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Summary: Certainly; one may chase cattle out of his own land with a dog, so may a commoner; and if my dog chases them on another's land contrary to my will, trespass does not lie, and the party may chase cattle out of his land on that of the owner of the cattle, but not if it be shown with corn; and yet in cases of necessity, he may chase them on the owner's corn land.

Summary: There is only one main point in this case, viz.: What estate is given by this devise: I devise my house to Ann, my wife, to dispose at her pleasure,and to give it to one of my sons, to which she pleases?

Summary: This case has been argued in all the common law courts, and has been adjudged for the plaintiff in the Exchequer and the Common Bench. I conclude with the authorities of the Exchequer and the Common Bench: conceiving that much reverence is due to their opinion; although a person at the bar has boldly scandalized them, saying that judgment was confessed by the King's attorney, for a good fee, on behalf of his client. With regard to the *judgment in the Common Bench — of the Judges that sat on more.

Summary: The plaintiff showed in his declaration that there was a conversation between him and the defendant about the purchase of a certain quantity of herb for dying, called woad, viz., five loads, at the rate of 6d.

Summary: Damages are increased without the assent of the parties, or the request of the plaintiff, and the request is not well alleged, because it is not necessary to have a request for judgment of damages assessed by the jurors.

Summary: Noy. The case is this: Gulielm Shelley conveyed lands to the use of himself for life, remainder to John Shelley and the heirs of his body, etc., provided that if the said Gulielm Shelley, at any time during his life, shall give, tender, pay, or offer to the covenantees, or the survivors of them, or the heir of the survivor, a ring, or pair of gloves of the value of 12d. The Queen reciting the attainder of Gulielm Shelley, and the conveyance gave power to Sir John Foscue to deliver a ring, or a more.

Summary: The reason why an infant cannot appear by attorney is because he cannot make a warrant.