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Citation: 261 F.2d 601 | Docket No.: 6385
Status: Published | Citing: 4
Summary: 261 F.2d 601 Matter of the Application of Julian ROGOFF. 6 The following statement as to the history of appellant's application, so far as pertinent to the instant rejection, is found in the board's decision: 7 "Seven days after the issuance of appellant's patent No. 2,429,585, the single claim thereof was copied by the party Watts in a reissue application of the Watts patent No. 2,410,321, which had issued on October 29, 1946, as claim 5 of the reissue application, together with claims 6 and 7, more.

Citation: 255 F.2d 935 | Docket No.: 6339
Status: Published | Citing: 2
Summary: 255 F.2d 935 Vance W. TOLLE and Paul E. Ludy, Appellants, v. William A. STARKEY, Appellee. 1 This is an appeal from the decision of the Patent Office Board of Patent Interferences awarding priority of invention of the subject matter of interference No. 87,020 to the senior party, William A. Starkey, the appellee here. Reed v. Edwards, 101 F.2d 550, 26 C.C.P.A., Patents, 901; Kohl v. Wilms, 175 F.2d 466, 36 C.C.P.A., Patents, 1099. 28 Similarly, in the instant case, we are of the opinion that, more.

Citation: 193 F.2d 194 | Docket No.: 5817
Status: Published | Citing: 16
Summary: 1158; Yale Electric Corporation v. Robertson, 2 Cir., 26 F.2d 972; L. E. Waterman Co. v. Gordon, 2 Cir., 72 F.2d 272 4 Cheek-Neal Coffee Co. v. Hal Dick Mfg. Co., 40 F.2d 106, 17 C.C.P.A., Patents, 1103, 1104 5 The I. E. Palmer Co. v. Nashua Manufacturing Co., 34 F.2d 1002, 1005, 17 C. C.P.A., Patents, 583, 586 6 The B. F. Goodrich Co. v. Hockmeyer, 40 F.2d 99, 17 C.C.P.A., Patents, 1068, 1075 7 Lever Brothers Co. v. Sitroux Co., 109 F.2d 445, 27 C.C.P.A., Patents, 858 8 Rice-Stix Dry Goods Co. more.

Citation: 210 F.2d 832 | Docket No.: 5994
Status: Published | Citing: 1
Summary: 210 F.2d 832 Application of FLICK et al. A leak-proof seal, for a piston rod adapted to reciprocate through the head of a pressure cylinder, comprising: a flexible packing having an axially extending sleeve portion provided with a bore to make a close sliding fit with a piston rod for substantially the entire length of said packing, the front of said sleeve portion being beveled externally and forming a sharp annular lip at the front end of the bore; a pressure ring having a cylindrical bore more.

Citation: 276 F.2d 405 | Docket No.: 6490
Status: Published | Citing: 2
Summary: 276 F.2d 405 Application of James G. BALMER, Jr. 4 The examiner and the Board of Appeals have rejected the present application on the showing in this picture of a tire design which is asserted to be substantially the same as the design presented in the present application except for such changes as would have been obvious to a tire designer.

Citation: 76 F.2d 412 | Docket No.: Customs Appeal No. 3832
Status: Published | Citing: 3
Summary: 76 F.2d 412 (1935) CARL ZEISS, Inc., v. UNITED STATES. This is an appeal from a judgment of the United States Customs Court in reappraisement No. 105502-A. *413 Merchandise, consisting of a prism binocular, 6x24, the figure 6 meaning "six times magnification," and the figure 24 meaning "the diameter of the objective lens, in millimeters," imported from Germany, was appraised by the local appraiser at the port of New York upon the basis of the American selling price as defined in section 402 (g) more.

Citation: 424 F.2d 620 | Docket No.: 8291
Status: Published | Citing: 3
Summary: 424 F.2d 620 Application of Ellen L. MOCHEL. A glass article exhibiting high strength after being subjected to surface abrasion, said article comprising a soda aluminosilicate glass containing, by weight on the oxide basis, about 10-25% Na2 O, 10-25% A12 O3, the total of the Na2 O and A12 O3 together with SiO2 constituting at least 80% by weight of the glass composition and having a surface compressive stress layer created by ion exchange replacement of sodium ions by hydrogen ions, whereby the more.

Citation: 275 F.2d 728 | Docket No.: 6473
Status: Published | Citing: 1
Summary: 275 F.2d 728 TROPIC-AIRE, INCORPORATED (McGraw-Edison Company, assignee substituted) v. APPROVED PRODUCTS, INC., Doing Business as Windsor Chemical Laboratories. After acquisition by McGraw-Edison Company, Tropic-Aire, Inc., discontinued production of bus and auto hot water heaters, room air-conditioners, and bus air-conditioners, production of the latter being transferred to the Clarke Division of McGraw-Edison Company. The witnesses, Mr. Bonitzer, Treasurer of Tropic-Aire, Inc., since 1951, more.

Citation: 203 F.2d 753 | Docket No.: 5964
Status: Published | Cited By: 1 Primary Sources | Citing: 5
Summary: 203 F.2d 753 Application of HERCULES FASTENERS, Inc. In re American Cyanamid & Chemical Corp., 99 F.2d 964, 26 C.C.P.A., Patents, 712; In re Effervescent Products, Inc., 132 F.2d 142, 30 C. C.P.A., Patents, 762. See In re Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Inc., 87 F.2d 736, 24 C.C.P.A., Patents, 872, and In re Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Inc., 87 F.2d 737, 24 C.C.P.A., Patents, 879.

Citation: 275 F.2d 955 | Docket No.: 6526
Status: Published | Cited By: 2 Primary Sources | Citing: 3
Summary: 275 F.2d 955 DAGGETT & RAMSDELL, INC. v. PROCTER & GAMBLE COMPANY. 5 Sundure Paint Corp. v. Maas & Waldstein Co., 267 F.2d 943, 46 CCPA 926; Mayer Chemical Co. v. Anahist Co., Inc. (Warner-Lambert Pharmaceutical Co., Assignee, substituted), 263 F.2d 344, 46 CCPA 784 20 WORLEY, Chief Judge (dissenting).

Citation: 343 F.2d 980 | Docket No.: 7106
Status: Published | Citing: 18
Summary: 343 F.2d 980 Application of Frederick C. FOSTER. Clarence W. Moore, Washington, D. C. (Raymond E. Martin, Washington, D. C., of counsel), for Commissioner of Patents. 1 This is an appeal from the decision of the Board of Appeals affirming the rejection of the claims in appellant's patent application.1 2 The invention relates to elastomeric synthetic polymers said to combine the desirable properties of natural Hevea rubber and the presently employed synthetic rubbers. 26 Considering first the more.

Citation: 74 F.2d 129 | Docket No.: Patent Appeals Nos. 3347, 3348
Status: Published | Citing: 6
Summary: 74 F.2d 129 (1934) ALTORFER et al. v. HAAG. The subject-matter of the ring is involved in companion interference No. 56,454, Altorfer v. Haag, 74 F.(2d) 135, 22 Cow. Throughout the proceeding it was urged that in view of Altorfer's long delay in getting into the Patent Office (over four years from the date of conception) and in view of his conduct during that period and subsequent to his filing date, he should be estopped from claiming the counts; that if he had completed his invention as more.

Citation: 53 F.2d 900 | Docket No.: Patent Appeal No. 2792
Status: Published | Citing: 3
Summary: 53 F.2d 900 (1931) In re HARGRAVES. 121; Protex Signal Co. v. Feniger (C. C. A.) 11 F.(2d) 43; Bayley & Sons v. Standard Art Glass (C. C. A.) 249 F. 478; White Co. v. Converse & Son Co. (C. C. A.) 20 F.(2d) 311; President Suspender Co. v. Macwilliam (D. C.) 233 F. 433; Williams v. Neverslip Mfg. Co., supra. Follen v. Lambert Tire & Rubber Co. (D. C.) 8 F.(2d) 303; Pashek v. Dunlop Tyre & Rubber Co. (D. C.) 8 F.(2d) 640; North British Rubber Co. v. Racine Rubber Tire Co. (C. C. A.) 271 F. 936.

Citation: 283 F.2d 879 | Docket No.: 6565
Status: Published
Summary: 283 F.2d 879 LEVER BROTHERS COMPANY, Appellant, v. PRODUCERS CHEMICAL SERVICE (Petroleum Specialty Company, Assignee, Substituted), Appellee.

Citation: 107 F.2d 819 | Docket No.: Customs Appeals Nos. 4222, 4223, 4232
Status: Published | Citing: 8
Summary: 107 F.2d 819 (1939) LOUIS WOLF & CO. v. UNITED STATES. (b) Nothing in this section shall be construed to prevent the application, with respect to rates of duty established under this section pursuant to agreements with countries other than Cuba, of the provisions of the treaty of commercial reciprocity concluded between the United States and the Republic of Cuba on December 11, 1902, or to preclude giving effect to an exclusive agreement with Cuba concluded under this section, modifying the more.