerlane Publishing *329 Corp.; Sheryl Suzanne Crow d/b/a Old Crow more.

Citation: 886 F. Supp. 242 | Docket No.: 3:94-cv-982
Status: Published | Citing: 10
Summary: 886 F. Supp. In the case before the court, plaintiffs Roxbury Taxpayers Alliance and three voter-residents of Delaware County, challenge the system of apportionment which allocates weighted votes to members of the Delaware County Board of Supervisors. By allocating votes in proportion to the population of the electoral district, weighted voting plans were used as a device for satisfying the one person one vote requirement, while simultaneously preserving traditional *245 political subdivisions more.

Citation: 919 F. Supp. 617 | Docket No.: 6:94-cv-704
Status: Published | Citing: 20
Summary: 919 F. Supp. [5] The complaint, which is brought against defendants in both their individual and official capacities, seeks the following relief: (1) A judgment declaring, inter alia: (a) That Grievance # SS-14059-91 is discriminatory and should be amended; (b) That Satanism is a bona fide religion; and (c) That plaintiff be permitted to own and possess various items, such as a three inch metal bell, which he claims are required to perform rituals central to his religion; (2) Injunctive relief more.

Citation: 871 F. Supp. 1551 | Docket No.: 90-CV-938
Status: Published | Citing: 23
Summary: 871 F. Supp. 2d 611 (1978); Al-Jundi v. Rockefeller, 885 F.2d 1060, 1065 (2d Cir.1989). Discussion Plaintiff claims that Officer White, Officer Young and Hearing Officer Patterson violated the Fourteenth Amendment in three instances: when plaintiff's cell was entered and allegedly false charges of weapon possession were brought against him, when defendants allegedly failed to give him adequate notice of these charges, and when defendants conducted a hearing on these charges allegedly suffused more.

Citation: 733 F. Supp. 141 | Docket No.: 89-CV-1184
Status: Published | Citing: 26
Summary: 733 F. Supp. On January 2, 1990, the court filed an order denying plaintiff's motion to remand on the basis that the action is one for the collection of benefits due under an ERISA covered employee benefit plan—federal question jurisdiction being based upon 29 U.S.C. § 1132(e). The first portion, which discusses the scope of coverage afforded by the plan states: Benefits will be paid for bodily injury, either on or off the job, caused solely by accidental, violent and external means, and, more.

Citation: 290 F. Supp. 2d 301 | Docket No.: 5:01-cv-1939
Status: Published | Citing: 22
Summary: 290 F. Supp. I. INTRODUCTION Plaintiff Carolyn Byerly commenced this action against Defendant Ithaca College on December 20, 2001, alleging sex discrimination and retaliation in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 42 U.S.C. § 2000e, and the New York State Human Rights Law, N.Y. Exec. Presently before the Court are Defendant's motion for judgment on the pleadings pursuant to Rule 12(c) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure or, in the alternative, for summary judgment more.

Citation: 103 F. Supp. 2d 552 | Docket No.: 97-CV-0419 (NAM)
Status: Published | Citing: 16
Summary: 103 F. Supp. (comparing cases), and Carter, 1999 WL 14014, *5 n. 2 (same), and Woods v. Fitzpatrick, 1999 WL 221108, at *4 (S.D.N.Y.1999) ("since the available administrative procedure could not provide the relief Plaintiff requests, exhaustion is not appropriate in this case"), and White, 19 F.Supp.2d at 316-17 (same), and Garrett v. Hawk, 127 F.3d 1263, 1267 (10th Cir.1997) (in Bivens action brought by federal prisoner, § 1997e(a)'s exhaustion requirement did not apply where inmate could not more.

Citation: 796 F. Supp. 662 |
Status: Published | Citing: 29
Summary: 796 F. Supp. 662 (1992) The FUND FOR ACCURATE AND INFORMED REPRESENTATION, INC., Juan De Sanctis, Augustine C. Chen, Onel Alfraro, Margaret Quigley, Helen K. Horn, Calvin L. Walton, Juan L. Jimenez, Felix Figueroa, Alfred Hong, Emory N. Jackson and Juan De La Cruz, Brooklyn Political Action Committee, Inc., Martin Chicon, Ronald Travis, Martha Howlette, Louis Deguzman, Marion Phillips, Bay Ridge Community Council, Inc., and George K. Arthur, Plaintiffs, v. Saul WEPRIN, both Individually and as more.