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Summary: Notice: This opinion is subject to correction before publication in the P ACIFIC R EPORTER . S-15270 Appellant, ) ) Superior Court No. 3AN-12-04799 CI v. ) ) OPINION KEVIN CROSS d/b/a CROSS & ) ASSOCIATES and SALMAN GROUP; ) No. 7057 - September 25, 2015 WILLIAM W. JACQUES; MATT ) DIMMICK; and KELLER more.

Summary: 950 P.2d 98 (1997) ALASKA MARINE PILOTS, an Alaska organization, Appellant, v. Robert HENDSCH, Appellee. Robert BOYD and Boyd Enterprises, d/b/a Alaska Marine Pilot Dispatch Services, John Schibel, individually, Richard Murphy, individually, and Harry Jacobsen, individually, Appellants and Cross-Appellees, v. Robert HENDSCH, Alaska Marine Pilots, an Alaska organization, Captain Thomas Dundas, individually, and Captain Stuart Mork, individually, Appellees and Cross-Appellants. Robert C. Erwin, more.

Summary: 187 P.3d 443 (2008) Joanne SIDNEY, Appellant/Cross-Appellee, v. ALLSTATE INSURANCE COMPANY, Appellee/Cross-Appellant. Joanne Sidney was covered under an Allstate automobile liability policy that provided $50,000 in liability coverage, $25,000 in medical payments coverage, and underinsured motorist protection of $50,000 per person/$100,000 per accident. Following the accident, Allstate paid Sidney $25,000 under the medical payments coverage of her automobile liability policy, exhausting her more.

Summary: 592 P.2d 1233 (1979) Lindsey J. BONJOUR, Appellant, v. Randall Glenn BONJOUR, Appellee. In this appeal, Lindsey Bonjour Coffman contends that the trial court violated the free exercise of religion and establishment of religion clauses of the United States and Alaska Constitutions in awarding child custody to her former husband. On June 8, 1976, appellant Lindsey J. Bonjour Coffman (hereinafter Lindsey) was granted a divorce from appellee Randall Glenn Bonjour (hereinafter Randall). In Bonjour more.

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Summary: 534 P.2d 947 (1975) PUBLIC DEFENDER AGENCY and State of Alaska, Department of Law, Appellants, v. SUPERIOR COURT, THIRD JUDICIAL DISTRICT, Appellee. *948 Lawrence J. Kulik, Asst. Public Defender, Herbert D. Soll, Public Defender, Anchorage, for appellant — Public Defender Agency. Superior Court Judge Singleton held a pretrial conference on the matter with a representative of the Department of Law and with Herbert Soll, the Public Defender. Otton v. Zaborac, 525 P.2d 537 (Alaska 1974); Johansen more.

Summary: 633 P.2d 256 (1981) Earl S. KING and R.J. Cherrier, Appellants and Cross-Appellees, v. ALASKA STATE HOUSING AUTHORITY, Appellee and Cross-Appellant. In 1964, the Alaska State Housing Authority (hereinafter "ASHA") adopted, and the Anchorage City Council approved, an urban renewal plan for the Eastchester area of Anchorage. Pursuant to this plan, ASHA condemned the land on which the Eastchester project was to be built, part of which was owned by appellants King and Cherrier. One provision of the more.

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Summary: 684 P.2d 114 (1984) COMMERCIAL FISHERIES ENTRY COMMISSION, State of Alaska, Petitioner, v. Jacob BYAYUK, Respondent. The Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission (hereafter CFEC or Commission) petitions for review from a superior court decision ordering it to allow Jacob Byayuk to submit evidence that he qualifies for income dependence points pursuant to State, Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission v. Templeton, 598 P.2d 77 (Alaska 1979), and to determine the validity of this evidence.This court more.

Summary: Notice: This opinion is subject to correction before publication in the P ACIFIC R EPORTER . S-15566 Appellant, ) ) Superior Court No. 3KN-11-00356 CI v. ) ) OPINION JAMES B., ) ) No. 6997 – April 17, more.

Summary: 562 P.2d 329 (1977) In the Matter of the ESTATE of Donney PUSHRUK, a/k/a Donney Mogg, Deceased. The estate of Donney Pushruk, a/k/a Donney Mogg, has appealed from a superior court order granting summary judgment to general creditors entitling them to proceeds from the settlement of a wrongful death claim. We hold that where the mother of the deceased was the sole surviving heir and was not dependent on the deceased at the time of death, the proceeds of a statutory wrongful death action pass more.

Summary: 218 P.3d 983 (2009) Jackie L. NEESE, individually and on behalf of all others similarly situated, Appellants, v. STATE of Alaska, and Lithia Chrysler Jeep of Anchorage, Inc., Lithia of Anchorage, Inc. d/b/a Lithia Dodge of South Anchorage, Lithia of Southcentral Alaska, Inc. d/b/a Chevrolet of Wasilla, Lithia Imports of Anchorage, Inc. d/b/a Lithia Hyundai of Anchorage, Appellees. The state's inquiry into Lithia's practices began in July 2001 when Assistant Attorney General Clyde Sniffen sent a more.

Summary: 932 P.2d 757 (1997) Henry J. KILMER, Appellant/Cross-Appellee, v. DILLINGHAM CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT, Appellee/Cross-Appellant. I. INTRODUCTION Henry Kilmer, former superintendent and principal of the Dillingham City School District (District), appeals a superior court decision upholding the decision of the Dillingham City School Board (Board) to terminate his employment for good cause. FACTS AND PROCEEDINGS Kilmer began work as assistant superintendent for the Dillingham City School District in more.

Summary: 559 P.2d 111 (1977) Tony CALVO and Capital Real Estate, a corporation, Appellants, v. Kenneth CALHOON, Appellee. Kenneth Calhoon instituted this litigation in 1974 when he brought suit against his former employer, Tony Calvo, a real estate broker, to obtain payment of a commission he allegedly earned while in the employ of Calvo. The record shows that Calhoon was employed as a real estate salesperson by Calvo of Capital Real Estate in February or March of 1973. Prior to the actual closing more.

Summary: 162 P.3d 1251 (2007) Christian McGEE, Petitioner, v. STATE of Alaska, Respondent. We granted the petition, specifically asking the parties to discuss, in addition to other issues they might brief, whether the elements of Alaska's criminal mischief statute "affirmatively require the state to prove the absence of self defense and/or necessity, assuming that McGee presented `some evidence' raising these defenses."If that provision uses the word "right" broadly enough to include claims of right more.

Summary: 379 P.2d 951 (1963) W. A. GREGORY, d/b/a Gregg's Welding, Appellant, v. Joe H. PADILLA, Appellee. This is an action in claim and delivery brought by the plaintiff Padilla against the defendant Gregory to recover possession of certain personal property consisting of equipment used by the plaintiff as a mechanic in the repair of automobiles. 2d 303, 140 P.2d 728, 735 (1943); Brenneisen v. Phillips, 142 Kan. 98, 45 P.2d 867, 868 (1935); Harding v. H.F. Johnson, Inc., 126 Mont. 70, 244 P.2d 111, more.

Summary: 984 P.2d 509 (1999) Carolyn RUGGLES, by the ESTATE OF Carolyn MAYER, Appellant, v. Monte GROW, Appellee. The historical and most of the procedural facts are set forth in our prior opinion, Grow v. *511 Ruggles.FACTS AND PROCEEDINGS Carolyn Ruggles was injured in an automobile accident involving Monte Grow. Quoting from the argument headings in her brief, they are: (1) the trial court should not have credited Grow with Ruggles's collateral source benefits; (2) the trial court judgment award of more.