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Summary: 50 F.2d 228 (1930) In re ALDAY MOTOR CO. At the same time the secretary-treasurer of the bankrupt, acting as agent of one of the petitioners, would execute a so-called trust receipt in the following form: "Received of (either petitioner bank or petitioner finance corporation) for storage, the automobile described herein to be stored in the building 1214 Broad Street, Chattanooga, Tennessee (here description motor number of automobile). "The District Court in its opinion [30 F. (2d) 551, 553], more.

Summary: 588 F. Supp. This request was denied, but the order granting summary judgment contained the following language: Plaintiffs' prayers for an interlocutory [appeal] shall be and they are hereby denied, but plaintiffs shall have the right to appeal the action of this Court upon the entry of final judgment as to the remaining claims and defendants herein.