Where can I find the Congressional Record?

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The Congressional Record includes the proceedings on the floor of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Congress.gov includes the Daily Edition of the Congressional Record from the 101st Congress (1989) to the present.  From the main Congress.gov page, click on the CONGRESSIONAL RECORD link, select the Congress, and either browse the daily issues, browse the keyword index, or search by word or phrase.

GPO govinfo includes the Daily Edition and Bound Edition of the Congressional Record from 1873 (volume 1) to the present.

For 1789 to 1875, the Century of Lawmaking project of the Library of Congress includes full text scans of the predecessors of the Congressional Record, the Annals of CongressRegister of Debates, and the Congressional Globe, as well as the Congressional Record through 1875.

Proquest Congressional and HeinOnline, subscription databases are available on computer terminals within the Library of Congress and other research libraries. They include the Congressional Record predecessors, the Congressional Record Bound Edition, and the Congressional Record Daily Edition from 1985 to the present.

The Congressional Record is also available in print and microform at the Law Library of Congress and other research libraries, including most Federal Depository Libraries.

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