Trademark Logo Classification

Our Machine Learning Algorithms Classify Your Trademark Logo

Welcome to UpLaw's Trademark Classifier. Upload your trademark logo or enter the image url and our model will classifify your logo. UpLaw's trademark classifier is built with a Convultional Neural Network using residual learning.

In general, in a deep convolutional neural network, several layers are stacked and are trained to the task at hand. The network learns several low/mid/high level features at the end of its layers. In residual learning, instead of trying to learn some features, we try to learn some residual. Residual can be simply understood as subtraction of feature learned from input of that layer. ResNet does this using shortcut connections (directly connecting input of nth layer to some (n+x)th layer. It has proved that training this form of networks is easier than training simple deep convolutional neural networks and also the problem of degrading accuracy is resolved.