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Summary: 348, 290 F. 323 (Sun Glo and Sun Proof); Franco-Italian Packing Corp. v. Van Camp Sea Food Co., Inc., 142 F.2d 274, 31 C.C.P.A., Patents, 1029 (Gem-of-the-Sea and Chicken of the Sea); Valpo Co. v. Solis, Entrialgo y Compania, 175 F.2d 457, 36 C.C.P.A., Patents, 1160 (Love Lane and Forbidden Love); Rite-Rite Mfg. Co. v. Rite-Craft Co., 181 F.2d 226, 37 C.C.P.A., Patents, 963 (Rite-Rite and Rite-Craft); In re Blue Lake Producers Cooperative, 194 F.2d 126, 39 C.C.P.A., Patents, 805 (Oregon's more.

Summary: 197 F.2d 545 Application of BLOOD. On the filing of such application the Commissioner of Patents shall cause an examination thereof to be made and, if on such examination it shall appear that such application conforms, or by amendment or supplement is made to conform, to the requirements of this Act, the Commissioner shall cause notice of such application to be published at least once in the Official Gazette. 9 The record discloses that the application for the involved patent was filed by more.

Summary: 420 F.2d 1086 Application of MAJESTIC DISTILLING COMPANY, Inc. In re Walker Manufacturing Co., 359 F.2d 474, 53 CCPA 1133 (1966); In re Preformed Line Products Co., 323 F.2d 1007, 51 CCPA 775 (1963); Roselux Chem.

Summary: 386 F.2d 1015 Application of Frank B. ROSENBERGER and Corwin R. Brandt. A process of producing a molded thermoset object having a glossy, stain-resistant surface that comprises: introducing into a molding zone, a charge comprising a molding compound of a fusible, thermosetting resin of the group consisting of urea- and melamine-aldehyde resins; molding said charge while in said molding zone into a partially cured molded object; introducing, in granular form, on at least one surface of said more.

Summary: 343 F.2d 771 POLAROID CORPORATION, Appellant, v. ANKEN CHEMICAL & FILM CORPORATION, Assignee of Cormac Photo-copy Corporation, Appellee. 2 Application1 was filed by the Cormac Photocopy Corporation to register the mark "POLYCOPY" and duly assigned by it in March 1961 conveying all of Cormac's interest and good will in the trademark to Anken Chemical & Film Corporation, appellee here.

Summary: 434 F.2d 1399 MIDLAND INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION, Appellant, v. MIDLAND COOPERATIVES, INC., Appellee. 1 Midland International Corporation (hereinafter International) appeals from the decision of the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board dismissing its opposition to Midland Cooperatives, Inc.'s (hereinafter Cooperatives) application1 for registration of the term "MIDLAND" as its trademark, and from the decision of the board on its petition for reconsideration and renewed motion for summary judgment, more.

Summary: 379 F.2d 1007 Application of Herman HOEKSEMA. In re Brown, 329 F.2d 1006, 51 CCPA 1254. In addition, appellant submitted an affidavit by one Dr. Paul F. Wiley who stated: that he does not believe the fermentation process disclosed in De Boer et al. could be adapted to the production of the instant claimed compounds; that the 6-amino-9-D-psicofuranosylpurine of De Boer et al. could not be transformed by direct chemical substitution of the 6-amino group to the presently claimed compounds; and more.

Summary: 242 F.2d 776 RAND McNALLY & COMPANY, Appellant, v. CHRISTMAS CLUB, a Corporation, Appellee. 1 This is an appeal from the decision of the Assistant Commissioner of Patents acting for the Commissioner in a cancelation proceeding instituted by Rand McNally & Company, the appellant here, against Trademark Registration No. 225,139, issued to appellee on March 15, 1927 and republished under the Act of 1946 on February 15, 1949, for the mark "Christmas Club" as applied to a magazine.

Summary: 368 F.2d 262 Application of Elijah Charles CHAMBLEE. A well pipe hanger device including, an annular base positioned at the upper end of a well bore and having an opening therein which is at least as large as the well bore within which a plurality of well pipes are to be suspended, a sectional hanger assembly adapted to be seated within the opening in said base, said hanger assembly having at least two openings extending therethrough with each opening being formed by complementary recesses more.

Summary: 223 F.2d 943 Scott F. HUNT, Appellant, v. Irven E. COFFEY, Appellee (two cases). Irven E. COFFEY, Appellant, v. Scott F. HUNT, Appellee (two cases). 1 These are appeals by Scott F. Hunt from the decision of the Board of Interference Examiners of the United States Patent Office awarding priority of invention to the party Irven E. Coffey in Interferences No. 82,555 and 82,262. These interferences involved Hunt's patent application, Serial No. 727,648, filed May 26, 1934 (a continuation of the more.

Summary: 183 F.2d 92 Application of HANSEN et al. 1 This appeal is from a decision of the Board of Appeals of the United States Patent Office affirming that of the Primary Examiner finally rejecting method claims 50, 52, 53, 62, and 93, and article claims 55, 58, and 60, of a patent application, serial No. 429,508, filed February 4, 1942, "For High Frequency Power Measuring Device," as lacking invention over the prior art. In re Stacy, 135 F.2d 232, 30 C.C.P.A., Patents, 972; In re Williford, 158 F.2d more.

Summary: 301 F.2d 927 WINCHARGER CORPORATION, Appellant, v. WIANCKO ENGINEERING COMPANY, Appellee. 5 The record shows "WINCO" was derived from appellant's corporate name, Wincharger Corporation, and "WIANCKO" is the surname of appellee's predecessor, who is now its president.

Summary: 276 F.2d 411 Application of Tobias KOTZIN (A-1 Manufacturing Co., Assignee, Substituted). In addition to the drawing the application contains a description of the mark reading as follows: "The trademark consists of a woven rectangular tag distinctively located by being vertically disposed and having one longitudinal edge inserted beneath and permanently attached by a seam or pleat across the waistband of the trousers, the label extending laterally of the seam or pleat, substantially as shown in more.

Summary: 314 F.2d 813 Application of Don C. KRAMMES. 1 This is an appeal from the decision of the Board of Appeals of the United States Patent Office affirming the examiner's rejection of claims 18, 19, 23 through 27 and 29 of appellant's application for a patent for a floor scrubber. A unitary floor scrubbing and drying appliance comprising, a water pick up suction nozzle for contact with a floor to be scrubbed, suction creating means, a suction line connecting said suction creating means to said more.

Summary: 438 F.2d 1241 CONSOLIDATED CORK CORP., Appellant, v. 1 This appeal is from the decision and judgment of the Customs Court, First Division,1 overruling the importer's seven consolidated protests to the collector's classification of certain granulated cork from Portugal under item 220.10, Tariff Schedules of the United States (TSUS) as cork, granulated or ground, weighing not over 6 pounds per cubic foot uncompressed. It appears from the record that prescreened and sized cork particles, termed " more.