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Summary: (3) Any civil penalty shall be enforced in the following manner: (a) If a petition for review of the assessment of a penalty through a "contested case" hearing is not filed within thirty (30) days after the date the assessment is served, the affected party shall be deemed to have consented to the assessment and it shall become final; (b) Whenever any assessment has become final, because of a person's failure to appeal the Secretary of State's assessment or otherwise, the Secretary of State, in more.

Summary: ( 40 C.F.R. § 72.32) (a) Once a designated representative submits a timely and complete Acid Rain permit application, the owners and operators of the affected source and the affected units covered by the permit application shall be deemed in compliance with the requirement to have an Acid Rain permit under part 1200-3-30-.01(6)(a)2 and subparagraph 1200-3-30-.03(1)(a); provided that any delay in issuing an Acid Rain permit is not caused by the failure of the designated representative to submit more.

Summary: (1) Except as otherwise specifically provided in Rules 0780-01-.58-.07, 0780-1-58-.15, 0780-1-58-.16, 0780-1-58-.19, and 0780-1-58-.24 this Chapter shall apply to: (a) All Medicare supplement policies delivered or issued for delivery in this state on or after the effective date of this Chapter; and (b) All certificates issued under group Medicare supplement policies, which certificates have been delivered or issued for delivery in this state.

Summary: In recognition of various and differing preferences of students regarding the visitation of guests of the opposite gender, each residence hall community is given the opportunity to determine visitation hours within the following guidelines: (1) Students who wish to reside in a restricted visitation community in which no guests of the opposite gender are allowed at any time may make a request for assignment to a restricted visitation area at the time of their application for housing.

Summary: When a housing development or housing unit is financed by an Agency mortgage loan, which Agency mortgage loan, in whole or in part, is a federally insured mortgage or is otherwise assisted or aided, directly or indirectly, by the Federal government, the Agency's action in authorizing such an Agency mortgage loan shall have the effect of adopting as the Agency's rules and regulations as to the housing development or housing unit financed by such Agency mortgage loan, or the part thereof which is more.