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Summary: 17 F.2d 160 (1927) NICCUM et ux. On petition of the defendant the Northern Assurance Company, Limited, filed September 29, 1925, the case was removed to this court. Plaintiffs, Lewis Niccum and Vesta Niccum, husband and wife, are citizens of Michigan. The complaint alleges that the plaintiffs, Lewis and Vesta Niccum, owned real estate which they sold to Joseph and Dorothy Schuman, who immediately mortgaged the property back to the plaintiffs jointly for $1,000 purchase money, stipulating in the more.

Summary: 618 F. Supp. In applying the Wolff v. McDonnell, supra, standard, this court in Hendrix v. Faulkner, 525 F. Supp. Wellman v. Faulkner, 715 F.2d 269 (1983), stated: Plaintiff Wellman secondly complains that he was denied the lay assistance of his choice at the disciplinary hearing ... (Wolff v. McDonnell, supra, quote above is cited) ... This does not rise to a constitutional level because the C.A.B. fully complied with the requirements of Wolff in regard to lay assistance.

Summary: 8 F.2d 626 (1925) In re DAIRY MARKETING ASS'N OF FT. WAYNE, Inc. The facts, so far as may be necessary to a decision of this question, are stipulated by the parties and briefly are as follows: Defendant, Dairy Marketing Association of Ft. Wayne, Inc., is incorporated under an act of the Legislature of the state of Indiana approved February 23, 1925 (Acts 1925, c. 20), and entitled "An act to authorize and provide for the incorporation, organization, management and control of nonprofit, more.