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Summary: {'text': ['48 F.2d 555 (1931) BRIEF ENGLISH SYSTEMS, Inc., v. OWEN et al. No. 317. Circuit Court of Appeals, Second Circuit. April 6, 1931. *556 Arthur A.'], 'title': ['Brief English Systems v. Owen']}

Summary: {'text': ["While in the employ of defendant General Concrete Construction Company on April 27, 1938, plaintiffs' decedent, Levi Brief, injured his right middle finger", 'By May 9th, Brief had developed a sore throat and there was still a small amount of pus in the finger, and on May 13th he died of bronchial pneumonia.', 'The opinion of the department directs our attention to testimony that after the accident Brief was unable to sleep nights and slept only a few hours during'], 'title': ['Brief v. Concrete Const. Co.']}

Summary: {'text': ['BRIEF ENGLISH SYSTEMS, Inc. In re OWEN. No. 158. Circuit Court of Appeals, Second Circuit. December 7, 1931. *498 Arthur A.', 'The bill set forth that the complainant was a Delaware corporation and that the defendant, Brief English Systems, was a New York corporation indebted to', 'Carlos Israels, of the firm of White & Case, who were the solicitors for Brief English Systems, had represented to Judge Manton that Brief English Systems'], 'title': ['Kingsport Press v. Brief English Systems']}

Summary: {'text': ['Rptr. 515 KENDALL-BRIEF COMPANY, Petitioner, v. THE SUPERIOR COURT OF ORANGE COUNTY, Respondent; MARGARET S.', 'OPINION FOGG, J.[*] Kendall-Brief Company ("petitioner") has petitioned this court for a writ of mandate commanding the respondent Orange County Superior'], 'title': ['Kendall-Brief Co. v. Superior Court']}

Summary: {'text': ['10-2580-cv\nBrief v.', 'Brief\n\nchallenges the district court’s determination that he is not disabled within the meaning of these\n\nstatutes and that the Defendants did not deny', 'Federal Claims\n\n As a preliminary matter, because Brief has now graduated from medical school, received his\n\nM.D., and is participating in (or has'], 'title': ['Brief v. Albert Einstein College of Medicine']}

Summary: {'text': ['Before arbitration took place, however, Koziol and Stein-Brief engaged in settlement negotiations which Stein-Brief claimed resulted in an enforceable', 'Chris Dickson bought a lot in Ritz Cove, another Stein-Brief residential development.', 'In August 1992, Stein-Brief filed a declaratory relief action.'], 'title': ['Stein-Brief Group v. Home Indem. Co.']}

Summary: {'text': ['242 F.2d 511 PHILADELPHIA BRIEF CASE CO., a Partnership Comprising William Finkelstein, Joseph Finkelstein, Leonard Kolker (Plaintiffs), Appellants, Edward', 'J., on the brief), for appellants. Norman N. Popper, Newark, N. J., for appellee. Before MARIS, McLAUGHLIN and KALODNER, Circuit Judges.'], 'title': ['Philadelphia-brief-case-co-a-partnership-comprising-william-finkelstein']}

Summary: {'text': ['Flint, and one Edwin Irle and together they opened up a brief printing shop in that city, later forming a copartnership, and thereafter conducted the same', 'Paul company had therefore prior rights to the particular name, and in recognition thereof the new company adopted the name "Twin City Brief Printing Company'], 'title': ['Twin City Brief Printing Co. v. Review Pub. Co.']}

Summary: {'text': ['Supp. 425 (1956) PHILADELPHIA BRIEF CASE COMPANY et al., Plaintiff, v. SPECIALTY LEATHER PRODUCTS CO., Inc., Defendant. Civ. A. No. 325-55.', 'This patent case for infringement brought by the Philadelphia Brief Case *427 Company, a partnership, as plaintiff, hereinafter called "Philadelphia",'], 'title': ['Philadelphia Brief Case Co. v. Specialty Leather P. Co.']}

Summary: {'text': ['STANDARD BRIEF CASE CO., Inc., Defendant-Appellee. No. 27. Docket 25007. United States Court of Appeals Second Circuit.', 'extent repetitive, and the appellant concedes that claims 1 and 6, set out in the margin, fairly describe the claimed invention.1 The patent is upon a brief', "The patentee's first broadly stated claims to a brief case with a detachable carrier and binder were rejected after consideration of Krick, No. 504,840"], 'title': ['Savoy Leather Manufacturing Corporation v. Standard Brief Case Co., Inc.']}

Summary: {'text': ['556 So. 2d 1114 (1990) In re ORDER OF the FIRST DISTRICT COURT OF APPEAL REGARDING BRIEF FILED IN FORRESTER V. STATE. No. 74166.', 'court, not satisfied that counsel\'s brief complied with the dictates of Anders,[3] ordered counsel to file a supplemental brief on the issue of "`whether', 'We further agree that, [i]f appellate counsel wishes to file a brief in conformance with the dictates of Anders, the brief should make such argument as'], 'title': ['In RE ORDER OF FIRST DIST. CT. OF APPEAL REGARDING BRIEF FILED IN FORRESTER v. State']}

Summary: {'text': ['The Effect of an Appropriations Rider on the Authority of the\n Justice Department to File a Supreme Court Amicus Brief\n\n\nA rid er in the 1990 appropriations', 'No. 101-162, 103 Stat. 988 (1989) forbids the Department of Justice from\nfiling an amicus brief with the Supreme Court in Metro BroadcastingInc. v.', 'The Solicitor General authorized Civil Rights to file an informational\namicus brief with the court of appeals,5 and such a brief was in fact filed.6'], 'title': ['The Effect of an Appropriations Rider on the Authority of the Justice Department to File a Supreme Court Amicus Brief']}

Summary: {'text': ['(3) [a reply brief shall not exceed 7,000 words] In capital direct appeals, the\n principal brief shall not exceed 17,500 words and a reply brief', 'Official Note\n\n A principal brief is any party’s initial brief and, in the case of a cross appeal, the\nappellant’s second brief, which responds to the', 'A principal brief may not exceed 14,000 words and a reply brief may not\nexceed 7,000 words.']}

Summary: {'text': ['On October 6, 2010, Heit filed his brief. On November 5, 2010, Stansbury filed her brief.', 'brief.', "P. 31(a) provides for filing of a reply brief within 14 days of the filing of the appellee's brief. The state's last brief was nearly 80 days late."]}