Search Help

Default Search

The default search is an 'OR' search. Which means if you search for 'lung cancer' your results will include trials that have 'lung' referenced in them and trials that have cancer referenced in them.

Boolean Searches
Operator Description Example
AND Returns results where all search terms occur in the trial. 'lung AND cancer' will return occurences where both the terms occur in the trial.
OR This is also the default search. 'lung OR cancer' is the same as 'lung cancer'. Returns results that have 'lung' in the trial as well as results that have'cancer' in the trial.
NOT Returns results where the term after NOT cannot be in the trial to be included in the results. 'lung NOT cancer' will return occurences where 'lung' is in the trial as long as 'cancer' is not.
Wildcard Searches
Operator Description Example
? One wildcard character te?t returns results that include the term 'test' and 'text'
* Any number of wildcard characters test* returns test, testing, tester, testers