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Summary: {'text': ['LAW, Appellant, v. Patricia Rich LAW, Appellee. No. 5-5257. Supreme Court of Arkansas. June 1, 1970.', "Law and the three other children to appellee Patricia Rich Law, dismissed appellant's cross-complaint and awarded appellee a divorce upon her complaint", 'For the support and maintenance of Donna Law, Jennifer Law, and Jefrey Law, $100.00 per month for each. C.'], 'title': ['Law v. Law']}

Summary: {'text': ['his ex-wife, Brenda Law, in state court.', 'Tennessee law applies in this diversity action. Erie R.R. Co. v. Tompkins, 304 U.S. 64 (1938).', '“Mere initiation of\n\na law suit, though accompanied by a malicious ulterior motive, is not abuse of process.” Id.'], 'title': ['Law v. Law']}

Summary: {'text': ['LAW and Gary W. Law, Trustees of the Virginia M. Law Trust, Defendants-Below, Appellants, v. William A. LAW, III, Reed A. Law, Annette L.', 'Law annually.', 'NOTES [1] Law v. Law, Del. Ch., C.A. No. 14352, 1999 WL 126997 (Feb. 24, 1999) (Mem.Op.). [2] Law v. Law, Del. Ch., C.A.'], 'title': ['Law v. Law']}

Summary: {'text': ['Law,\n Appellant,\n\n vs.\n\n Benjamin F.', 'In October 2010, after nearly twenty seven years of marriage, Ruth and\n\nBenjamin Law separated and Ruth moved out of the marital home.', 'or the establishment of new law, as it applied to\n the material facts, with a reasonable expectation of success'], 'title': ['Law v. Law']}

Summary: {'text': ['LAW, Appellant, v. Robert R. LAW, Barbara Law, Kimberly Pero and Teresa Fitzsimmons, Appellees. No. 98-2416.', 'Appellant is the former wife of appellee Robert Law and has a judgment against him for support payments.', 'A contract for sale, however, does not as a matter of law end homestead status.'], 'title': ['Law v. Law']}

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Summary: {'title': ['Law v. Law']}

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Summary: {'title': ['Law v. Law']}

Summary: {'text': ['258 Ga. 190 (1988) 366 S.E.2d 680 LAW v. CHEEK-LAW. 45219. Supreme Court of Georgia. Decided April 7, 1988.'], 'title': ['Law v. Cheek-Law']}

Summary: {'text': ['"General law," "local law" and "special law" defined.', 'a local law.', 'A local law is a law which is not a general law or a special or private law.'], 'title': ['Sec. 110. "General law," "local law" and "special law" defined.']}

Summary: {'text': ['683.22 Law Day and Law Week. — (1) May 1 of each year is designated as "Law Day," and the week starting with the Sunday preceding May 1 is proclaimed "', 'Law Week" in Florida.', 'If May 1 falls on a Sunday, Law Week begins on that day.'], 'title': ['683.22 Law Day and Law Week. —']}

Summary: {'text': ['409.040 Federal law supersedes state law. (1) To the extent that there is any conflict between chapter 319, Oregon Laws 1971, and any federal law referred', 'to or to be administered under chapter 319, Oregon Laws 1971, the federal law in effect on June 8, 1971, is controlling. (2) In all cases where federally'], 'title': ['409.040 Federal law supersedes state law.']}

Summary: {'text': ['210 P.3d 676 (2009) Margaret Russell LAW, Appellant, v.', '(Law Co.)', 'See Law Company Building Assoc. v. Law, No. 67,545, unpublished opinion filed April 2, 1993.'], 'title': ['Law v. LAW CO. BLDG. ASSOCIATES']}